Affiliate Marketing Examples

4 $25K Affiliate Marketing Examples

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We are so excited to share this content with you because it’s something we wish we would have been able to have seen when we were just starting out in affiliate marketing. You are going to see the inner workings of four affiliate marketing examples that each generated $25K or more in commissions, so you know they worked!

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Here are the different types of affiliate marketing examples you are going to see here:

1 Affiliate Marketing Strategy With an Audience

The first campaign we are going to show you involves already having an audience of 1000 people. Spencer already had an email list and a YouTube channel that was successful. This kind of campaign is something that you can aspire to and that’s why we are going over it here.

3 Affiliate Marketing Examples Without an Audience

The last three affiliate marketing examples that we are going over were done before Spencer had an audience. That’s what is so amazing about affiliate marketing – you don’t need to have an audience for a lot of affiliate marketing strategies to work. And that means, you can do them right now and potentially make $25,000! It’s pretty cool stuff.

1 Technique With FAST Results

The last example is something that only took Spencer a total of 2.5 hours to do. He made $25,000 with 2.5 hours total of work, so we wanted to make sure to show you that one. You’re definitely going to want to check it out.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #1 – FB Live Event With a List

This first affiliate strategy was through Kathryn Jones’ affiliate program, and as I mentioned, this is the example that was done after we already had a list. Let’s look at the results first…

Kathryn Jones Affiliate Marketing Strategy

As you can see, she has three different payment plans. As an affiliate, I made about $11,000 off of the single payments and then the other commissions are coming from payment plans, so those are coming in every month for several payments. So, even with refunds, we hit the $25K mark.

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Affiliate Promotion Methods Used Pre-Event

Here’s what the pre-event affiliate promotion methods looked like…

Facebook Group

Spencer started promoting it about a week before the event to his Facebook group, Automation Nation, where he is very active without selling.

For months, he didn’t try to sell anything. He just posted valuable stuff, did lives, and things like that. He just kept the group engaged and built rapport with them.

That way, when he has an event like this Kathryn Jones program, it goes well and people trust that he’s not just trying to make money off of them.

Spencer did a post in the group inviting the members to a live event. It went something like this:

“Hey, we’re going to have Kathryn Jones on and she’s going to teach us about funnel design. It’s her specialty. She’s going to show you how to make them look good and how to make money off of them.”

Facebook Group Post

You can see that we only got 98 comments on that one, which is not great. You can get that with a much smaller audience. It wasn’t a very good post and that’s not the thing that really drove people into this campaign.

Email #1

Probably where we had the most success and why this is one of the best affiliate marketing examples is because our email list led this campaign. At this point, we had about 15,000-20,000 email subscribers. And this should help you to see why it is so important to be building your email list because almost all of the success came from the email list.

We sent the first email just telling them about the event. First we identified our audience by saying something like, “Hey, are you an entrepreneur looking to do something online? I’ve got an event that I think you’d like to attend.”

Email for Affiliation Strategy

With emails, it’s really, really important to structure your call to actions. You can add a big button or you can do something that makes it stand out, but whatever you do, be sure to make it very easy for them to see where it is and what they need to do to follow through with that call to action.

For this one, we did a little invitation-looking thing where it gave them the when, where, who, and how to register.

Email CTA

Messenger Bot Registrations

The registrations took place via our Messenger bot for two reasons

  1. We wanted them to sign up to our bot to build our list on there.
  2. We wanted to be able to send them a notification via Facebook Messenger right when the event went live so that they could just click the link right within Facebook.

The really cool thing about this technique is that we now have a lot of our email list on our Messenger bot list, and it’s always a win to have more ways to reach your audience.

Email #2

Then, we did a second email where we sent a testimonial of someone who had taken the live training and had seen some really good results. We said, “Hey, I don’t know if you saw my last email but we’re having this event. Check this out, this person was able to attend Kathryn’s training and he bought her course and here’s what happened.”

