10 Best Affiliate Marketing Books for 2021

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As affiliate marketers, we can never know it all. There’s always something new to learn, whether it’s a new angle, a different marketing channel, or an upcoming trend. After all, it’s a vast and competitive industry.

One of the best ways to stay abreast of the latest and greatest is to read affiliate marketing books. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best affiliate marketing books to help you stay ahead of your competition this year.

In no particular order, here’s my list…

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

1. The $100 Startup
2. The Forecaster Method
3. From Nothing
4. Performance Partnerships
5. Affiliate Marketing: Complete Step By Step Blueprint)
6. Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income
7. Affiliate Marketing: A Proven Step by Step Guide for
8. Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More
9. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Step by Step Guide
10. Digital Marketing for Business 2020

The $100 Startup

by: Chris Guillebeau
1444 reviews with 4.5 stars on average

$100 Startup Affiliate Marketing BookThis is an interesting read because the author has a cool story. He’s never held a “real job.” Instead, he leads a life of adventure, traveling the world while turning ideas into income. He’s already visited over 175 nations and plans to visit every country on earth. 

This book showcases 50 case studies of people who have built businesses that have earned $50,000 or more with a modest investment of only about $100.

These are people who didn’t have any special skills but instead built a livelihood through honing in on their personal passions.

Although this doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of affiliate marketing books, what it teaches is invaluable for every affiliate marketer to learn.

It’s that when you find the nook between your own expertise and what people are willing to pay for, you have stumbled upon a goldmine.

The Forecaster Method

by: John Lincoln
13 reviews with 5 stars on average

Forecaster Method BookAs an affiliate marketer, you need to learn how to test, measure, and prove results so that you can discover how to convert your traffic for less.

This book teaches you how to stop wasting your digital marketing dollars by using the Forecaster Method.

Again, this one isn’t necessarily in the category of affiliate marketing books, but everyone who has an online business should know how to grow.

With this book, you’ll learn how to scale your digital marketing business by managing it like it’s a financial portfolio.

You’ll know how to create a diversified portfolio of traffic, cut your marketing budget, and skyrocket your revenue at the same time. It’s definitely one of the most valuable internet marketing books out there right now.

From Nothing

by: Ian Pribyl
18 reviews with 5 stars on average

From Noting Affiliate Marketing Books

This is one of the best affiliate marketing books for beginners to read. It offers a legitimate, step-by-step guide to building an internet business from the ground up, starting with less than $100.

On the other hand, if you’re not a beginner but you haven’t had much success with affiliate marketing, this book will help you identify what you are doing wrong.

Affiliate marketing is a niche that is pretty simple even though it is often made to be over-complicated.

The author of From Nothing takes a down-to-earth approach that makes it easy to put what he teaches into practice. That way, you can learn affiliate marketing without confusion.

Performance Partnerships

by: Robert Glazer
84 ratings with 5 stars on average

Performance PartnershipsThis is one of the affiliate marketing books you don’t want to miss if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly changing field. Understanding how it began, how it has evolved over time, and what its future looks like is the key that many affiliate marketers are missing.

Performance Partnerships will show you how you can use affiliate marketing to alter business and marketing practices.

It also demonstrates how you can grow your online business by knowing how it has evolved over time.

Affiliate Marketing: Complete Step By Step Blueprint)

by: Rob Hawkins
74 reviews with 5 stars on average

Affiliate Marketing BooksIn this affiliate marketing book, you’ll learn how to start an affiliate marketing business and get to $200-$1000 a day quickly. From there, you’ll be able to grow it to 5 figures.

It outlines a step-by-step process that is not only concise and to the point, but extremely simple to follow. It’s basically a “do this then do that” guide that makes it so that anyone can learn affiliate marketing.

The author even provides his affiliate marketing campaigns that you can simply copy and paste.

You can’t go wrong with this one as you’ll definitely be able to walk away with something that will simplify your business and make your life easier.

The book talks a lot about recurring affiliate programs that you can build up a large passive incomes with.

Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income

by: Chandler Wright
37 reviews with 5 stars on average

Internet Marketing BookThis 3 book bundle covers not only affiliate marketing but also social media marketing and passive income ideas. These topics often intersect, so learning them all is highly advisable as an affiliate marketer.

You’ll learn how to start an affiliate marketing business that brings in passive income. Then, you’ll know how to reach all the customers you need on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Plus, you’ll learn 35 proven business ideas that will help you build additional passive income so that you can have true financial freedom.

Affiliate Marketing: A Proven Step by Step Guide for

by: Michael Robert Fortunate
61 ratings with 5 stars on average

Affiliate Marketing with Paid AdvertisingMost affiliate marketers focus more on getting free traffic, such as social media and SEO practices. But paid advertising can be a great way to promote your offers.

This is one of the only affiliate marketing books that will show you how to use paid advertising for your affiliate marketing business.

First, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and the problems you might encounter as well as how to solve them.

It will walk you through the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Then, you’ll learn how to use paid advertising to get traffic to your offers.

Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More

by: Scott Fox
406 ratings with 4.5 stars on average

Click MillionairesMost affiliate marketers find themselves dabbling in many other online marketing concepts as they learn more and more. After all, there are many ways to make money online. So, why limit yourself.

Out of all the affiliate marketing books we are mentioning here, this one will give you more of an internet marketer’s view than an affiliate marketer’s view.

You’ll learn about blogs, noozles, online communities, digital delivery, online services, affiliate marketing, and even physical products.

Through dozens of case studies about what the author is calling “Click Millionaires,” you’ll discover how to position yourself as an expert.

You’ll also learn how to build audiences and combine outsourcing, software, and automated online marketing to build recurring revenue.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Step by Step Guide

by: Jonh Green
76 ratings with 5 stars on average

Affiliate Marketing BookAffiliate Marketing for Beginners is a step-by-step guide to starting an affiliate marketing business. It also ties in the use of social media marketing.

What I like about this book is that it offers detailed technical information, instead of just on-the-surface fluff.

It will walk you through how to make money as an affiliate marketer by using YouTube, Facebook, or with a website. You’ll learn how to use social media to get traffic. Plus, you’ll be privy to secrets from some of the top affiliate marketers.

If you’re a beginner, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Digital Marketing for Business 2020

by: Christopher Clarke
31 ratings with 5 stars on average

Digital Marketing BookThe digital market is in a constant state of flux and you have to keep yourself updated on the latest trends and tricks if you expect to make it.

This book actually contains three internet marketing books in one, including Social Media Marketing 2020, Digital Marketing for Beginners 2020, and Affiliate Marketing 2020.

You’ll discover how the digital marketing, social marketing and affiliate marketing markets will evolve in the coming years so that you can get the most out of them.

It’s what every beginner affiliate marketer needs to read to stay ahead of the competition. 

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There you have it! My top 10 suggestions for the best affiliate marketing books of 2020. But, why stop there? Here are some additional resources you’ll want to check out to take your business to new levels…

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