11 Legit Ways to Make Money on Reddit

Is it possible to make money on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the world’s largest online communities.

It has thousands of individualized forums called subreddits that cover very specific topics.

And if you’ve ever hung out in a subreddit, you know exactly how valuable they are. Which probably has you wondering – is it possible to make money on Reddit?

The answer is kind of.

While you can’t make money on Reddit directly, it is a treasure trove of leads, ideas, and support. 

Here’s what you should know.

How to Make Money on Reddit: 11 Best Subreddits for Earning Extra Income

Reddit is a giant online forum with small, individualized sections called Subreddits. Subreddits focus on very niche topics.

For example, you can find a subreddit filled with fans of the crypto Shiba Inu, or if you’re into gaming, you can find a sub on League of Legends.

You can find anything and everything – including tons of subreddits on ways to make money.

And what’s cool about Reddit is that all the content is user-generated. So, the advice comes (mostly) without any type of agenda.

Even the moderators are forum users.

If you’re ready to find a side hustle or way to make money on Reddit, here are the 11 best subreddits you should check out.

1. r/BeerMoney

r/BeerMoney - Make Money on Reddit

Check it out: r/BeerMoney

Who it’s for: People looking for small flexible ways to earn a few dollars here and there.

If you’ve ever done a Google search for extra income ideas, I’d bet money that you’ve landed on this subreddit at least one time.

r/BeerMoney has been active since 2010 and has nearly a million users.

On this subreddit, you’ll find threads like “Most Common Beer Money Sites” and “Who Paid You the Most this Month?”

You’ll get feedback on the top money-making reward sites from actual users themselves. So if you’re looking for small flexible ways to earn a buck here or there, this subreddit is worth your time.

2. r/Stocks

Check it out: r/Stocks

Who it’s for: Anyone who invests in the stock market.

r/Stocks is in the top 100 largest subreddits. It has been active since 2008 and has 3.4 million users.

On this subreddit, you’ll find threads like “Rate My Portfolio,” “Daily Stock Discussions,” and tons of threads on individual stocks.

This is an excellent subreddit if you’re looking to up your investment knowledge or are into day trading. It’s also a great place to get feedback on your investment strategy.

(Just be careful and know your risks. For example, investing a lot of money in a single stock and day trading are both risks. Calculate them.)

3. r/WorkOnline

r/WorkOnline - Make Money on Reddit

Check it Out: r/WorkOnline

Who it’s for: People looking for full-time work at home jobs or flexible online work.

r/WorkOnline is one of the more extensive work-at-home subreddits with over 400k users. This group has been in existence since 2013.

You’ll find lots of info on individual work-at-home companies. So, if you ever wondered what the best typing jobs were, what it was like doing transcription work, and how to avoid scams, you’ll like this group.

If you have zero experience working online and are sorting through jobs, I highly recommend this subreddit. There’s a lot of feedback shared so you can quickly get a glimpse at what it’s like working for a particular remote company.

4. r/RemoteWork

Check it out: r/RemoteWork

Who it’s for: Anyone looking for work-at-home job leads, tools, and advice.

If you’ve been trying to find a work-from-home job or would like a community or remote workers to connect with, this is an excellent group to join.

In this subreddit, you can find topics like “Top 50 Remote Companies,” as well as job postings from companies looking for remote workers and specific advice on specific situations.

With only 16k users, this isn’t the largest subreddit, but it’s been around since 2014 and packed with helpful information.

5. r/WallStreetBets

r/WallStreetBets - Make Money on Reddit

Check it Out: r/WallStreetBets

Who it’s for: People looking for investment insight.

Do you remember when a bunch of average joes blew up the GameStop stock? That was thanks to this subreddit.

And even though I wouldn’t recommend going out and investing in a random company because someone on Reddit said so, I think it says a lot about the sense of community you can get here.

This subreddit is great for anyone who is looking for investment information.

You can find threads on individual stocks, trading platforms, tips about avoiding high-fees, and the latest investment news.

