17 Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men

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Almost everyone has hobbies and activities they do for fun. But having a passion activity that doubles as an income stream is like a dream come true.

If you’re looking for a means to make money while having fun and doing your hobby, you’re at the perfect starting point. 

Some of these hobbies are so fun and will require little to no effort.

Others might not come so easily and would need extra training to maximize the immense potential to rake in those dollar bills.

Dive into this list with an open mind, look out for two or three hobbies that excite you, and look further into it to make money and enrich yourself by doing something you enjoy.

Let’s dig in and look at some hobbies that can make money for men…

17 Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men

1.  Online Surveys
2. Freelance Writing
3. Photography
4. Woodworking & Carpentry
5. Auto Repair Mechanics
6. Fitness Trainer
7. Blogging
8. Comedy
9. Sports Coaching
10. Pets Grooming
11. Social Media Management
12. Proofreading & Editing
13. Go Shopping for Others
14. Graphic Design
15. Get Paid to Play Games
16. Start a Gaming Channel
17. Get Paid to Lose Weight

#1: Online Surveys
Online Surveys

Right from the comfort of your home, you can make money by completing surveys online. Several sites reward people for sharing your opinion and filling out surveys.

This task does not require any technical skill, and just about anyone can do it. Top survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, MyPoints, Inbox Dollars, and more reward you with cash for filling out online surveys (and for performing a host of other activities).

If sharing your thoughts and opinions with others seems fun to you, you should consider online surveys to make money online.

#2: Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another venture that has an earning potential for men. If you dabble in writing as a hobbyist, why not make money from it?

Several freelancing sites allow you to sell your skill as a freelance writer. You can get writing gigs by jumping on sites like Fiverr, Upwork and even responding to Craigslist ads.

Most of these sites allow you to offer your writing services as a freelancer so you can make money online.

You can handle various writing projects, including blog writing, essay writing, technical writing, and proofreading.

Many people struggle with stringing words together and crafting out a valuable piece. So if you can write, you should consider building an income stream with freelance writing.

#3: Photography

Photography is viewed as a hobby for most people, but if you’re really good at it, why not turn it into a source of income?

There are several ways you can make money with photography as a pastime hobby. You can choose to sell photography services to clients who need them. Help people take their photos at their birthday, wedding, and other events, and they’ll pay you well for it.

Alternatively, you can choose to sell your photos on sites like Flickr and ShutterstockThese sites provide photos to users across the web and allow you to earn money by uploading your images and selling them to clients.

You can earn much more and get more clients when you expand your skill set and gain more experience.

#4: Woodworking & Carpentry
Woodworking & Carpentry

If you have some interest in woodworking and carpentry, there are ways you could make money with it.

You won’t find many carpenters around these days, which is an indication that you can earn money doing woodworking. Clients will pay you for building and repairing their furniture. 

And you get to build a side hustle that compensates handsomely out of a hobby.

#5: Auto Repair Mechanics
Auto Repair Mechanics

Repairing a car is expensive, even for simple tasks.

If you are well-equipped with auto-repair skills, you can turn into a mechanic for others, repair their car, and get paid. It could be small repair tasks as simple as changing tires, replacing brakes, or fixing electrical components.

To do auto repair successfully, you might need to acquire some special skills and tools so you can repair a range of automobiles.

Sell your services to your friends, family members, neighbors, and work colleagues and ask them for patronage. And with every repair job you complete, don’t forget to ask for referrals.

#6: Fitness Trainer
Fitness Trainer

Are you a fitness lover and enjoy exercising to stay fit?

If so, you could start making money by helping others stay fit as well. If you can dedicate time to help with their workout routine as their fitness trainer, you can make money.

When it comes to hobbies that make money for men, becoming a fitness trainer is certainly a good one.

There’s some light regulation involved, so you might need to get certified as a personal fitness trainer along the line.

The best way to make money and build a fitness business is to work in a gym. Then, as you get popular for your services, you can start taking on more high-paying clients.

Or, you can start out by working with your friends and family to gain some experience and then start your own personal training business.

#7: Blogging

If you like to blog about a topic you’re passionate about, then that’s a hobby that could make you money.

These topics could be anything, ranging from weight loss, sports, business, health, finance, fitness, and technology.

With various tools available on the web today, it’s easy to start a blog online and become known for your topic by blogging about it.

You can simply build up a blog on WordPress, which is an easy-to-use, no-code platform.

After setting it up, there are several ways you can monetize your blog. You can choose to display ads on your blog, sell your products, offer professional services, or even sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing).

Check out my list of high ticket affiliate programs.

#8: Comedy

If being funny comes naturally to you, then why not take your comedic venture a notch higher and make money from it. Comedy is one of the numerous hobbies that make money for men.

You can profit from making people laugh, especially if you’re a natural-born comedian. 

Look around you for comedy clubs and join them. Most times, they are on the lookout for fresh talent.

You can make money working from comedy clubs just by working a few nights as a comedian. And once you get well known and established, you’ll start getting invited to bigger shows and you can even run your own shows.

#9. Sports Coaching
Sports Coaching

Sports coaching is one of the numerous hobbies that make money for men. If you’re passionate about sports, here’s a chance to get paid off your hobby as a coach. 

There’s a lot of sporting activities you can get involved with, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, golf, and more.

Choose the sport that aligns with your skill or background and scout for teams or athletes that need your coaching services. 

#10. Pets Grooming
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Pets Grooming

If you love pets and are passionate about them, there’s an opportunity for you to get paid.

