9 Work From Home Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire

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Are you ready to really go for it, leave your limiting beliefs behind, and turn your side hustle into something that makes you a work-from-home millionaire? People are doing it everyday and there are a lot of real work from home ideas that can get you there.

We’re not talking about working for a company that allows you to work from home. We’re not talking about earning an extra couple hundred dollars a month doing things like direct sales or even thousands by doing some freelance design work. And we’re not even talking about doubling your income by working at home (unless you are currently earning $500K).

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We’re talking about actual legitimate ways that people from all walks of earth are becoming millionaires while enjoying the benefits of working from home. You really could be the next one. Here’s how…

9 Work From Home Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire

This is a create-your-own adventure-type article. We’re going to present several ideas and you can pick and choose which ones will work for you and which combinations you might decide to make. But the first one is the gatekeeper. You can’t get through to the others without starting there. And it is…

Develop a Millionaire Mindset

First things first, you need to get your head right. If being a millionaire sounds impossible to you, it probably is for no other reason than that you need to believe it’s available for you before you can achieve it.

We all have a “money set point,” which is an amount of money that we tend to make. It’s determined by our beliefs about what we can have, and we pretty much never break out of that set point unless we figure out how to raise it. For example, you might have noticed that you can never seem to get ahead or as soon as you earn some extra money, your car breaks down.

If you want to raise your money set point (and why wouldn’t you), you need to believe you are capable of earning more. Here are some ways to do that…

Get Inspired By Others

Watch inspirational videos that show you how other people earned their millions. For example, this interview shows how one man went from being $100K in debt to earning $1 million in a single day.

Change Your Focus

Sometimes, it helps to stop thinking so much about the dollar amount you want to make and start thinking about all the people you’ll be able to help by earning that money. Whatever products or services you provide, you are helping people in some way, otherwise they wouldn’t pay for them. So you might want to focus on helping 1000 people or whatever the magic number is to make you a millionaire.

Visualize it Into Being

The most powerful way to shift your money set point is to visualize what you want to have every day. In fact, the millionaire in the video above attributes his success to this very technique. See the money coming to you or the people happily engaging in your services. Picture it in vivid color and detail. The more you do that, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Build Residual/Passive Income

If you have to keep working over and over again every day to earn your money, it makes it that much harder to be a millionaire. You’d have to be incredibly good at what you do and earn a ton of money per project or hour to get there.

That’s why I encourage you to go for work from home ideas that build residual income. You do the work once and it keeps coming in month after month. Here are some great examples of how to earn residual income from home:

Affiliate Marketing

Is it possible to make millions from affiliate marketing? You betcha! Take Antoine Walker, for example, who tells his story in his rags-to-riches book, How I Made $10 Million From Internet Affiliate Marketing. Or Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents, who earned millions from affiliate marketing while traveling North America in an RV.

There aren’t many other opportunities that allow you to earn such an incredible income from promoting someone else’s stuff, AND THAT’S IT! No inventory, no payment gateways, no customer service, none of that. All you do is give people a link to purchase a product or service on someone else’s website and then you receive commissions when a purchase is made.

The key to earning so much with affiliate marketing is choosing the right affiliate programs and promoting them to the right people. The right programs will pay you recurring income month after month from one lead – that’s what passive income is all about!

That’s what we teach at Buildapreneur, and we have a ton of free content that you can take advantage of on our YouTube channel and our blog.

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But affiliate marketing isn’t the only work from home idea that is passive…

Create a Etsy Store

If you’re creative, an Etsy store might be the way to go. You can create something that is unique to you and offer it through an online store. Their platform is easy to use and you can have your products up and available for sale in no time.

Here are some examples of top-selling Etsy stores…

Mod Party sells bridesmaids’ gifts and wedding favors and they do it really well.

Etsy Example 1

Gracefully Made Jewelry has some really unique jewelry, and their best sellers are their necklaces that are personalized with your children or pets names on them.

The really great thing about Etsy is that people will find you instead of you having to find them. If you had your own website separate from Etsy, you would need to promote it so that people could find it, but you can focus much more on making or curating your products with an Etsy store since people use Etsy like a search engine to find unique products.

You have even more of a money-making opportunity with Etsy if you create products that can be downloaded since you wouldn’t have to make each item. We’ll look at that now as a separate idea…

Sell Downloadable Items

By selling items that are downloadable, you can do the work of creating the item once and then get paid for them over and over and over again. This is great for graphic designers or even if you are just really good at creating digital printouts. Here are some of the items you can sell:

  • Printables – This includes things like journals, planners, and worksheets that people can print out for themselves. This is huge right now. There’s an especially big market for them on Etsy.
  • E-books – For some very strange reason, the perceived value of e-books (the PDF kind) is much higher than printed books. It’s generally looked at more like a course than a book. They are super lucrative!
  • Designs & Photos – If you are into photography or graphic design, you could sell your creations for people to download and print out. Here’s one example and here’s another.