Email #3

The third email was just a short email the day before the event. “Hey, I don’t know if you saw this but the event is happening tomorrow. You need to attend. Here’s the quick breakdown of it.”

Affiliate Marketing Techniques Used During & Post-Event

Here’s what our strategy looked like during and after the event…

Bot Announcement That We Were Live

Once the event went live, we sent an email and a Messenger bot saying, “We are now live. Everyone should hop on now real quick.” We usually send that 10-15 minutes before it will go live because with emails, people don’t always look at them right away.

Live Event in Facebook Group

So, that was all that we did to get people to the event. Then we had the actual live event, and we did that inside of our Facebook group. It had close to 1000 people that attended live or watched it later, and you can see that it got 410 people commenting.

So, that’s a lot of good engagement.

Facebook Live

Then, obviously at the end of the live training, Kathryn made an offer. Let’s look at what we did to make it such a good sales offer because we did less than half of these sales the day of the live event. That means there was more to it than just offering a great training.

The Trifecta of Bonuses

After Kathryn introduced her course, Spencer came in and offered bonuses. And one of the things that we think made this campaign do so well is the particular bonuses that we offered.

A lot of affiliates offer all kinds of different bonuses and to be frank with you, some of the bonuses suck. They don’t spend time on their bonuses. They just try to whip out as many as they can so that they can have a long list of them.

Then, they say, “Hey if you buy through me, I’m going to give you this, this, this, and this.” But when you go look at those bonuses, you realize that either none of them really apply to you, they have no intrinsic value, or you’ll never even use them.

Often in the most successful affiliate marketing examples and for this one, we used what Spencer calls the “trifecta of bonuses.” It’s the perfect bonus package if you’re really wanting to go all in on something. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Training – Give them access to some really good training. In our case, we gave them access to a course that we’ve been selling for $997 (Affiliate Secrets). We offered it because it includes a ton of traffic training, so we said, “You’re going to build these funnels but Kathryn’s not going to teach you how to drive traffic to these funnels, so I’m going to give you a free course that teaches you how to do that when you buy Kathryn’s course.”
  2. Software – Next we told them that we were in the middle of building a piece of software and that we would give them free access to it even though it was going to sell for a couple hundred dollars. And the cool thing is that we actually used the money we made from this campaign to hire the person that is building the software. These are the cool things you can do to grow your business when you design these $25K campaigns.
  3. Time – We don’t do this very often but if you’re going all in on something, people love when you give them time. This is because it can help them eliminate having to watch all the stuff that they already know in the training that they are buying. It also can help them get specific training on the stuff that is unique to them.

Follow Up Email #1

We did the Live and then we sent out an email a day or two days later. It said, “Here’s the replay, by the way Kathryn made an offer at the end. If you’re truly interested in funnel design, check out this offer she made, and by the way, we’re offering X, Y, and Z bonuses.”

Now, we didn’t do this perfectly. Our follow up wasn’t great, but as you can see it still worked. We didn’t plan for this campaign months in advance. It was kind of just Spencer going with the flow and missing things.

And that’s a good lesson because so many people get hung up and don’t do these kinds of campaigns because they are too worried that they won’t do it perfectly. You can get incredible results even when you mess up, so just get out there and get started.

Affiliate Campaign Emails

Follow Up Email #2

So, there were only 2 emails post-campaign and the final email said, “Hey, last chance to get this, this, and this from free (my bonuses) plus Kathryn Jone’s course, which has the potential to change your life. If you’re at all interested in this, you want to take this deal.”

Messenger Bot Follow Up

And since everyone registered for the event through Messenger bot, we had everyone that was planning on attending it in our Messenger bot list, so we also sent a blast out that way.

The Results of This Affiliate Strategy

We made about 55 sales and it will come out to about $25,000-$30,000 after all the refunds come through.

