Best Jobs for Couples (In 2021)

How awesome would it be, working with your spouse or significant other doing a job you both love?

What a great way to utilize your strengths, generate income and spend time with the person you love.

The best jobs for couples will not only bring you closer but help you create the ideal lifestyle you two want and generate enough income to live on.

Today, it’s more possible than ever before. There are so many options. You could:

  • Work remotely as freelancers or employees
  • Create a business 
  • Get jobs working abroad
  • Become entrepreneurs or leaders in your community

But before we get into the best jobs you can do, let’s talk about an important aspect of finding employment as a couple.

Are the Best Jobs for Couples Online Or In-Person?

The internet makes it possible for anyone to make a living online. It’s entirely possible for you to as well.

But what others would do should not factor into you and your spouse’s decisions. In fact, there are definitely perks and drawbacks to both approaches. 

You should consider both sides of the coin when hunting for couple jobs.

Online jobs for couples are great if you want to: 

  • Travel
  • Want to experience new cultures
  • Have flexibility or freedom to create your own schedule
  • Be your own boss
  • Work freelance for a number of different people

In-person jobs are great for couples that:

  • Are tied (emotionally or otherwise) to a specific area
  • Want to give back or build a name for themselves in a community
  • Enjoy working face-to-face with people
  • Want guaranteed benefits, like health insurance a 401k

So, what do you want out of your job? Check out this list of jobs you and your spouse can do and see what feels like a fit.

Property Managers

Managing a property is not a one-man (or woman) job. It takes a lot to keep things running smoothly, even in a small office or apartment complex. 

The person in charge also has to be pretty savvy at several different things—marketing, carpentry, and plumbing, for example. He or she also needs to be personable. Otherwise, they’ll have a hard time retaining tenants.

Sounds like a pretty great job to tackle as a team, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to own your own real estate to manage property. It could help, but plenty of real estate owners hire full-time employees to run their work. Look online or reach out to owners in your community to see if they know anyone hiring. 

Trust me when I say people are always looking for reliable employees to run property.

There are major perks to working this job with a spouse. You two get to:

  • Identify each other strengths and divvy up tasks
  • Be creative
  • Work with a wide range of people
  • Learn about investing in real estate first hand!

When looking for this sort of job, be sure to really vet the building owner. Managing a property for someone you dislike could be a nightmare, especially if you live there rent-free.

And if your long-term goal is to own your own real estate, ask the owner if they’d be willing to mentor you. The worst they can do is say no!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers create and optimize content for the internet. There are thousands of freelance and full-time opportunities in this field, all of which require different skill sets.

One of the biggest advantages of being a digital marketer is you really get to lean on your skills. The term ‘digital marketing is wide-spanning, and could mean a number of things:

  • Social media managing – running business or brand’s social media platforms and creating content
  • Search engine optimization – optimizing blog articles and video content so that it ranks high on Google
  • Email marketing – creating content for emails and building client’s email lists
  • Content marketing – blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and other forms of digital media that tell people what a brand does.
  • Digital advertising – driving traffic to websites through paid advertising, like Google Ads.

Why not team up with your spouse and start your own agency? You two can tackle one or more areas, or focus on one thing and offer your services to two separate markets.

Just remember, there are so many people doing this already. And the most successful companies tend to do two or three things really well.

To stand out, you’ll want to identify a niche or two, at least at first. This way, clients can see that you’re for them.

Building a portfolio is also essential. Just like you wouldn’t hire someone to paint your house with no experience, people are usually hesitant to let inexperienced people change their website or social media accounts.

Then use this to get clients!

Bloggers / Vloggers

Bloggers / Vloggers

Do you or your significant other have a knack for writing or making videos? Blogging or vlogging could be perfect for you.

Okay, so it’s hard to make money off just writing or vlogging when you first start. It takes time to get a business like this off the ground. But once you do, you can truly make it your own.

There are so many ways to monetize online content. You can use YouTube advertisements, affiliate marketing, and so many other strategies to generate income.

And since you and your spouse bring different skill sets to the table, you can easily create something new and exciting.

As writers, you’ll want to be well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO). Writing great content is one thing, but writing content that Google ranks high for years and years helps more people see your stuff. It also makes your business more sustainable.

As YouTubers or video curators, make sure you take an angle or have a hook. Your channel or platform needs to be “about” something. 

Stay consistent with creating videos and don’t give up in the early days when it feels like no one’s watching. Even some of the best television shows don’t hit their stride until season 2 or 3. (Heck, some never find it at all.)

Instead of tracking how many views you get, play little games with yourself. Learn one new thing or correct one mistake on each video for next time. Eventually, you’ll find your niche! 


Teaching is about as noble of a profession as there is. Couples who love working with kids or giving back can easily work together. You’ll probably each have your own classroom, but there’s a very good chance you can teach at the same school!

The real question is, do you two want to travel and teach or stay in the U.S.?

Here’s some information to help you decide.

International teaching jobs

So many countries are willing to pay a premium for you to go there and teach their kids.

You do need a college degree, but many schools will let you teach English without a formal degree in education. And if your degree is in education, you’ll get a bump in salary from the start.

Countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Colombia, and Morocco are all very popular places to teach. Some jobs in the United Arab Emirates will pay upwards of $70k per year to get you over there!

Generally speaking, though, international teaching jobs typically pay between $18 and $26k per year for American teachers. 

