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A Full Review of ClickFunnels From a ClickFunnels Beginner

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If you consider yourself an entrepreneur in any way, and have made that information available on Facebook, you have no doubt begun to see ads on your Facebook feed for a software called ClickFunnels. I first began receiving these ads about a year ago and now I am receiving 10-20 ads a day from a variety of websites and Facebook users. I finally decided to sign up for the 14-day trial and learn exactly what ClickFunnels is. In this ClickFunnels review I will break down everything that I have discovered in those 14 days. I will give the pros that I found and the cons that most people won’t tell you.

What is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels claims to be the ultimate marketing software. A tool that can replace your website, webhost, email marketing software, and pretty much everything else you are paying for in regards to marketing.

Simplifying that, it is an easy way for entrepreneurs and startups to be able to create sales funnels that they can grow their email lists, generate leads, and create long-time customers. If you aren’t aware, a sales funnel is essentially a way to take a customer from being vaguely interested, or completely unaware of your product, to getting them to purchase a your product(s) and be an advocate for your business.

A typical sales funnel has an optin page where the potential customer gets something for free in exchange for their email address. At that point the seller will start offering other free items or low-cost items. As they continue to tell their story and sell value across each page the customer eventually purchases the main item (it can be anything).

To create this ClickFunnels review I created a simple sales funnel for something that interested me – a membership site. I will reference that site multiple times through the review.

Things I loved (ClickFunnel pros)

Focus on making money

One of my biggest gripes about many entrepreneurs is they get so caught up in perfecting their product and worrying about the little nuances that they never actually get around to selling their product. ClickFunnels entire backend is focused on selling. Their training, the funnels they give you for free, everything isn’t focused on looking beautiful or sounding nice, it is focused on getting their users to be making money as fast as possible.


Once you sign up for ClickFunnels you can sign up for their Affiliate Bootcamp where they train you how to use ClickFunnels and how to sell online. All I can say is wow. There was probably 100 hours of free training and the value it brought was incredible. Everything you need to know to be a successful online marketer was taught in the training. I got about 20 hours in before writing this review, and was astounded by every episode.


I liked the simplicity of a drag and drop editor that gave me the ability to create a page exactly like I wanted. There were a few limitations that I will go over in the cons, but for the most part, you can design a page to look exactly like you envision it looking.

Funnel templates

ClickFunnels accounts all come with quite a few free templates. You just choose your industry and it will give you a bunch of funnels that have done well in the industry. You just need to plug in your niche, your audience desires, etc. and the funnel is ready to roll. I was able to create a funnel for my network marketing gig in about 2 hours that was pretty good. The funnels are already set up to move from page to page smoothly and it is much easier than using a WordPress site.


I had to reach out to support about twenty times with different questions that I have. They did not respond immediately, which I thought would have been nice. But they always responded within a few hours. It was worth it because they didn’t give those cheesy, awful responses you sometimes get from support where they send you to an article to read (that you probably already found on Google). They would always make a screen recording just for me and walk me through exactly what I was confused on. I give top notch to ClickFunnels customer service.

They also have an incredible Facebook community of users that are willing to help each other out. I posted a few questions to the community and multiple people reached out to answer and help me out. It is almost a cult-like following, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is a general feel of camaraderie and everyone trying to help each other make it in life.

ClickFunnels membership site

Like I started with, I created a membership site. It took me about a week to get all of my courses uploaded etc. but I was very happy with it. It came with 10 templates for how my backend could look, and I just selected the one I liked and plugged in my content. You can easily give access to different members based on what they have bought. I watched a twenty minute YouTube video and could do everything I needed to.

The flow was extremely easy and the  membership site came with a prebuilt funnel for getting customers to become members. Everything was set up already from making the sale to integrating the credit card, to giving access to the right content.

ClickFunnels affiliate program

The reason I was seeing those ads, and many other people are to is that ClickFunnels has an incredible affiliate program. They give 40% recurring commissions to anyone that you can send that signs up. That is a hefty referral bonus. They also offer a one-hundred affiliate challenge where you can get a free car if you get 100 ClickFunnels referrals. All-in-all one of the best affiliate programs I have seen.


You can’t succeed as a software business today unless you can integrate with software. With ClickFunnels I use Zoho’s CRM, Aweber, Mailchimp (yes, both), have a custom domain, and Stripe. All of them were easy to integrate. In fact, most of them I was able to integrate in about twenty seconds with a simple click and login. They also have a Zapier zap that works great for the things that don’t have integrations.


Things I didn’t like about ClickFunnels (cons)


I don’t know how else to say it except the software is a little quirky. Sometimes I would be creating a page and it would just not seem to work the way it had five minutes ago. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to do the same thing. Usually I was able to figure it out, or just do things a different way, but there are definitely a few kinks to work out in the software. For me, everything that had issues wasn’t important and I focused on a funnel that made money.

ClickFunnels Price

The price tag every month is a little expensive. Many entrepreneurs can’t pay out $100 a month for a software they are unsure about. I see why the price is what it is, based on the affiliate program, all of the support they offer, etc. but it still can be hard to muster.


