9 Ways To Convert VISA Gift Cards To Cash

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Visa gift cards are one of the numerous reward methods available to modern-day shoppers and consumers as they are a great way of saving funds on our shopping sprees.

You can get them as a gift, or you could have bought them as part of a sales promotion. 

We often use them for their intended purposes, getting a discount on eligible items and saving funds on shopping sprees. But other times, we may be thinking of different ways to put our accumulated gift cards to use.

One way is to convert Visa gift cards to cash, which can now be used for other things!

This post compiled the best safe and legal ways to convert your visa gift cards to cash. Let’s dive in and discover the best ways to get those much-desired funds into your wallet.

Here are the best ways to turn Visa gift cards into cash quickly.

9 Ways To Convert VISA Gift Cards To Cash

1. Sell To Someone Who Needs It
2. Sell It At Gift Card Exchange Kiosks
3. Sell It On Marketplaces, Apps & E-commerce Sites
4. Buy Money Orders
5. Sell It To A Gift Card Site
6. Use Your Visa Gift Cards To Pay Your Bills
7. Convert Your Visa Gift Card Into Cash Via Paypal
8. Buy Things You Can Resell
9. ReGift Your Visa Gift Card

1. Sell To Someone Who Needs It

Sell To Someone Who Needs It

In case you don’t get it, this is a foolproof way to convert Visa gift cards to cash. You can sell your gift cards to a friend, family, or someone around you who needs it.

Not only do you get your cash for the gift cards without having to pay a fee, but you can also be sure that there’s only a slight chance of getting scammed during the whole transaction.

2. Sell It At Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

Sell It At Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

Gift Card Exchange kiosks are yellow-colored shops mostly found in shopping malls and supermarkets. 

You can exchange your Visa gift cards for anything as listed in the Gift Card Exchange kiosk services. And more often than not, cash is always on this list.

The process of exchanging your Visa gift cards for cash is pretty easy and straightforward. 

You should be aware that you might have to incur some charges redeeming your Visa gift card for cash at a Gift Cards Exchange Kiosk.

These charges are usually insignificant compared to the cash you would be getting for your gift card. 

Plus, you might have to present some form of identification to comply with any exchange requirements.

Asides from that, all you need to do to exchange your Visa gift cards for cash is to enter your card information and choose from a variety of offers available to you.

After you choose to get paid with cash, you’ll be issued a voucher to take with you to the cashier and get your money.

3. Sell It On Marketplaces, Apps & E-commerce Sites

Sell It On Marketplaces, Apps & E-commerce Sites

Online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo allow you to exchange your Visa gift cards for cash.

This process won’t have you paying extra charges on your visa card cash exchange. 

You could also consider other e-commerce trader-friendly sites that allow you to sell off your Visa gift cards for cash without paying any fees at all. 

Another option you could explore to turn Visa cards into cash is selling through an app.

While some gift cards to cash apps charge steep fees to convert visa gift cards to cash, others will take a fee based on a percentage of the amount on the gift card you wish to convert. 

Apps like Raise, available on Android and iOS devices, take up to 15% commission. Although, you can be sure of getting your gift cards converted for cash fast.

If you would love to try using an app for conversion, you can also try the Prepaid2Cash app. 

While their commission rates are not as transparent as Raise, this app is significantly cheaper because they offer a 92% cashback on Visa gift cards. 

This translates to about 8 percent off as a commission. Another reason I love the Prepaid2Cash app is the numerous offers given to the gift card seller. 

You can decide to pick other withdrawal options if you don’t want cash for your gift cards.

4. Buy Money Orders

Buy Money Orders

A money order is a written order to pay a particular amount of money to a specified person.

Buying money orders with your Visa gift cards is dependent on your location or area and the options offered by the stores around you.

Walmart and some other grocery stores allow you to buy money orders with your gift cards. Once you’ve accepted the money order, it translates to a deposit in your bank account, and you may now make use of your cash.

However, we don’t recommend using this visa gift card to cash option frequently.

Some banks will shut down your bank account or have it frozen if you deposit many money orders in your account.

If you have many gift cards for sale, you should probably use two or more of the options made known to you in this post.

