Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Although debt levels in America are improving, many still struggle with high debt and bad credit.

According to Experian’s 2020 Consumer Credit study, 31% of Americans have a “fair” or worse credit score – which means many people are looking for a boost.

One way is through credit repair programs.

Credit repair programs work by disputing erroneous credit report claims on behalf of consumers and then advising on tactics to raise their credit score.

If you’re in the personal finance niche, becoming an affiliate for one of these companies is a great way to help your readers and earn an income.

Here are the six best credit repair affiliate programs worth checking out.

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

2. DisputeBee
3. Credit Rent Boost
5. Fresh Start Credit Repair
6. Lexington Law
7. National Debt Relief


credit repair affiliate programs - Credit first launched in 2012. Since then, they’ve filed more than 23 million disputes on behalf of their members.

The credit repair service from this company is relatively expensive at $99.95 per month. Their method for improving credit boils down to three steps – “check, challenge, and change.” However, they do state that they’ll make individual credit repair plans for each member.

Based on their website, the leading service they perform is to challenge negative and inaccurate claims on an individual’s credit report.’s services are currently available in 39 out of 50 states.

As far as affiliate programs go, this isn’t a bad one. You can become an affiliate for through Progrexion or Commission Junction.

Progrexion will give you a 365-day cookie and base your commission on the number of sales you make. If you go through Commission Junction, you’ll receive a 90-day cookie and $70 for every sign-up that makes a payment during the first 45 days.

  • Sign Up Link: Affiliate Program
  • Commission: $70 per paid sign up on Commission Junction/ Tiered based on volume with Progrexion
  • Cookie Duration: 90-day on Commission Junction/365-day cookie on Progrexion

2. DisputeBee

credit repair affiliate programs - Disputebee

DisputeBee is professional credit repair software. It can be used by an individual needing to file disputes or by credit repair agencies.

To use the software, members start by uploading credit reports. From there, a user can choose what items they’d like to dispute. Then, based on the item, DisputeBee will automatically generate a letter that you can send to the credit bureaus.

DisputeBee is a monthly subscription service. For individuals, the price is $39 per month, and for businesses, the pricing is $99 per month.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 35% of the first payment for every new customer you send. 

3. Credit Rent Boost

credit repair affiliate programs - Credit rent boost

Credit Rent Boost is different from the previous two companies- instead of disputing erroneous reports, it helps users boost their credit scores by reporting rent payments to the major credit bureaus.

Renters can sign up for one of three plans: current reporting, which starts at $3.75 per month, past rent reporting (past two years), starting at $2.50 per month, or past and ongoing, which starts at $2.92 per month.

These services can very quickly help an individual boost their credit score making this a great program to promote.

On the affiliate side, they don’t make things super clear. For starters, after being accepted, you have to sign an NDA about their affiliate terms and structure, which makes getting legit info tricky.

Credit Rent Boost does offer affiliates a 10% commission, but they don’t clarify whether that commission is recurring or only based on the first sale. 

Still, this could be a beneficial program for your readers and, therefore, a good one to be an affiliate for.


credit repair affiliate programs - My FICO

MyFICO gives users credit reports, scores, and alerts from the three main credit bureaus. They have three plans: Basic, Advanced, and Premier.

The Basic plan is $19.95 per month but only comes with Experian coverage and no Identity monitoring. The other two plans cover all three credit bureaus, have identity monitoring, and many other features. Their prices are $29.95 per month and $39.95 per month, respectively.

As an affiliate, MyFICO will pay you if one of your referrals signs up for a free trial or paid subscription. Each will net you a $5 commission.

This is a much lower commission than the other credit repair products. But MyFICO is more well-known, so it may be an easier sell.

5. Fresh Start Credit Repair

Next, we have Fresh Start Credit Repair. 

Although this company’s website is a little off-putting, it does appear they know what they’re talking about.  Mainly, the services they offer fix errors on credit reports and help those with low credit boost their scores. 

When users visit the website, they can sign up for Credit Monitoring services or consult for credit repair. During the consultation, they will review that individual’s credit report, and the staff will develop a plan for credit repair.

One thing I don’t like about this program is that they don’t give customers price options until they call for a consultation.

If you want to join as an affiliate, Fresh Start Credit Repair will pay you $50 per paid sign-up.

6. Lexington Law

Lexington Law provides services that dispute any erroneous reports users find on their credit. In addition, this company offers tools for users to improve their credit scores.

Lexington Law offers users three monthly subscriptions that range from $89.95 to $129.95 per month. While this subscription might be a little high for those dealing with credit problems, this service could still be an excellent fit for anyone who has found severe errors in their report.

Lexington Law also has the most professional-looking website out of all the companies we’ve looked into.

As far as affiliate income, Lexington Law will give you $65 for every paid subscriber you refer. The cookie duration is 30 days.

You can find this program on Progrexion or Commission Junction.

7. National Debt Relief

While not an actual credit repair affiliate program, National Debt Relief helps consumers get out of debt, and therefore (eventually) boost their credit scores.

The program is for individuals with a lot of unsecured debt and who can no longer make payments. The staff at National Debt Relief will review the individual’s circumstances and negotiate with creditors to lower the amount of the balance owed.

As an affiliate, you can earn $27.50 per qualified lead. A qualified lead is considered someone who has at least $10k in credit card debt, wants debt help, and lives in an eligible state.

You can also earn 12% commissions on any affiliates you refer.

What Are Some Similar Programs I Can Join?

If you’re looking for some more personal finance affiliate programs, try checking out some of these:


If you’re in the personal finance space, give one of these programs a try. These programs can benefit anyone whose credit score is low due to misinformation on their credit reports. 

Plus, since these commissions are pretty high, you can earn a decent income without needing a massive sales volume.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.