You can provide standard pet-related services such as pet walking, grooming, and pet sitting. 

And if you have the right amount of space in your home, you could train pets at home too.

You will earn a decent income taking care of pets, especially if they are exotic, unusual ones. Plus, having a lot of experience under your belt helps too.

NOTE: There’s also a lot of pet affiliate programs that allow you to build a passive income promoting products for pets.

#11: Social Media Management
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Social Media Management

Most people enjoy spending time on social media, but haven’t considered getting paid for it.

Being a social media manager can be one of the best hobbies that make money for men if you have a knack for social media. 

Many individuals and businesses understand the value of a strong social media presence. And if your game is solid at it, you can turn this hobby into a moneymaker.

Not a lot of people understand how to grow on social media. Some don’t have adequate time to be socially active, so they pay people to fill that gap for them.

You could get paid for posting on their social media accounts, running ads, building a social media following, and more.

#12: Proofreading & Editing
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Proofreading & Editing

There’s a lot of content out there globally in newspapers, websites, magazines, blogs, journals, and much more.

And for every piece of content written, there’s a need for someone to proofread and edit for errors. Anything that’s written needs to be proofread and edited.

Are you that person that always points out errors on restaurant menus, brochures, websites, and more?

If proofreading and spotting grammar errors are something that you find yourself doing anyway, why not profit from it.

There’s a huge market online and even plenty of opportunities offline for this service as well.

You can sign up to freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer to find gigs for proofreading and editing. Also, you can find paid opportunities by looking in an online classified ad site like Craigslist.

#13: Go Shopping for Others
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Go Shopping for Others

If shopping seems like a hobby for you, you can make money on the side by shopping for others.

When you sign up on a platform like Instacart and become a shopper, you get paid for doing grocery shopping for others. They reward their shoppers with around $10 to $15 each hour to shop and deliver groceries.

There are two ways to profit with Instacart:

  1. You can sign up as a full-service Instacart shopper, take orders from customers on the platform, shop for the items, and deliver them to the customer’s home. When you do this, you get paid a commission, depending on the size of the order. And you could also get an additional tip from customers.
  2. Sign up as an in-store shopper. In-store shoppers are just like part-time employees and help customers receive and arrange customers’ orders.

You also get to take advantage of Instacart’s retirement and commuting benefits.

If you prefer doing deliveries only for cash, you should consider DoorDash for food delivery gigs.

#14: Graphic Design
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Graphic Design

If you have an eye for great design and understand how to create stunning designs, this is something you can do to bring in some bucks.

There’s a massive but competitive market for good graphic designers out there, so in order to get customers for your services, you need to brand yourself properly. 

Check out various freelancing sites for clients that need graphic design services. You could also go on a site like 99Designs.com, where you’ll see tons of design requests from various customers.

While reaching out to clients and prospects, make sure you have quality samples of your work.

#15: Get Paid to Play Games
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Get Paid to Play Games

Our list of creative hobbies to make money for men wouldn’t be complete without this one!

Video games are fun and are mostly treated as a hobby to everyone that indulges in them. But there are real ways to make money while playing games.

Solitaire Cash (iOS) is one of them. This free, well-rated iOS game puts you in a contest against other players of equal skill. You all receive the same deck, play against each other, and the top-3 players win.

The only drawback is that cash tournaments where you get to win real money on Solitaire Cash aren’t yet available in all countries and regions.

Another game you can play and earn cash is Lucktastic. The game is available on iOS and rewards you with sweepstakes or gift cards after earning several points. The game has over a million winners already, and you can win prizes from $25 up to $10,000

Mistplay is a game available on Android that pays you to discover and play new games on your Android phone. It has over 10 million downloads and pays you as you find out and play more games. You can exchange your rewards for gift cards to your favorite stores.

#16: Start a Gaming Channel
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Start a Gaming Channel

You can also make money and monetize your passion for video games by live streaming your gameplay online.

As you’re playing your video games, you can start a live stream on your channel so others can see your gameplay in real-time.

Apart from steaming your gameplay, you can also record videos that review various games and talk about gaming news and the industry.

You can do this on Twitch or even YouTube, which are the biggest platforms for live streaming gaming.

Your gameplay will allow you to build a community and army of game lovers online by live streaming. And for monetization, you can display ads on your channel, sell premium content (game tutorials/walkthroughs), do affiliate marketing, and even ask your audience to support your work with donations.

Learn how to start a YouTube channel here.

#17: Get Paid to Lose Weight
Hobbies That Can Make Money For Men - Get Paid to Lose Weight

You can get paid to lose weight if you’re passionate about staying fit and eating healthy foods.

Some sites and companies allow you to set a weight loss goal, place a bet, and get compensated when you meet your goals.

Using a site like HealthyWage, you set a weight loss goal, indicate how much you want to lose, add a goal time frame, and place a bet for that goal.

When you achieve your goal, you’ll get rewarded with cash. And the more challenging goals you set, the more you can win with HealthyWage. They pay out $50-500 or more.


There are many creative examples of entrepreneurs finding ways to monetize their hobbies, interests, and passions. From shopping and writing, to playing video games, everyone has a favorite hobby and fun activity to do.

You don’t really have to try some unethical ways to earn money!

And just as you’ve read in this post, you could monetize all these activities and make extra cash for yourself (in your spare time) doing what you enjoy. 

You can make money with your hobby, such as photography, writing, comedy, pet grooming, gaming, and even shopping for others. 

I would love to hear your ideas on hobbies that make money for men. Drop us a comment below!

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