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If you want to be the next YouTuber, you’ll need to get to 1000 YouTube subscribers pretty quickly. Why? Because YouTube won’t start paying you until you do. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it may seem and I’ve got some tried and true strategies for you.

But I need to make some assumptions first…

  1. That you’re good at whatever your channel is about. For these strategies to work (and really for your YouTube channel to be at all successful), you need to know about and be able to speak about your topic for at least 10 minutes per video and actually give value. Hopefully, you’re not making a cooking channel if cooking isn’t your thing.
  2. That you’ve already chosen a niche and set up your YouTube channel with attractive cover art.

If you’ve got those things in place, this article is for you. Before we dig in, though, I want to give you a couple ways to get massive value from me far beyond this blog post:

Subscribe – You clearly would like to grow your YouTube channel and I promise you we are putting out massive amounts of videos on exactly how to grow and make money off of your YouTube channel.

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Now, let’s get right into how to get free YouTube subscribers fast (and a paid way too)…

How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers Fast

When you’re starting out with zero subscribers, it can feel pretty intimidating to get to 1000. But don’t worry; it felt that way for all of us YouTubers. But the first thing you want to do is create some content so that you can post it consistently.

YouTube loves consistent content. So, in the beginning, you want to create a bunch of videos all at once so that you can schedule them out to post consistently instead of creating one video at a time and most likely falling behind on it.

Make 15 Videos in 2-3 Days

Plan on making 15 videos. I like to take 2 or 3 days and just whip through them at once. Then you’re going to schedule those videos out for the next 30 days so that every other day, you’ve got consistent content hitting YouTube.

YouTube likes that. Subscribers like that. And you’ll be rewarded for it. You simply can’t get free YouTube subscribers fast if you don’t have the content to warrant it.

But first things first, make sure to pick a subject that your channel is going to be about. Don’t make a billion videos about a bunch of different things. You can’t attract subscribers if you’re all over the place because subscribers subscribe because they want more videos on the topic they are interested in. Make them all niche specific.

2 Ways to Find Video Ideas

Plan out what you’re going to make videos about, but don’t struggle to come up with ideas. Use these tips:

Scout Out What Your Competitors Are Doing – Look at your competitors and see what kinds of videos they are making. For example, if your niche is cooking, do a search on YouTube for cooking, click on a cooking channel that has a lot of subscribers, go to their Videos page and sort by “most popular.” This will show you what people like and what they are looking for. Do that with a bunch of different channels and that will give you a a lot of different video ideas.

get free youtube subscribers Screen Shot

Use VidIQ – Download a free Chrome extension called VidIQ. Then, when you type your subject into YouTube, it puts out a bunch of other subject ideas over on the right. That will give you even more ideas.

free youtube subscribers fast Screenshot

With those two tips, you can make a list of videos that you want to make and get filming!

2 Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast

At first, YouTube is not going to show your video to that many people and you probably aren’t going to get more than 5-10 subscribers in your first 30 days. If you’re lucky, you might get 100. Yes, the title of this blog is click bait, but nevertheless, you can build your channel to 1000 YouTube subscribers in record time with the following strategies.

And I’m not going to be vague here. I’m going to be very specific about how you are actually going to get free youtube subscribers fast. I’m going to give you three strategies. The first two are organic, free and using Facebook. And then the third way is paid in case you’ve got some money to blow and just want to get this thing up and running as quickly as possible.

The Best Way to Get Subscribers on YouTube: Facebook Groups

This first one is definitely my favorite method for getting 1000 YouTube subscribers. It’s totally white hat and it will allow you to position yourself as an authority on your topic, which will set you up for a ton of success beyond your first 1000 subscribers.

Here’s how it works:

Join Facebook Groups

Search for your keyword in Facebook and then click on Groups. If we look at our cooking example, we can see that there are tons of cooking channels. Join every group you possibly can.

best way to get subscribers on youtube Facebook Groups

Once you’re approved, go to the Members tab and you’ll see the admins and moderators. Familiarize yourself with these people because they are the people who run the channel, and you’ll be connecting with them soon.

facebook groups

Get Active in Those Groups

Now it’s time to get busy in the groups. For at least a week, post every day and answer a bunch of questions, paying special attention to the posts from the admins. Build a relationship as fast as you can with the admins and moderators by providing tons of value.

Remember, as owners of a group, the admins want people to be active and to interact with each other. You need to be the person that makes that happen. When you do, they will take notice, they’ll view you as an authority on the topic, and you’ll start building a relationship with them. This article has some good tips and ideas for how to network in Facebook groups.

Add Friends You Have Engaged With

After you’ve interacted for a while, add the moderators as friends on Facebook. If they’ve taken notice to you, they’ll approve your request, and from that point on, you can connect with them through Facebook messenger.

Offer to Do a Free Training for Their Group

Shoot the moderator a message and be personable. Mention that you’re a member of their Facebook group, that you love cooking, and talk about your experience with the subject.

