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In this ClickMagick tutorial and demo, you will learn exactly how to get your ClickMagick account set up and use it to your advantage in your business.

Without a link tracking software, it’s much more difficult to know what works in your business and what to scale.

ClickMagick is one of the leading link tracking softwares on the market.

Why Do You Need A Link Tracking Software?

Many affiliate marketers ask me, “Why do I need a link tracking software when I already have site affiliate links? It’s like adding an extra step.”

That’s totally understandable, but let’s break it down.

When I first started in affiliate marketing, I started with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, email, all kinds of things. You might be doing the same thing. You put your links all over the place and see how they work.

After you have your affiliate links spread all over, maybe eight months down the road you start making money as an affiliate marketer.

But you don’t know where that success came from. Is it coming from emails, from YouTube, an Instagram post, or a blog article?

Without knowing where those commissions are coming from, you can’t know where to put your focus in order to scale.

It’s very important in online business today to be able to track and know where to focus your time and money. Otherwise, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money doing the wrong things.

ClickMagick tutorial and demo

ClickMagick is a way for affiliate marketers to get all the data necessary to be able to focus on what’s working and scale their business.

3 Reasons to Use Link Tracking Software

There are three main reasons why using a link tracking software is a smart move for your business and we’re going to go over them in this ClickMagick tutorial and demo. Those three reasons are:

  1. To know where your traffic is coming from
  2. Your links look better and less spammy
  3. To avoid having affiliate links blocked by cloaking them

First, you always want to know where your traffic is coming from. By knowing that, you can scale the traffic sources that are working and stop the traffic sources that aren’t. Doing that will make you more money in the long run.

Second, in ClickMagick, you use custom links, which makes your links look more professional and less like you’re using them to spam.

Having better-looking links also helps build trust with your audience.

Third, sometimes certain platforms don’t like affiliate links and will block your links. To avoid this, ClickMagick gives you the option to cloak your links, which hides the fact that they’re affiliate links.

Link tracking software is an important part of any serious business. And ClickMagick is one of the best options out there.

So how do you get it set up and working for your business?

Getting ClickMagick Set Up

As seen in this ClickMagick tutorial and demo, the first and most important thing to do is set up ClickMagick so it works on your own domain. Instead of giving someone your direct affiliate link, ClickMagick allows you to give them a unique ClickMagick link, which then forwards them to your affiliate link as it gathers data.

So we need to give ClickMagick access to our domain. There are a few steps to setting up your domain with ClickMagick.

  1. Add a cname record
  2. Add a domain
  3. Give the ClickMagick link to your host
  4. Click on cname in host

First, you need to add a cname record in your hosting site. By adding a cname record, it gives ClickMagick the authority to run tracking on the domain you choose.

domain manager for ClickMagick tutorial and demo

Go to the zone editor and then select the domain you want to connect to ClickMagick. In ClickMagick, you’re going to domain manager under the tools tab and get the link from ClickMagick to give to your host.

While still in ClickMagick, click start here and scroll down until you find the link for tracking links, which is

link for hosting from ClickMagick

In your hosting site, you’re going to select cname and add the link you got from ClickMagick and then add record. ClickMagick then controls the show and you have your domain set up.

Adding Links To ClickMagick

Now you can create a new link. You take one of your affiliate links, name it, and create a new link using the domain you connected to ClickMagick.

Also, you have the option to put your links into groups to be able to organize them.

You can then gather information on your link, for example, how many clicks, how many actions, cost per clicks, etc.

What is link cloaking in ClickMagick?

Link cloaking is a great way to hide your affiliate links so you don’t get shut down by different platforms, like autoresponders, Facebook, etc. Sometimes affiliate links can seem kind of shady, so cloaking, or hiding, your links helps avoid getting shut down.

Unless you know you’re going to post the link you create on a site that doesn’t like affiliate links, you won’t normally need to worry about cloaking your links.

Now you need to correctly put your links on the different websites in order to collect the data.

Using Sub IDs in ClickMagick

Anytime you post your link you need to put the link plus a slash and then add parameters. You’re going to tell ClickMagick to give you all the information about that link.

You can do this on multiple levels. For example, if you have a link for YouTube, you could put your domain slash YouTube slash video. ClickMagick can now give you a lot more information about where your links are coming from, visit tracking, etc.

For example, ClickMagick will give you the information for the primary URL, but then also break the information down for the sub ids you set up for that URL.

When you start getting all this data, you can see where your success is coming from.

If you don’t have a bridge page, you need to give ClickMagick access to your actual pages on your website or sales funnel so that you see what actions people are taking.

Using The Pixel Code

The pixel code is a little piece of code you simply need to copy and paste onto the thank you page of your funnel.

pixel code for ClickMagick totorial and demo

In order to give ClickMagick access to that data on your website or sales funnel, you need to put the pixel on the thank you page of your funnel.

By putting the pixel on the thank you page, it tells ClickMagick the visitor must have put in their email address or other information in order to get there.

You’re going to copy that code and go into ClickFunnels to your thank you page, click on settings and then tracking code and paste the pixel in there and click save.

Don’t have a ClickFunnels account or want to learn more about it? Click here to read my review on it.

That’s it. So now ClickMagick can give you much more information.

Analytics & Data

So now you can track your affiliate links and also your bridge pages and see what people are actually clicking on. You can also see what is actually causing people to put in their email address.

You’ll know what links have the highest click-through rates and highest sales rates. With all that data you can make smart decisions in the future to scale and accelerate your success.


So this ClickMagick tutorial and demo has broken down exactly what to do to get all set up with ClickMagick.

You may think it seems overwhelming, but all you’re going to do is add a domain, add your affiliate links, add your tracking pixel and you’ll get access to more data than you can imagine.

Getting ClickMagick will be the best $14 you spend on your business.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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