Build Compounding Income

Compounding income is similar to residual or passive income, but the difference is that it grows month after month whereas residual income might not. Typically, the opportunities that allow for this are passive in nature. They require you to do a lot of work up front, but then it becomes passive income that grows over time.

Below are some examples of these types of work from home ideas that produce compound income because the content you put out years ago can keep bringing in money and since you keep adding more content to it, it grows.


YouTube has opened up a whole new world for people who want to make an incredible income from the comfort of their own homes. If you put out consistent content that is tailored to your target audience, you can make big bucks as a YouTuber by monetizing your videos with ads. The more videos you create and the more subscribers and views you get, the more money you will make.

And it’s not just for video gamers and internet marketers. Plenty of families are crushing it on YouTube with channels that cater to children. Here are some examples…

Fizzy Fun Toys – This mom simply films her hands playing with toys and adds in some simple special effects. Kids love it!YouTube Kids Channel Example 1

Extreme Toys TV – The whole family gets involved in this channel. They write the skits, act them out, and have some pretty wild nerf wars together. As they’ve grown, they’ve clearly learned more and more about video editing because they do some pretty cool stuff now.YouTube Kids Channel Example 2

The Engineering Family – This is another family channel that mostly involves the dad and kids acting out their own skits.

YouTube Kids Channel Example 3

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Pinterest is another big way to make mega bucks from home. The great thing about Pinterest is that their algorithm doesn’t only look at the latest pins, which means if your pins are quality, they can keep circulating for years. That’s where the compounding part comes from.

Earning money on Pinterest involves creating an audience that digs what you put out. You can post affiliate products and earn money that way, promote your own products or courses or promote your blogs that are monetized. The money is in the following. By creating a brand that people love, they will follow your boards and want what you are promoting.

Here are some great examples of how to make it big on Pinterest…

Joy Cho is the top pinner on Pinterest, so she’s definitely someone to look at for ideas. At the time of this article, she has 5.8 million monthly viewers.

Pinterest Example 1

Maryann Rizzo has created a targeted niche for interior design and has landed herself a nice following of 2.7 million monthly viewers.

Pinterest Example 2

Love and Lemons is a food blogger who has created a massive following of 3.1 million monthly viewers with content that is based on her cookbook called The Love & Lemons Cookbook.

Pinterest Work From Home Ideas Example 3


Blogging is one of the best work from home ideas because there are so many income opportunities that come with it. Blogs can be monetized in a number of ways, including:

  • Affiliate links
  • Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Selling your own digital products
  • Dropshipping products

And in addition to that, you can repurpose your blogs into videos so that you can start earning on YouTube as well. You can promote your blogs on Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

The sky is the limit with blogs. You can make it whatever you want it to be, and as long as you stick with it and keep creating content and keep getting eyes on it, the money will keep growing because the content never goes away.

Earn Money From Your Expertise

Some of the best work from home ideas come from using your expertise to help others. But the key is to be as unique about it as possible.

People are hungry for knowledge and solutions to their problems, and they love to learn it from people who they click with. The way people click with you is to show them your true colors – be yourself and be unique and the people who click with you will love you for it.

Here are some of the best ways to work from home using your expertise…

Course Creation

Another high-paying work from home idea is to create your own courses and sell them online. You can sell them on your own website or on a marketplace that sells courses, such as Udemy.

And the magic of this is that everyone has a course within them. We all have talents and skills that others could learn from. Maybe you have a cleaning business, for example. Believe it or not, there is a market for teaching people how to clean. Are you always coming up with really cute hairdos? There’s a market for that too.

For example, look at all the courses that are currently being sold in the “Beauty & Makeup” category on Udemy right now…

Sell Courses on Udemy

Once you develop one course, it’s pretty easy to start creating spin off courses that take less work because a lot of the content from your other courses carries over. That’s what you want to go for because when you can make more money with less time, that’s where the big bucks are.


Coaching and consulting is right in line with course creation, but it is meant to teach one or a few people at a time. The way to really capitalize on this, though, is to create a course that others will want and then sell it combined with coaching or consulting services.

While you might only get $100 to $500 for a course you build, you could easily get $2000-$5000 for the same course when you throw in a few coaching sessions with it. And you can take it even further by offering group coaching so that you can reach more people and sell more coaching packages in less time.

In Conclusion

It is very possible to be a millionaire by tapping into these work from home ideas. People are doing it all over the world and you can too. It just takes a good strategy and some knowledge about how to get the most out of the method you choose.

That’s what Buildapreneur is here for! We provide you with all the tools and information you need to turn yourself into the next big success story. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here and read our blog here to get started.

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