ActiveCampaign: The Best Email Marketing Software for Shopify

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No matter what business you have, following up with your leads, prospects, and buyers is a vital part of the business. That’s why email marketing is used in most businesses. It provides a way to follow up and stay in communication with your leads.

But what email marketing software is best for business? And what if you have a Shopify store and want to follow up with your potential buyers and customers?

What email marketing software is best to use for Shopify?

ActiveCampaign. In this article, you’ll learn why ActiveCampaign is the number one email marketing software for any business owner with a Shopify store.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an online platform for e-commerce and is great for selling physical products. It allows an e-commerce business owner to customize an online store to sell your products.


Shopify’s purpose is to give your customers the opportunity to see everything you sell and purchase directly from the site. It also helps you manage all the logistics of running a store, like payments, inventory, and shipping, as well as your store’s data.

If you’re in e-commerce, having a Shopify store is an important asset to your business.

What Is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing software among entrepreneurs. It allows you to set up automations, email campaigns, and stay connected with your leads.


It also does so much more for businesses than just email marketing. ActiveCampaign also allows you to send messages, set up marketing automation, track your sales reporting and lead scoring, and much more.

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one tool to help you as a business owner stay in touch with your leads and contacts.

Why Is ActiveCampaign the Best Email Marketing Software for Shopify?

So why is it so great to use with Shopify?

As great as Shopify is, it can only do so much. And one thing it can’t do is keep you connected with your leads and automate that contact in the process.

That’s why having an email marketing software is imperative for anyone serious about making their e-commerce business as successful as possible.

Here are some of the tools and benefits of using ActiveCampaign:

Email Marketing

Without a list you can email, you don’t have a business. ActiveCampaign is simple and gives you various options to contact your email list however and whenever you want, whether daily, a couple of times a week, etc.

ActiveCampaign email marketing

Broadcast emails are one of the options. You can send a one-time email or email campaign to your list. It’s a great option to test how your list will respond to a certain product or offer.

It’s also a good way to communicate with your list if you have an announcement or some information to share on the spur of the moment.

Another option is using the automation available for email autoresponders to help your business run on autopilot by pre-writing emails to send to your list.

You could send a sequence of emails to your list welcoming them into your world or send them a lead magnet, like a free ebook or course.

And you can do this all on autopilot having set it up beforehand so when they opt-in, the emails automatically start going out to them.

Having a sequence of emails to automatically go out to connect more with your list is called an email funnel.

If you want you can even set your automation up to go out on specific days or times so you can kick back and relax on weekends, holidays, or any day you don’t feel like sending an email. Automating your emails simplifies your email marketing.

Triggered emails are another option and are emails that are segmented so that you can send emails based on different actions people take.

For example, if someone abandons their cart, you can send them an email specifically to help get them to buy. These can be set up and sent automatically.

Want to learn more about email marketing for free? Check out my free resources to help you with email marketing.

Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign has many helpful tools in marketing automation.

Attribution, notification emails, migration services, advanced reporting, goal tracking, sign up forms, site tracking, lead scoring, and split action are some of the many tools available for marketing automation.

The marketing automation helps you know your customers to be able to serve them at the highest level possible, benefiting both you and them in the process.

Sales & CRM

ActiveCampaign allows you to manage all your contacts and will update details for them automatically.

Some of the tools in the sales & CRM are sales reporting, lead scoring, marketing automation, and more.

One of the tools is called win probability. It shows you how close you are to making a sale. That way you can focus on closing the deal.

One direction marketing is going is the phone. To be able to market effectively via your phone is a huge advantage.

In ActiveCampaign, you are able to use CRM for IOS. This enables you to make calls, close deals, manage tasks, and more using your phone to do so.


ActiveCampaign has a messaging feature, which enables you to have more direct contact with your audience.

How would it be to send a text message to your list? That’s the power of messaging.

Of course, you can use email marketing, but having the option of using SMS marketing to send text messages takes your marketing to a whole new level. You can even automate some of the processes.

Helping your customers on a more one-on-one basis can help you have more success.

There is another tool in ActiveCampaign that allows you to respond directly to your customers via your site. You can answer their questions, make comments, and connect with them on a more personal level.

Machine Learning

The machine learning feature is a great help in that it gathers data and gives the numbers for you so you can make more informed decisions in your business.

Most people don’t like crunching numbers, but it’s a vital part of any business and if neglected, can be the downfall of any business. So having it done for you with the machine learning is ideal.

How Much Does ActiveCampaign Cost?

There are four pricing plans to choose from in ActiveCampaign: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. ActiveCampaign also has a 14-day free trial when you sign up.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

The price of each plan depends on the number of leads you have. The higher the number of leads, the higher the price of the plan you chose.

The Lite plan costs $9 per month if you pay yearly and only have 500 contacts. That price goes up the more contacts you have. If you pay monthly, as opposed to yearly, the price is higher.

If you are on another platform, ActiveCampaign will give you free migration to transfer to their platform.

Lite Pricing Plan

So what does the Lite pricing plan include?

It includes unlimited sending, email marketing, sending of newsletters, marketing automation, great chat, and email support, and you can have up to 3 account users.

Plus Pricing Plan

The most popular pricing plan is the Plus pricing plan. It includes everything you would get with the Lite plan, like unlimited sending, as well as CRM with sales automation, contact and lead scoring, custom branding, SMS marketing, custom user permissions, deep data integrations, and conditional content.

It also allows you to have up to 25 account users.

Professional Pricing Plan

The Professional pricing plan includes everything from the Plus plan, including unlimited sending, etc.

It also includes attribution, split automations, predictive sending, site messaging, and win probability. The Professional plan allows you to have up to 50 account users.

Enterprise Pricing Plan

The final pricing plan is the Enterprise pricing plan. It includes everything from the previously mentioned plans, as well as custom reporting, free social data, phone support, free design services, uptime SLA, in-depth onboarding, a dedicated account rep, a custom domain, and a custom mailserver domain. It also allows you to have unlimited account users.

Whichever plan you choose, you will have the benefits of using high-quality software that meets the needs of your business in a simple and professional way.


So is using ActiveCampaign with Shopify for your e-commerce business worth it?

Yes, it is. If you are at all serious about taking your e-commerce business to a whole new level, you will incorporate email marketing into your overall gameplan.

And the best email marketing software for that is ActiveCampaign. It will not only help you with your email marketing in an affordable way, but it will also help you with sales and CRM, messaging, marketing automation, and so much more.

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