To be completely honest, I’m not even sure that is a word. However, there are some parts of the software that just are not intuitive. I grumbled about why they did them that way. Luckily there are a lot of YouTube videos out there to help you figure out how the ClickFunnel engineers were thinking when they created things. I discovered that I could do a lot more than I initially thought, it just wasn’t readily available information.


They don’t have a place for you to store most of your courses, etc. Instead all of your videos need to be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, with private embedding being the primary way of making it work. You can store small things like PDFs, but nothing big can be stored on the ClickFunnels backend, something I was a little frustrated with. It wasn’t a huge deal because Vimeo is free, however, as is YouTube.

Closing thoughts about ClickFunnels

If you are willing to put in the time and learn how the ClickFunnels designers were envisioning it being used, it is worth the $99 price tag. ClickFunnels has made hundreds of people millionaires and has the potential to make hundreds more. I would advise trying out their 14-day free trial and putting in a few hours to see if the software will work for you.

tax tips for paying less legally

Nifty (And Legal!) Tax Trick

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A little background

Spencer Mecham with BuildapreneurI am an entrepreneur who spends a lot of the year making alternative income that is not taxed (at the time). Unfortunately this means that come tax season, the scene is often not pretty.

This year was no different and I spent literally dozens of hours pouring over expenses, donations, receipts, 1099s, and a million other pieces of paper to help bring my taxes down to a manageable level.

That’s when I learned one of the niftiest tax tips I have ever come across. A way to spend 10 minutes and lower my taxes due at a virtually limitless rate.

Sound too good to be true? It did for me too. Fortunately for me (and hopefully you), it isn’t. People just don’t know about it. Here’s how it works.

How it works

It is in the government’s, and your own, best interest to contribute yearly to some sort of retirement fund. Because of this, the government offers incentives for contributing to retirement funds like a 401(k) or IRA.

One particular IRA, called a traditional IRA, allows you to reduce your taxable income by contributing to the traditional IRA. What this means is if you are being taxed based on an income of $50,000, but then you donated $5,000 to your traditional IRA, you would then be taxed based on an income of $45,000.

The real kicker is that you can put this money into your IRA all the way until April 18th and still count it towards your 2016 deductions. So if you have already started doing your taxes and discovered that you are going to be paying higher taxes then you expected (or would like to pay), then you can still donate to a traditional IRA and lower your taxable income. Please note that there are limits to how much you can donate in a year.

So simply put, putting money into a traditional IRA puts money towards your retirement while simultaneously lowering your tax bill. Note that it is not a dollar for dollar deal, exactly how much it will save depends on your tax bracket, but this has the potential to drop your tax burden by more than $1,000. If you don’t have any money saved up then this won’t work for you. But if you have the money, but just don’t want to pay it in taxes, this is a smart, legal way to make that happen.

 Would you rather put $500 towards your retirement, or pay $200 dollars in taxes? The choice is yours!

The process

Getting a traditional IRA set up takes less than 10 minutes. You can literally go and sign up for one right now and be done. While there are multiple companies you can do an IRA with, I went with Motif because it is good for beginners and great on fees. The sign up questions can be a bit confusing if you don’t know finance. Here is a step-by-step process on how to get your IRA set up. Once you are done just enter it into Turbo Tax like this (or if you use another tax program enter it there).

1 – After you have clicked the link you will end up at the Motif home page. Click the link as shown in the arrow.

Tax savings tips

2 – Create a username and password that you will remember

Tax tips

3 – For your account type I selected individual. A margin account is if you plan to actively trade with your traditional IRA. If you don’t know what you are doing I wouldn’t recommend this. You essentially are borrowing money to invest with. If you don’t know what this means you should probably choose cash.

Tax relief

4 – Choose the “Traditional IRA” option. You can also open a Roth IRA later, but that will not provide immediate tax benefits. For a detailed explanation of the differences between the two click here.

5 – Start filling out your basic info. Don’t worry. They go to great lengths to keep information secure.

tax tips for previous year

6 – A primary beneficiary is the first person in line to receive the funds if you pass away. You can choose multiple primary beneficiaries and their percentages.

Tax saving tips for beginners

7 – Fill out if you have any contingent beneficiaries to receive the funds if your primary beneficiary passes away.

Tax tips for entrepreneurs

8 – Fill out if your financial objectives and income. Generally if you have a few decades till retirement you can have a higher risk tolerance. If you are closer to retirement then you will want a moderate or low risk tolerance. Greater risk has the potential for greater rewards, but if you are closing in on retirement you typically don’t want to take on that risk.

Pay less taxes legally

9 – Fill out the rest of the section and be sure to be completely honest.

Using Motif to invest

10 – Answer the regulatory questions honestly. These are unusual situations and typically don’t apply.

tax saving for entrepreneurs

11 – You will need to sign a few agreements similar to this one.

Tips for taxes

12 – Almost done! You just need to fund the traditional IRA and you are setfunding traditional IRA.

12 – The magic screen. Once the money has gone out you can report it on your taxes and you are all set. Please note, this money is not accessible before turning 59 1/2 without paying a penalty. This is money set aside for retirement. It is unwise to put money in that you plan on needing before then.


*I may (and actually do) receive affiliate commission from programs recommended in this article. I recommend the programs with the genuine belief and understanding that they are the best program for my audience. You will not pay more nor receive any worse treatment for having clicked through my link.