7 Legit and Quick Ways to Flip Money

Turning cash into even more cash – sounds like an excellent plan, right?

That’s what flipping money is all about, and it’s a real thing. 

However, just because it’s real doesn’t mean it’s easy or risk-free. If you want to flip money fast, you need to be willing to take at least a little risk. 

If you’re ready for some ideas, here’s how to flip money.

Top 7 Ways to Flip Money Fast

1. Buy and Sell Secondhand Items (Lowest Risk, Best Starting Point)
2. Flip Free Facebook Marketplace Finds…on Facebook Marketplace
3. Retail Arbitrage
4. Flip Domains
5. Buy and Resell Cars
6. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
7. Flip NFTs

1. Buy and Sell Secondhand Items (Lowest Risk, Best Starting Point)

One of the safest ways to flip money is to buy secondhand items and resell them for more. If you buy right, there’s virtually zero risk because even at the very worst, you’ll be able to recoup your money.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can just go on a buying spree and come out okay. You need to start by flipping what you know.

Here are a few of the best secondhand items to flip for profit:

  • Video Games
  • Books
  • Designer Clothes
  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Home Decor
  • Vintage Board Games

If you aren’t into any of the ideas on this list, that’s fine. Think about what you know and what there’s a market for. Find a good deal on high-quality secondhand items and then resell them for more.

You can look for items to buy at yard sales, thrift stores, and online. Then sell them on eBay, Offer Up, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon.

2. Flip Free Facebook Marketplace Finds…on Facebook Marketplace

Flip Free Facebook Marketplace Finds...on Facebook Marketplace

Another great way to go about the secondhand thing? Find free listings on Facebook Marketplace and relist them for money.

This is a great way to start flipping items with no money. Plus, you can use the proceeds to further your flipping business.

Of course, you can’t just pick up any old pile of junk. You need to look for listings of good items and be ready to pick them up quickly – before someone else does.

After picking up an item, take excellent pictures, write a great description, and relist it on the Marketplace.

3. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage works kind of like buying and selling second-hand items, only this time you’re buying new.

Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Find clearance items at a big box store
  • See what those items are selling for on Amazon
  • If there’s a good profit margin, send them into Amazon FBA

If you’re not familiar, FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. It’s a program where Amazon allows sellers to send their items to an Amazon facility for storage. Then, when an item sells, Amazon picks, packs, and ships it for the seller, making the items available for Prime shipping.

While not free, Amazon FBA is a fantastic program for any seller who wants to spend time finding products rather than constantly shipping them to individual buyers.

And the cool thing is that as a new seller, you won’t be charged fees by Amazon FBA until your item is bought and shipped. 

So all you need to do is figure the Amazon fees into your pricing when deciding what items are worth your time.

If you want to flip money with retail arbitrage, one of the first steps you should take is downloading an Amazon seller app like Profit Bandit. With it, you can scan items to check their potential profitability and competition.

4. Flip Domains

Flip Domains

Flipping domains is the practice of buying domain names cheap and selling them for a higher price.

Because if you’ve EVER tried to find a good domain name for a blog or business website, you know how hard it can be. It seems like everything worthwhile is gone, so finding a good one is a pretty big deal.

Domain flipping is best suited for someone who’s run an online business or previously worked virtually. 

To get started, you’ll first need to find a good domain name. Good domain names typically are:

  • Short (three words or under)
  • End in .com
  • Are easy to pronounce and remember
  • Have brandability
  • Don’t have any existing copyright/trademark claims

You can start searching for available domain names and prices at GoDaddy or NameCheap. Once you find ones that check all the boxes, you can purchase and then list them at an auction to sell for profit.

The downside to this is that it’s nearly impossible to predict how long it will take your domain name to sell.

If you want to increase your potential earnings, you can buy and hold your domain name. While speculative, the prices of good domain names could dramatically increase over the next decade.

5. Buy and Resell Cars

If you have a decent amount of money to flip, buying and reselling cars is a way to make a good profit margin, especially with the price of used cars being so high.

That’s not to say there’s no risk because if you don’t buy smart or don’t know anything about cars, there’s a TON of risk. 

However, if you are a car person, know going rates, and can evaluate the condition of a vehicle, this could be a lucrative way for you to flip your money.

You can search for cars to purchase through Facebook, Craiglist, and your personal network.

6. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Do you follow all the latest news on cryptocurrency? Do you have the stomach for risk?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you could make money buying and selling cryptocurrency.

New cryptocurrencies are popping up every day. If you put money into one that has a huge upside, you could earn big. 

The major problem, though, is that if your prediction is wrong, you could lose everything.

If you want to try this idea, be very careful. Do proper research and never invest more money than you’re willing to comfortably lose.

7. Flip NFTs

I hope you’ve noticed that the ideas are getting progressively riskier as we go down the list.

That’s most definitely the case with NFTs.  

Right now,  we’re seeing certain  NFTs flipped for A LOT of money. Like a lot. A lot.

If you’re not familiar, NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is a way to own rights to digital art in the same way traditional art collectors own an original painting.

And just as you can buy traditional art and resell it for a profit, you can do the same with NFTs. However, since NFTs are so new, they go for crazy high prices, making them very unpredictable.

If you want to get into NFTs, start joining groups revolving around them so you can learn more and stay up to date with what’s popular.

Other Ways to Flip Money that Take a Little Longer

It’s understandable to want to flip your money fast. But it’s just as important to plan for the future. 

If you want to know how to flip your money in a way that will benefit you long term, try some of these ideas.

  • Buy and Hold Investments (Stocks, crypt, bonds)
  • Lend Money via a Peer to Peer Lending Network
  • Flip a House
  • White Label a Product on Amazon
  • Buy Vehicles to Rent Out
  • Buy Houses to Put on AirBnB

Final Thoughts on How to Flip Money

If you’re looking to flip money, the best route is arbitrage – buy something for a low price and sell it for a profit. You can do this with any secondhand item, marked-down retail items, cars, crypto, stocks, art, or NFT.

There are lots of ways to go about this. However, the most important rule to follow is to flip what you know. Doing this will give you a massive advantage in the marketplace.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.