How to Name a Blog in 6 Easy Steps (Plus Factors to Consider)

Looking To Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog?

With an estimate of 500 million+ blogs on the internet, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

And one way to stand out is with your blog’s name.

Giving your blog a memorable name is one of the first things you need to do while starting your blog, and it can make or break your success.

The name of your blog needs to grab attention, make it pretty clear what you’re writing about, and make a good first impression. In this post, I’ll share some of the best ways to come up with a memorable blog name.

Let’s jump in.

How to Name a Blog in 6 Steps

1: Use A Thesaurus
2: Try Alliteration
3: Humor Works Too
4: Why Not Use Your Name (Or Nickname)?
5: Use Abbreviations
6: Use a Blog Name Generator

#1: Use A Thesaurus


Feeling stuck?

A thesaurus is one of the best places to start when you’re trying to name a blog.

After you have your blog niche in mind, come up with a seed word that you can use with a thesaurus.

Find related words that pique your interest and provide inspiration to figure out the right one. You can check out the synonyms of your particular seed word and see which words have a similar meaning, but are more interesting or unique.

You can also use a vocabulary tool like Word Hippo. This tool provides similar words to your seed word and brings you closer to figuring out the perfect one.

#2: Try Alliteration

Alliteration is when you use the same letter or sound at the beginning of closely connected words to craft catchy names.

Names like Best Buy, PayPal, Coca-Cola are all great examples of alliteration. Most blog names that are derived through alliteration sound fun and memorable. 

To try alliteration, use the same letter for each word when coming up with the blog name. Examples of this could be Pest Parade, Money Matters, Bad Blog Busters, etc.

#3: Humor Works Too

Humor is infectious and if you do it right, a funny blog name will make your readers smile and remember you for a long time.

This strategy depends on a couple of factors which include your niche, style, and tone of voice.

Using humor might not work for some professional niches. But if you want your blog to be fun and witty, it’s worth giving a shot.

Examples of blogs with humorous names include Uncork Your Dork, Cats Who Code, and The Lazy Baker.

#4: Why Not Use Your Name (Or Nickname)?

If you want your blog to be centered around you, try this tip to name a blog. 

Many successful bloggers use their name or nickname for their blog. If your name is unique or you want to build a brand around your name, it could work for you too.

You can try your first and last name together as your blog name. If that doesn’t work, flip it the other way or even use your nickname if it sounds good.

One benefit of using your name to name a blog is the flexibility you get to change your niche at any point you want to without starting a new blog.

Examples of self-named blogs include Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, and RyRob.

#5: Use Abbreviations

You can use abbreviations as your blog name too. The benefit of this one is that it keeps your name short and sweet without losing brand identity.

You can choose to abbreviate your full name for your blog name, like IBM (International Business Machines), for instance.

Also, you can abbreviate the first word and have the second word in full, like WPBeginners (WordPress Beginners).

Most times, an abbreviated blog name turns out to be better and well pronounced than the full name version. So it’s a great way to name your blog if that works for you!

#6: Use a Blog Name Generator

Still coming up flat?

Here’s an easy, helpful way to come up with a name for your blog: use a generator that does it for you! 

There are several free blog name generators available online which take the work off you and automatically suggest various names for your blog. You only need to enter in your blog niche or seed keyword and the tool does the rest.

Let’s take a look at some of these blog name generators…


Use Panabee to Name a Blog

Panabee is an online blog name generator that helps you search for useful blog names and offer word variations.

You can use it to search for your blog name, company name, app name, and even social media names. The tool also offers you suggestions, domain names, word variations, and more.

One great thing is that you can use Panabee to check for domains with international extensions (such as .co .uk .in and making it a great choice for international bloggers.

To use it, you just enter a seed word and Panabee comes up with a ton of suggestions using syllables, prefixes, suffixes, popular domain trends, and much more.

You get to also see lists of related terms for each seed word and their availability as a domain, app name, and social media name.

Really awesome.

SmartWP’s Name Generator


Another tool for generating domain name ideas is SmartWP’s Name Generator.

This is an easy-to-use, free tool that makes use of computer algorithms to generate SEO-friendly domain names for your new blog.

The domain generator has a search bar that lets you type in a few words or phrases for your blog name and then returns suggestions instantly.

The results will be made to match the word or phrases you typed in and you’ll only see domain names that are available and can be registered instantly. 



Wordoid helps you generate made-up word combinations and phrases that you can use to name a blog.

The tool allows you to set a limit and filter the suggestions it returns. To do this, you need to select some parameters which include:

  • Language – Set the tool to show suggestions in one or more languages
  • Quality – Determines how the suggestions look and sound
  • Length – Determine how long or short you want the suggestions to be
  • Domain – Determine if you want to see the suggestions with available domain names
  • Pattern – Set the pattern you want all the suggestions to follow

After you set your parameters, you can hit “submit” and browse through the suggestions. 

When you see the suggestions, you can also see whether the .com and .net domain of that name is available or not.

Factors To Consider When Coming Up With A Memorable Blog Name

At this point, you probably already have an idea for your blog name in mind.

But before you go straight to registering one, take a moment to consider the following factors first.

#1: Blog Niche 

Blog Niche

This is the topic your blog is going to be about, and you probably already determined this before coming up with a name for your blog.

Ideally, your blog audience should know what your blog is about from your blog name (but this doesn’t always apply).

If you choose something related to your niche, then you shouldn’t blog about something else. But if you decide to use your name or nickname, you can change your blog niche (if you decide to) and blog about something else later on.

#2: Target Audience

Target Audience

You should also take note of your target audience when coming up with the perfect name for your blog.

Your target audience is the set of people for who you’re creating that blog. It’s the people who will come to your blog to read your posts. When you know your target audience, it’s obviously easier to come up with a name that will suit them.

#3: Blog Tone/Voice

While trying to come up with a memorable name, you need to identify the tone or voice of your blog.

You should know if your blog will have a fun, fresh, witty, or professional tone to it, for example. 

This factor should determine how you’ll name your blog and even write your content. And the tone of your blog should be based on your target audience, as well as your personality.

#4: Readability


Your blog name should be readable as a name and as a domain URL too, so you should ensure your audience won’t have problems reading it. 

Try reading it yourself and the domain URL and make sure it sounds right. You can also go the extra mile and get someone else to review try it out.  

Sometimes, your name might sound nice but looks different on paper, or when it is lumped together into a url, it might spell something you don’t want it to spell.

You need to ensure yours is spelled as pronounced. This is to eliminate any chance of your audience misspelling it.

This happened to the photo-sharing site, Flickr. Their audience misspelled this and typed it as ‘Flicker,’ making them potentially lose business until they bought the ‘Flicker’ domain and redirected it to their main site.

#5: Brand


Are you going to be building a brand with your blog?

You should consider this before you choose your name because having a blog can certainly help you establish and promote your brand. 

If you’re going to be using your blog as a component of your brand, your chosen name should be unique and brandable. 

You should also be able to get your exact brand name as a username on social media to keep things consistent.

Final Words

The journey to a super successful blog begins with the step of choosing the perfect blog name. Take time to study your niche, target audience, blog tone, and what you want your blog to be about.

You can play around with a thesaurus, try alliteration, use your name, abbreviate, infuse some humor, and even use a generator to come up with the perfect name.

Comment below with the name you come up with!

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