And while you won’t find a job on this subreddit, the investment knowledge you pick up could be far more valuable.

6. r/Freelance

Check it out: r/Freelance

Who it’s for: Anyone wanting to make money through freelance work such as writing, editing, photography, or virtual assisting.

r/Freelance is the perfect group to join if you have or want a freelance career. Some freelance positions discussed are freelance writing, virtual assisting, and photography.

In this group, members openly ask their freelance questions, share job leads, and give feedback on companies they’ve worked for.

This is a great group to join if you need camaraderie and the latest freelance tips.

7. r/SlaveLabour

Check it out: r/SlaveLabour

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to make money fast by completing tasks online.

Does this subreddit have a little bit of an unsavory name? Sure. But it’s also one of the most popular in the make money world, and for a good reason.

On r/SlaveLabour, Redditors can post job openings, and other forum users can offer to complete them. The title suggests that the pay is a little less than market value, but this is a treasure trove for anyone needing quick work.

A glance through the threads and I see the following jobs, all posted within the last couple of hours:

  • ISO someone to photoshop two puppies together
  • Need an illustrator for a specific style
  • Make a list of marketplaces

As you can see, the jobs are random. But if you like completing random jobs, this is an excellent subreddit to add to your daily job search list.

8. r/StartUps

Check it out: r/StartUps

Who it’s for: People looking to start their own businesses – online or offline.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, need motivation, or business ideas, join this subreddit.

r/StartUps has been live since 2008 and has nearly 900k members.

In this group, users discuss various business struggles and tips. For example, if you scroll through right now, you’ll see threads on Facebook growth hacking, raising seed money, how someone went from 0 to $5 mil in eight months, and more.

This is a great subreddit to check for daily motivation and get specific questions answered to expedite your business growth.

9. r/FreelanceWriters

Check it out: r/FreelanceWriters

Who it’s for: Freelance writers of all types and experience levels.

Freelance writing is one of the most in-demand work-at-home jobs simply because almost every business has a blog.

If you’re a freelance writer, beginner, or experienced, this subreddit can help you earn more money.

r/FreelanceWriters has been live since 2011 and has more than 85k members. On this subreddit, members share what a day in their life looks like, how to pitch clients, earn money quickly, and more.

No matter your industry or experience level, there’s some nugget of wisdom you can glean from this group.

10. r/CryptoCurrency

Check it out: r/CryptoCurrency

Who it’s for: People of all experience levels wanting to invest in cryptocurrency.

There’s no denying it – cryptocurrency is hot right now. And by hot, I mean it’s had explosive growth over the past couple of years.

And even though the market ebbs and flows, it’s looking like crypto will remain a top investment, at least for the foreseeable future.

The CryptoCurrency subreddit has over 4 million users and is packed with the latest news and details on individual cryptos.

Whether you’re getting ready to make your first crypto purchase or your thousandth, this is a great group to be a part of.

11. r/Affiliate Marketing

Check it out: r/Affiliate Marketing

Who it’s for: Anyone trying to make a living through affiliate marketing.

Because I’ve built a multiple six-figure per year business through affiliate marketing, it would be a shame not to at least mention an affiliate marketing subreddit.

If you’re not familiar, affiliate marketing is where you share a link to a product, and if someone clicks the link and buys the product, you get a commission.

The best way to earn a living through affiliate marketing is by promoting high-value offers.

If you’re a brand new affiliate marketer or have questions about a specific program, this subreddit is a great one to join. On it, you’ll find reviews of programs, advice for targeting keywords, paid affiliate marketing strategies, and more.

You can also follow other people’s affiliate marketing journeys which can be highly motivating.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to make money on Reddit, joining any of the subreddits listed above can help. While you can’t make money directly from them, you can find jobs, job leads, advice, and a community that can motivate you.

Most subreddits have highly supportive members. Join the groups that interest you and become an active member. Doing so can help expedite your money-making efforts.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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