Even though the other affiliate marketing examples we’re going to show you don’t require a list, this campaign should help you to see why an email list and an audience is so important as an affiliate.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing and you’re not building an audience that you can remarket to down the road, you’re killing yourself.

Spencer built his email list as he built his business, and he wasn’t making a ton of money as he built the list. But once you have an audience, you can make a lot of money by connecting an audience to products that can help them. Once you’ve built up that list, that’s where true affiliate marketing comes in.

Affiliate Strategy #2 – One of Spencer’s Favorite Affiliate Marketing Techniques: YouTube Channel

Out of all the affiliate marketing examples, this one was Spencer’s favorite because it used our YouTube channel. Now, yes, our YouTube channel currently has 11,000+ subscribers, but it did not when we ran this campaign, which was back in 2017 (2 years ago). Back then, it had less than 1000 subscribers.

This was for ClickFunnels, which as you probably know, I promote pretty hard. They have a really unique affiliate program that offers recurring commissions. Every time someone pays them, they pay you. They also offer the opportunity to win your dream car if you get 100 active users that you referred to the company. So, it’s an awesome company to say the least.

You can also have random days where you login and get a huge commission because Clickfunnels sold a high-ticket product to one of your leads.

Capitalizing on Hot Traffic

This campaign happened when Spencer wasn’t even that great at YouTube. He was doing okay, but the reason he chose YouTube is because it is full of a lot of really hot buyers.

You can target people that are almost ready to buy on YouTube and the way you do that is to use branded keywords. For example, people who are looking at ClickFunnels will often go to YouTube to look for a review or to try to understand the pricing structure a little better or to understand which plan they should use.

How This Affiliate Strategy Works

These people are so close to buying, but they just need a little more information. So, you can target them with YouTube videos and give them that information.

Then, you make an affiliate offer to them with some bonuses and say something like, “If you’re sold and you’re ready to roll, go ahead and click my link down below and we’ll get you started, and I’ll give you X, Y, and Z in free bonuses to help you along your way.”

This strategy works really well because these people are on the cusp of already signing up. You don’t have to introduce them to a product they’ve never heard of before, get them interested in it, and work them through a funnel to get them to understand and want to use ClickFunnels. You just answer the one little question that they have and then send them on their way.

Here Are the Videos Spencer Put Together For This Campaign

affiliate marketing strategy YouTube
He did a review video and you can see that he got about 30,000 views. Then he made a review of their affiliate program and that got about 6000 views. He made a video about bonuses for people who were looking for ClickFunnels bonuses, and that got about 3000 views.

So, that video got a lot less views but these are really really hot audiences. They are ready to sign up right now; they are just looking for who’s got the best bonuses.

Then he did another review of the affiliate program, which got 4000.

Then, he started doing some how to’s, such as how to set up SMTP with ClickFunnels, and that got about 11,000. A membership area video got about 3000. A video about the ClickFunnels affiliate program got 40,000 views! Then, he did some verses videos, like ClickFunnels vs Builderall, which got 16,000 views.

He did a video that helped people pick the right plan. That only got 1000 views, but it’s still pretty hot traffic. He did one on Funnel Scripts, which is another product that ClickFunnels offers, which got 20,000. And he made one on how to use ClickFunnels to do certain things like real estate leads, which got 10,000.

Another video about how to create a membership site got 20,000. Understanding the ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard got 1000. And there were a few others, but you get the gist.

Keyword Research

So, we put out all of these videos targeting a hot audience and the way we came up with the ideas for the videos is with a couple different keyword tools. We created a video about how to find YouTube ideas where Spencer talks about those tools in there, so check that out.