5. Sell It To A Gift Card Site

Sell It To A Gift Card Site

There’s a difference between selling your visa gift cards on an e-commerce site and selling directly to a gift card site. 

On an e-commerce site, you’re selling directly to an end-user or another individual. But when you sell to a gift card site, you are selling to a corporation.

Sites like Gift Card Granny, GiftCash, CardSwapper, CardCash, and Gift Card Spread offer cash in exchange for your Visa gift cards.

While this option promises to be safe based on the site’s accountability and integrity, you’ll be made to agree with their flat fees/charges depending on the amount of gift card you wish to sell.

We know they would never charge greedy fees. But you need to consider how much you’ll get from the Visa gift card at the end of the transaction, after deducting the fees, of course!

Some of these sites would even pay for your postage to send them the Visa gift card. But if your card is virtual, then the Visa gift card to cash exchange process is almost instant.

6. Use Your Visa Gift Cards To Pay Your Bills

Use Your Visa Gift Cards To Pay Your Bills

Assuming you need extra cash for grocery shopping and paying some of your bills, you can use your Visa gift cards for this.

Paying your bills with your Visa gift cards is almost the same as converting it to real cash, although you would just never see it physically. 

Keep in mind that a gift card is considered a form of credit card, and you would incur credit card fees while using it to settle your bills.

So you should do the required math and check if paying your bills with Visa gift cards is worth it before proceeding.

Examples of bills you can pay with your Visa gift cards include phone bills, topping up your gas tank, and paying for groceries.

If you want to pay large bills like your mortgage, car bills, and more, you should try out a free service called Plastiq that lets you do that.

7. Convert Your Visa Gift Card Into Cash Via Paypal

Convert Your Visa Gift Card Into Cash Via Paypal

You can either add your Visa gift cards to your PayPal wallet as cash. Or you could have your family member or friend request a card payment, then use your PayPal to pay off the request.

This way, money comes directly to your PayPal account!

You will need to add the visa gift card to your wallet. Then, you’re able to treat the balance like cash and spend it on merchants accepting PayPal as a payment method.

You’ll also now have the option to transfer the money to your own linked bank account or send the money on your gift card to other PayPal users.

Keeping in mind that there’s a 3% fee charge attached to these transactions!

To add your Visa gift cards to your PayPal wallet, log into your PayPal account and choose the wallet option at the top of the page.

Click the option to “Link a card or bank” and follow the prompts.

When Paypal asks you for the relevant information, add your Visa gift card details and then click the Link card.

8. Buy Things You Can Resell

Buy Things You Can Resell

Buying things you can resell is an advanced form of getting back cash for your Visa gift cards. 

But this option gives you little profit or none at all. It’s a fantastic option for those who would love to do a little buying and selling or just get the feeling of being a seller.

To get the most out of this option, I would advise you to buy something in high demand. Or you should buy a product whose value will appreciate as time passes.

Remember, the goal is to get your Visa gift card’s cash equivalent and not a lesser cash value for your gift card.

9. ReGift Your Visa Gift Card

ReGift Your Visa Gift Card

If you’d rather not have your visa gift card as cash or its substitutes, there’s always an option of giving it out as a gift to someone else.

Many occasions call for gifts, and sometimes we may not have the best ideas on what to get as a gift. 

Gifting someone a visa gift card is an easy and readily appreciated option for you and the Visa gift card receiver.

Upon receiving the gift card, the receiver would now have many options for using their new gift card while you finally got it off your hands as a cash equivalent.

A win-win situation.


Visa gift cards are flexible savings and payment methods. They were created for shopping, but there are now many more options available for you to use your Visa gift cards.

Converting your gift cards to cash is one of these options and one almost everyone wants to try.

This post has helped you discover all the legitimate ways to convert Visa gift cards to cash. And by now, I’m pretty sure you have made up your mind on what steps to take.

As you follow any of the options in this post to convert your gift cards to real cash, remember to choose the most affordable option or have lesser service fee charges attached. 

You don’t want the value of your Visa gift cards to be depleted upon withdrawal as cash.

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