Now, this is where we really explode your growth and get free youtube subscribers fast. You’re going to mention that you’re trying to work on your YouTube channel and ask if they would be open to having you do a live training in the group. Let them know that you aren’t going to try to sell anything but that at the end, you’d like to be able to ask if they’ll subscribe to your YouTube channel if they liked what they saw in the training.

This is super simple. These group owners want content. They’re working hard to post every day, they’re doing Lives all the time, and they’re trying to get engagement. By offering them some free high-quality content for their group, you’d be surprised how many people will take you up on it.

I’d definitely take you up on it in my group if you have a genuinely good training, a unique angle, you actually provide value for my group, and you aren’t asking for anything from me. I’m totally down with that, and other Facebook group owners will be too.

Use a Special Link for Your YouTube Channel

When you provide the link to your YouTube channel at the end of your training, you don’t want to give them the main link to your channel. Instead, you want to add “?sub_confirmation=1” (without the quotes) at the end of your YouTube channel URL.

YouTube Popup Trick

What that does is it takes them to your channel but it also makes a popup come up asking if they want to subscribe. They just have to click OK and they’re good to go. It just simplifies the process for them and makes it more likely that they will actually subscribe.

YouTube Subscribe Popup

Next Best Way to Get Subscribers on YouTube: Facebook Profile

So that was my favorite method, but there is another method that also involves Facebook and is also a pretty effective way to get free YouTube subscribers fast. Let’s map out the steps…

Soup Up Your Facebook Profile

Add a big cover photo that says Subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn XYZ. For example, you might say: “Want to learn how to cook? Subscribe to my YouTube channel down below.” This creates a call to action so that when people are on Facebook, they are intrigued and are more likely to head over to your YouTube channel.

Also, make sure you add a link to your YouTube channel in your info section. Don’t forget to add “?sub_confirmation=1” (without the quotes) to to the end of the URL so that when they click over to it, they get that subscribe popup!

Promote YouTube on Facebook Screenshot

Add Friends Using the Group Method

Now, you want to start adding friends. Use these Facebook groups you already joined to find a bunch of people who are active in the groups and friend them. Look for people who 1) seem like they’d be good friends for you to have, and 2) they like what you’re talking about.

This is the called social networking. You’re creating a network of 1000 – 5000 people that are all interested in what you’re interested in, therefore they are likely to be interested in what your YouTube channel has to offer. Just remember that you also have to be active in the group in order for this to work. It’s a give a take.

Start Posting

The last thing you want to do is spam them. Don’t start direct messaging each of them or anything like that. It kind of works but then people end up hating you or you get flagged and lose your Facebook account. A lot of bad things can happen, so don’t do that.

Instead, once you’ve got a couple thousand friends in your niche, start posting your YouTube videos, tips they will like, and engaging high-quality content that is targeted to these people. You’re going to find that people start commenting and they’ll be liking what you are doing.

Every few posts should also encourage them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and you’d be surprised how many people are going to watch your videos and subscribe. You’ve got several thousand targeted friends at this point, so your YouTube channel will start to climb fairly quickly.

This is all depending on your ability to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm. You’ve got to post good, quality, engaging content. You’ve got to ask questions. You’ve got to build this network where Facebook says okay these people all like each other, they want to see each other’s posts, and that requires you to be engaging with them and to post content that gets them to engage with you.

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers With Discovery Ads

I’m not going to lie, the above two strategies take work, and that’s why they are so effective. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take an easier road to get 1000 YouTube subscribers if you have some money to spend.

Here’s what you do…

Run an ad on YouTube that gets people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. I suggest setting a budget of $5 a day and creating a 90-second video for your ad. Just tell people that you have a YouTube channel and give them three reasons why they should subscribe to it. I also suggest giving them something free for subscribing.

You can run ads that will put your video right at the top of people’s feeds or you can add them at the beginning of other people’s videos. There are some amazing benefits to using these Discovery ads:

  • They are pretty cheap depending on the industry and you only pay for them after someone has watched them for 30 seconds. That’s pretty cool because it means that you only pay if someone pays some attention to you.
  • You get to choose your exact target market (people who already subscribed to channels like yours). By running ads to those specific people, you know they like what you are offering.

Can you see how this would be really powerful for your YouTube channel?

So that’s the way to just blow through it. You just make a quick video for the ad and you’ll probably get 1000 subscribers fairly easily, but it’s gonna cost you money.

To Sum It Up

Each one of these strategies by themselves could work for you. My personal favorite is the Facebook group one because I know these Facebook group people are looking for content and you can provide a lot of value. Plus, a lot of these guys and gals have fairly large audiences of anywhere from 5000 to 100,000 or more people, so if you build the relationship right, you can take advantage of that.

Which strategy do you like best and why? Tell us about it in the comments.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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