However, many jobs in foreign countries pay for your accommodations and pay for your flights. Some schools even feed you!

Some countries even offer bonus incentives, like getting a “thirteenth-month” bonus (double pay for one month) each time you renew your one-year contract.

There are plenty of schools that will employ married couples. In fact, it saves them money because they get two teachers and only need to pay for one apartment.

U.S. Teaching Jobs

Teaching abroad may sound exciting, but some of the best jobs for couples in education are right here in America. 

There are so many hard-to-serve and low-income schools that will pay for you to relocate. Many will pay you to move there or offer a sign-on bonus. 

Some teachers, like those with degrees in special ed and math, often receive large incentives through the district. ($2000 to $5000 upfront isn’t unheard of.)

Plus. teaching could be a great way to forgive your student loans. Teaching full-time in a low-income or hard-to-serve school could qualify you for up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness. (1)


Do you and your spouse have significant skill? Is one of you leaving the world of business to embark on this venture with you?

If so, consulting might be the way to go.

Consultants work with businesses on very specific problems. High paid consultants often specialize in one very specific area, like human resources or IT.

But even the best-paid ones often work from home. Getting a consulting business off the ground takes time, but could be quite lucrative indeed.

The median average for management consultants is about $75k. (2) And with so many people now used to working on Zoom or Skype, the job is expected to grow by 80 percent in the next ten years! 

As a consultant pair, you and your spouse have a few options: 

You can divide up responsibilities in the business. One of you handles the calls while the other does client outreach.

Or, you could aim to train your spouse. That way you soon have two consultants and can double the number of clients you can handle!


Today, everyone’s a photographer. 

(But like… seriously.)

We all have devices in our phones that make even some of the nicest cameras totally obsolete. And so many people take a crack at making a living taking pictures that it’s tough to get your foot in the door.

Even still, being a photography tag team is one of the best jobs for couples you can do.

Photography couples stand out immediately. Think about it: who does the bride want to hire? A twenty-two-year-old with a camera, or a power couple that runs their own business together?

Answer: she wants to hire you. And probably tell all her friends about you, too.

Even if you don’t want to occupy the wedding niche, there is plenty of room for you. Just make sure you have quality gear and a solid portfolio, then start pitching clients!

Online Selling / eCommerce

This might sound insane, but people make hundreds of thousands of dollars simply selling stuff online. 

If you or your s/o has experience selling, this could be the best choice for your new vocation.

eCommerce is the art of buying and selling things online. It could mean:

  • Running your own online store
  • Digitally distributing e-goods
  • Running an online subscription service
  • Flipping items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace

Unlike other jobs for couples, getting started is easy. Simply allocate $100 or $200 (however much you feel comfortable with) to your new business venture, then get started buying and selling.

If you aren’t sure where your merchant skills stand, try flipping an item or two (or ten). Have your spouse scour the web for deals while you make transactions or pick up merchandise. 

One of the major perks to this job: you can literally take a break or go on vacation whenever you want!

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs

Speaking of vacation…

If you want to travel the world on someone else’s dime, working on a cruise ship could be a fantastic couples job. Especially if you or your s/o has a cool talent.

Cruise lines hire hundreds of different types of jobs. 

For example, evening entertainment jobs like comedians, singers, and magicians might earn $1,500 to $3,000 for one week on a cruise, plus room and board!

Other less “exciting” jobs, like bartending or working in the store, still offer plenty of perks. 

Employees typically only work a few days on the ship and have the rest of that time to themselves. It’s a unique job opportunity for couples that’s at least worth looking into.


If you’re looking for another mobile option for your and the hubs or wifey, check out pet sitting.

It might seem crazy that someone would pay you enough money to live on to take care of their pets. But there are very real opportunities online that allow you to do just that.

Every job is a little different, of course. Sometimes you might be watching a few dogs. Others you might be tending to a stable of horses or feeding a bunch of goats.

And, it’s probably fair to say you won’t become a part of the 1% taking care of animals.

However, petsitting can still be still a great full or part-time adventure job for couples.

After all, you’ll have almost no expenses. These positions almost always offer accommodations, as well as additional money for food. And you can definitely find international gigs (especially in parts of Europe) if you look hard enough.

The other perk of this job is that it’s largely passive. 

You can use the time you spend petsitting to build up another online venture like writing, blogging, or photography. 

Start a New Business Together

The world always needs great ideas. If you and your spouse have something in mind, I implore you to bring it to fruition.

Even if you don’t, that’s fine, too. Maybe entrepreneurship just feels like a calling to you. Awesome!

If that’s where you’re at, ask yourself questions like:

  • What could me and my spouse create that’s unique to us?
  • What experiences do we have that could translate to business?
  • How could we build a business we love, not just another job?

It might seem scary, but starting a business together is totally possible. 

With some preparation and careful consideration, you can create your own dream job instead of waiting to get hired. Later on, you might even be able to bring people in on your dream as an employer. 

How great would that be?

So, What Will You Do?

The best jobs for couples are available online and in your community. Landing (or creating) one of these jobs comes down to a few things:

  • Deciding what you and your spouse want to do
  • Identifying your budget for any startup ventures
  • Being patient as you build the thing you want or apply for the jobs 
  • Getting started!

Don’t let anyone tell you that working together is wrong or a bad idea. You’re clearly thinking about it already, which means you love the person enough to at least consider it. 

And guess what? Your normal doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

For more ideas on how to get started, check out the blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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