How to Make Money with Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

Legendary Marketer is a pretty popular product in the affiliate marketing world. It’s a training program for online entrepreneurs and marketers, and the Legendary Marketer affiliate program is pretty decent. 

The main thing I like about it is that it has several low-ticket products and many high-end ones with good commission rates

Let’s dive in to take a closer look and do a review of the affiliate program…

What is Legendary Marketer?

To begin with, let’s talk a little about the company and its products.

The concept of Legendary Marketer is simple. It’s the brainchild of digital marketing expert, David Sharpe, and essentially, it’s a training program that helps you build your own online business. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

David Sharpe has a lot of experience, and it’s reflected in the curriculum. Legendary Marketer relays the skills and the cutting-edge marketing strategies needed to be successful in an ethical and interesting manner. 

The coolest part?

It will teach you how to earn as you learn.

They offer digital courses, virtual coaching, and live mastermind events that can be instrumental in building the confidence you need to thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

You’ll learn about the dynamics and mechanics of marketing and working an online business in this training program. 

It focuses on affiliate marketing training, in addition to in-depth training pertaining to selling digital products of your own, as well as coaching and consulting.

What Makes it Different From Other Training Programs?

 Legendary Marketer is like a grid or a network of online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers that share huge amount of relevant content and encourage each other.

The valuable content that is provided to Legendary members assists in promoting its affiliate program.

Plus, there are in-house business plan advisors that help you with high-end sales you want to make with your own leads. Thus, easing your burden. 

One important point to be noted about the Legendary Marketer affiliate program is that your income will come from the people you refer, and not from the people they refer. It is a single-level affiliate program where everyone is at the same level. It is not multi-level marketing, even thought it can seem similar to that at times.

Legendary Marketer Products

15 Day Online Business Builder

There are a lot of different products to promote as a Legendary Marketer affiliate. Anyone who knows me knows, I love that.

Here are just some (but not all) of the products Legendary Marketers has to offer:

  • 15-Day Challenge – This low-ticket product costs just $7. It guides you in building your affiliate business. The program includes video training, quizzes, calls with mentors, and assignments on a daily basis. Towards the end of the 15 days, you’re ready to start your affiliate business, equipped with emails, products, and other essential stuff.
  • The Legendary Marketer’s Club – This one is often referred to as the Netflix of online marketing training.
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle – Teaches about driving traffic to your specific landing page.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – This high-ticket program costs $2500 and focuses primarily on Legendary Marketer products, but the training can be extrapolated for any affiliate option you have.
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – This one focuses on creating digital content, such as audio files, video, or e-books, that can be sold through a dedicated portal, exclusively for members.
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – Here, your experience and knowledge are what you share as a consultant or coach and Legendary marketer prepares you for it.
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – In this one, you learn how to host events and ensure you get recurring commission, clients, or customers.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Levels

There are two levels of affiliate programs offered by Legendary Marketer. The basic is free and the commissions are also low. Then there is the Pro that costs $29.95/month, where you have access to a plethora of tools and are assured a high payout.

Once you lock in a paying referral, you get the benefit of getting commissions on any future event or transaction the referral makes. 

Basic affiliates get a 10%-30% commission on any product purchased by a referral while the Pro affiliates earn 30%-60% commission. 

Some of the features you’ll get as a Legendary Marketer affiliate (both basic and pro) includes:

  • An e-wallet program
  • Access to a customized reporting tool
  • Custom funnels
  • Managing and tracking leads and customers

In addition to the significant commission difference between the two programs, Pro affiliates also get the following features:

  • Advanced affiliate training
  • Earning additional streams of income
  • Integrating your own autoresponder 

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

Anyone who wants to join the Legendary Marketer affiliate program has to first complete an application process. The program does not accept everyone like most other affiliate programs online.

When you complete day 5 of the business challenge that lasts 15 days, you can apply for the program. If you want to be accepted immediately, you have to purchase the Business Blueprint ($2500).

This latter option accepts you without completing the challenge.

It seems like a good strategy to take the challenge as anyone wanting to become part of the program gets familiar with it during the process of selection and is well-versed with the mission and products, so that you can better promote them. 

Sign Up for Legendary Marketer

Low-Cost Products to Purchase Before Applying

I always suggest buying a product before you promote it, especially some of the low-cost products such as the Insider’s Guide eBook, Business Builder Challenge, Copywriter’s Playbook, and 15-Second Free Leads, as these will get you up to speed as to what Legendary Marketer is all about before applying.

Each of these products cost less than $10.

Link to Apply

Here is the link to apply: Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program application

For the limited benefits, low commission option, click on apply under BASIC. For the maximum tools and payouts option, click on apply under PRO.