How to Find YouTube Ideas

So, those are the videos that we used to create not only $25,000 in income, but it also created $5000 a month in passive recurring income, as well as $500/month directly paid to Spencer’s dream car. And here’s the car that Spencer won…

It was an extremely exciting time. Here’s the post he made after he won the car…

What Made This Strategy Successful

There are two keys to having success with this affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. Spencer did a lot of keyword research to make sure he didn’t waste time making videos that no one cared about and so that he could make videos that people were looking for.
  2. Every time he made a video, he did these three things:
    • He added his affiliate link below the video.
    • He mentioned that his affiliate link was below the video multiple times in the video.
    • He included bonuses (back then, he didn’t have his trifecta of bonuses and he wasn’t as good at it, but he did have some pretty good relevant bonuses).

The cool thing about these videos is that about half of them are still ranking in YouTube. That means Spencer gets new ClickFunnels subscribers and makes more money every day from those videos that he created two years ago.  This is because YouTube continues to display them when people are searching and that’s why Spencer loves Youtube.

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Strategy #3 – A Different YouTube Affiliate Marketing Campaign Example – Wealth Hacks

This third strategy uses YouTube as well, but it is very different in its approach and the strategies we are using.

This affiliate marketing strategy was done with a totally separate YouTube channel of Spencer’s called Wealth Hacks. Strangely enough it has only 8 videos and it has more subscribers than the Buildapreneur channel, which kind of drives Spencer nuts.

Capitalize on a Hot Trend

This YouTube channel is in the finance niche and Spencer created it at a time when there was a major trend happening, and that is why it is so incredibly successful with so few videos.

Here’s how he found the trend…

When we was looking for ideas for topics, he went to Google Trends to see what was trending on Google. It shows you how something is trending today compared to something like 6 months ago. By doing that, you can start to see what is on the uptick, so that you want to make videos on things that are trending now and will be trending in the future.

Google Trends for Keyword Research

By typing in things like “finance” and “money” and “stock market” and things like that, you can see that Google Trends gives you a list of related topics.

Spencer started to see Bitcoin coming up over and over and over again. And this was in 2017, so it wasn’t as insanely well-known as it is right now. He didn’t know much about Bitcoin but he started to look into it and he could see that it was hard trending.

At the time, when he typed it in, it was at 100, which is the most trending that it’s ever been. And it was a very steady upward graph. It was right before the huge spike that you see in the graph below. He was able to see that spike coming because he could see it trending up.

affiliate marketing campaign example bitcoin

Research the Niche

The next step was to do some keyword research about Bitcoin. This time Spencer was going after warm traffic, which means that people have a problem and they want it to be solved so they head to YouTube to see how to solve it. You provide a solution by referring them to an affiliate program that can help them solve it.

In his keyword research, he could see that people were looking for the following information:

  • How to buy Bitcoin
  • How to buy Litecoin or Ethereum (other cryptocurrencies)
  • How to get a Bitcoin wallet (which is the way you store Bitcoin)
  • How to make money with Bitcoin
  • How to keep your Bitcoins safe
  • And things like that

Choose an Affiliate Program & Make the Videos

Now, it’s important to point out that Spencer was no expert on Bitcoin. He didn’t even have the answers to those keyword searches, but it doesn’t take that long to become enough of an expert that you can make a five or ten minute video. It just takes a couple hours.

So, the first video was just how to buy Bitcoin because it was the most searched term related to Bitcoin. Spencer found a product that is really easy to use for beginners and has an affiliate program, he learned to use it, and then he made a video.

The product is called Coin Base and he just talked them through how to use it and showed them live on the screen what to click and how to buy Bitcoin. That’s all the video was, but it got 330,000 views.

Coin Base only gives affiliates $10 per sign up, but the traffic that he gets for this is pretty warm. They are looking to buy Bitcoin, Spencer shows them how to do it easily, and he includes his affiliate link as a natural solution to the problem. He teaches people how to buy Bitcoin using Coin Base so it’s easy and natural to say, “Click down below to get access.”

For this one, there was no reason to offer bonuses because it’s a small ticket item. But it’s still natural for the affiliate link to come in there for the people that watch the video.

Here is a screenshot of January, which is 6 months after the video went live.

It’s already starting to do really well because Bitcoin was starting to trend even more. At that point, Spencer was making $100-$150 a day off of this affiliate campaign. And the cool thing is that the videos just stay there and continue to bring in more money.

Obviously, years later, it has slowed down, but it’s still coming in and these 8 videos have brought in well over $25,000.

All Spencer did was help people. He found an issue that people were searching for and then he made videos that helped them and answered their questions, and he naturally used the affiliate product he was promoting.

Affiliate Strategy #4 – Launch Jacking for Fast Results

This last of the affiliate marketing examples is the way that Spencer made $25K in 2.5 hours. He used a technique called ‘launch jacking,’ and here’s how that works…

When a company is coming out with a new product or a new company is launching, there is typically a lot of talk that goes on around that – a lot of hubbub, as you might say. What that means is that there are a lot of people going to search engines and trying to figure out what the product is, is it a good product worth buying, things like that.

Launch jacking is capitalizing on that sudden spike in search volume and getting people who are trying to learn more about the product to click your affiliate link.

How to Do Launch Jacking the Easy & Fast Way

Now, you can do launch jacking via Google organic traffic or YouTube organic traffic, but the way we are going to show you right now and the reason it only took a couple hours is because we used Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is where you run an ad at the top of a Google search. You tell Google that when someone searches for a certain keyword, you want your ad to show up. For example, when you type in Apple, you see this ad that Apple is running.

affiliate promotion methods launch jacking

You can do the same thing with these brand new products that are just launching. Your ad can simply be an affiliate link to the home page of that product and when people click on your ad, many of them will buy it.

A Note of Caution

Now, it’s really important to note that a lot of companies don’t allow affiliates to do this and you don’t want to break the rules or you’ll be shut down and kicked out of the affiliate program.

But a lot of companies do allow this, especially smaller companies that aren’t big enough to hire someone to run an ad campaign for them. Since you’re not competing with them because they aren’t running any ads, they don’t mind if you run them.

For these small to medium sized companies, you’re actually helping them out with this strategy because if Apple wasn’t running an ad here, a competitor could. And they could say, when someone searches for an Apple iPhone, put this ad here for a Google phone. Obviously Apple doesn’t want someone searching for an iPhone to buy a Google phone instead.

It is important to have ads running, otherwise your competitors can come in and own these top spots when people search for your company, which is a bad thing.

Our Results From This Strategy

The company we did this for is called Builderall. They launched about a year and a half ago and you can see that between the Requested (yellow)  and the Paid (green), it did a little over $25,000.

With this campaign, that is all we did was run the ad – nothing else, but we did run several different ads targeting different keywords, including:

  • Builderall
  • Builderall Pricing
  • What is Builderall
  • Buiderall verses (some of their competitors)
  • And a couple other keywords

With about $10,000-$15,000 in ad spend, we were able to gain $25,000. Plus, there are recurring commissions, so I am still making money from the people who kept up their membership.

An ad like that takes little to no time to set up. You do need to know Adwords a little bit (and I teach Adwords in some of the trainings that I do on YouTube), but it’s really not complicated to make that ad.

The hardest part about this strategy is finding the right product and doing it at the right time. When a product gets big, they’re going to run their own Adwords. But if the company is still small enough and the product is still new enough, then there is often this little gap where no one is running Adwords, and you can fill that gap.

It takes a lot of research (and I have other videos that show you how to find sites that are launching and things like that), so it does take some time in that area but once you go to launch, it’s very easy.

I was lucky to have heard about this productt. I didn’t have to do hours and hours of research like I have on other products. I heard about it launching and was able to jump in and make it all happen really quickly.

You Can Do These Affiliate Marketing Examples Too!

So, there you have it – four affiliate marketing examples that each made us $25K! These types of campaigns can do the same for you.

Which of these affiliate marketing examples did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments.

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