Following a series of questions in the application process, you are given access to their tools, which is available at the location they refer to as the back-office system. 

The program is blocked in some countries. Here’s the blocked countries list.

Pros & Cons of the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Now, let’s look at what I like and don’t like about this affiliate program…

LM Mission


  • All aspects of digital marketing are covered in the training: marketing, diverting traffic, coaching, consulting, and selling your own digital products.
  • The PRO plan has high commission of up to 60%.
  • You get support from a personal coach to guide you and ensure you’re on track.
  • Promoting a low-cost product, such as an eBook has the potential to earn affiliate commissions as high as $1000 when higher-priced products are purchased later.
  • Access to Facebook group comprising of marketers and entrepreneurs who are supportive and eager to grow their knowledge base for a successful online venture. It’s more like a movement.
  • 15-day Business Challenge is great to use for on-boarding a newbie.
  • Your referral becomes your lead forever.
  • The affiliate backend is impressive and the traffic-directing strategies are elaborate.
  • Customer care is reliable.
  • The Marketer’s Club has weekly webinar replays.


  • Getting accepted into the program is not as  easy as other affiliate programs.
  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll be accepted into their affiliate program.
  • Some of the products, such as events, are very expensive.
  • Commissions are dependent on the affiliate program you’re enrolled in: BASIC (free) or PRO (paid)
  • In order to get highest commissions, you need to be enrolled in the PRO affiliate program, which requires a monthly charge of $29.95.
  • Though the programs they offer are general training programs, they are inclined towards Legendary Marketer products. 

How to Make Money with the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

Legendary Marketer is an affiliate marketing training program. So, you can apply all that you learn to enhance sales in your own existing business, not necessarily limiting yourself to the commission within Legendary Marketer.

There is an enormous amount of information and advice from in-house teams. You can also start your own successful online business from scratch using the skills taught through Legendary programs.

Just like many affiliate program, the Legendary Marketer affiliate program is designed for passive revenue, so that you can do the work up front and then earn income for years to come off of that initial work. 

You can advertise the products that the company is offering. And with each sale, you make a commission. Of course, your commissions are dependent on which affiliate program you belong to. 

Looking for high ticket affiliate programs? Check out my video below:

What Commission Will You Make?

You can make 5% to 30% if enrolled in the free account (also called BASIC) or you can get 20 to 60% commission when you are a part of the paid account (referred to as PRO), which costs nearly $30 a month.

The high-ticket product such as the Business Blueprint is priced at $2500. To sell something like this, it is easier when you purchase it and try it yourself. That will equip you with your own success story to share, making it more convincing. 

Legendary Marketer has a reimbursement program that helps you gain back the $2500 if you manage to sell 10 of the Blueprints within a period of two years. 

That’s pretty cool.

How to Make the Most With Legendary Marketer

You can definitely make money by promoting Legendary Marketer. Here are some tips to help you increase your revenue once you are enrolled.

  • Case Study – When you enroll, you’ll have access to their Facebook group where you can share your story or any interesting sales that you’ve made. You don’t have to limit it to the Legendary Marketer Facebook group, though. Create a group of your own, and increase visits through stories and case studies.
  • Comparison Write-Up – You can write a blog comparing the Legendary Marketer affiliate program to others and highlighting the positives.
  • CreateVideos – On the groups you are part of, create and share videos with stories and training videos. In general, videos motivate people to check out any product, including Legendary Marketer products.
  • Leverage YouTube – Consider maintaining a channel and sharing content. Legendary Marketer material is vast, making it easy to keep creating new content on YouTube. Many of the affiliate’s bank on going this route.
  • Paid Ads – You can use Google or Bing paid ads to promote the Legendary Marketer affiliate program. Also, after your own experience with the Business Challenge, do some email marketing about it so others get to know about the challenge.
  • Add it to Your Resources Page – If you have a recommended products page on your website, make sure to include Legendary Marketer products.
  • Build a 2-Page Website – If you don’t already have a website, build a quick 2-page website. Page 1 is the home page to capture emails. Page 2 contains a quick video that talks about the affiliate program, its founder, David Sharpe, and why it stands out or what is different about this program. Most important, include your affiliate LINK.


Building an online business is a challenging task. If you’re a newbie and have no clue as to how and where to start, Legendary Marketer can help you in the process.

And like I said earlier, you can earn as you learn with their affiliate program, and you can also benefit from some lucrative opportunities. 

I doubt the Legendary Marketer affiliate program will disappoint you, as long as you’re willing to work hard and dedicate some amount of time in driving traffic towards their products.

Check out my legendary marketer review here.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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