Super Affiliate Machine Review

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Does Super Affiliate Machine really work? Is it a scam? There are questions a lot of you have been asking me, so I’ve decided to give you an unbiased super affiliate machine review. This online program promises to make affiliate marketing a breeze.

Super Affiliate Machine

I’ll go over what the Super Affiliate Machine really is and how it’s meant to work. Then I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether I think it does what it claims or falls short of the mark.

What Exactly is the Super Affiliate Machine?

The Super Affiliate Machine is essentially a piece of software designed for newbie affiliate marketers. It claims to be an all-in-one solution that can help build a niche website with just a few clicks, taking out all the hard work.

On top of getting the software to help you instantly create your website, you also get software for product and domain research.

Sounds good, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to have all the donkey-work done for them? 

We’ll dive deeper in just a moment to see if it really delivers what it promises.


Super Affiliate Machine

SAM is a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription. The discounted, prelaunch price of $47 is still reasonable. 

But telling you to shell out $147 for three websites and $167 if you want more than tips the scales towards the pricey end.

How SAM is supposed to work

The basic idea is simple. Everything is meant to be automated. What SAM promises to do for you is:

  • Quickly and automatically build multiple websites around several different topics to generate multiple income streams,
  • Help you apply high-ranking content for your websites, and
  • Use specific SEO techniques to get you the high rankings you need to generate leads and conversions.

How Does SAM get this done?

The creators outlined a step-by-step process for affiliate marketers, both new and more experienced, to follow. 

So here is how the Super Affiliate Machine should work.

  • Do keyword research. The first thing to do is to search for low-competition keywords with a high search volume. SAM provides a tool to help you with this keyword research. The ultimate goal here is to get higher rankings on Google.
  • Search for expired domains. There are thousands of expired domains available for resale. Some of them already had quality backlinks before they expired, so you get a bit of an upper hand by buying them back. SAM gives you a tool for this part too.
  • Buy a domain and set up hosting. Now that you have your keywords and you know what domain you want, SAM wants you to go ahead and purchase it. The next step is obviously to buy a hosting plan to house your domain so that you can continue with your website creation.
  • Create your website. This is the core of SAM. You now get to build a website around the keyword you found and settled on in the first step. There is a lot of automation going on here. 

In this final part, SAM goes out on the web, searching for high-ranking sites related to your keyword. It then copies an article, spins it, and adds it to your website. 

The only thing you have to do is add your headline, affiliate links, and tags, as well as any of your own unique content, like images and videos.

  • SAM also gives you the option to optimize your website for search engines. You click on a menu tab labeled ‘Google’, taking a few minutes to do whatever it does in the background, including applying some backlinks after snooping around the web.

And that’s it, voila, you have a website up and running. According to the creators of SAM, you now get to sit back and relax, watching money flowing into your bank account.

Their idea is that you get to repeat this for multiple websites, each around a different, suitable keyword, to have several income streams at once. 

All this, of course, with minimal effort on your part, because SAM does almost everything for you.

Does It Do What It Claims?

The authors claim that they made more than $50k in one month using SAM. 

And with all the hype going on about how affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme, that sales pitch definitely sounds attractive.

Sure, the strategy sounds very convincing on paper. And there are a couple of things SAM gets 100% right:

  • SAM recommends affiliate marketing as a great way to earn a passive income. In and of itself, this is perfectly true. If you do your research, put in the effort, and give it time, you can eventually make a steady 6 or even 7-figure income from affiliate marketing.
  • The steps SAM suggests you follow really do make sense. If you really want to earn from affiliate marketing, the best way is to find and become an authority in a niche with low competition. This is exactly what SAM is telling you to do, although in a very summarized form that leaves out much of the nitty-gritty.

But beyond that, I would have to say SAM isn’t a product I would recommend to any affiliate marketer, beginner or otherwise.

So What’s Wrong with Super Affiliate Machine?

I know, having something that can take the donkey load off of your back sounds wonderful. Which is why SAM sounds so appealing. 

But any experienced marketer will quickly point out several major flaws with SAM’s setup.

  • Search engines hate automated websites. What SAM does is to look for content from other websites with keywords similar to yours, and spins it. 

First off, this content won’t make any sense to your readers. Second, search engines rank such websites at the very bottom. And third, you’ll have a nearly identical website with every other person that bought SAM and used the same keywords you did.

  • SAM does automated SEO. Bluntly speaking, automated SEO produces pure nonsense. And yet having the correct SEO is crucial to getting high rankings on Google, along with having quality content. Which the automated content filling makes sure you don’t get.
  • Think twice before using expired domains. Telling a newbie affiliate marketer to buy an expired domain is plain bad advice. Yes, using an expired domain can give you an advantage, but very rarely.

In most cases, if a domain has been abandoned, it’s because it got de-indexed by Google and other search engines for using bad SEO techniques like bought backlinks. SAM doesn’t tell you that, it just tells you that ‘old domains are good’.

Finding all this information requires extensive knowledge and research that SAM does not at any one point provide. So in most cases, if you buy an expired domain, all you’ll be doing is wasting your money and time.

  • The income pitch is misleading. The authors of SAM want you to believe that a bunch of automated sites can easily earn you $1000 per month. That is simply not true. 

Yes, a minisite can work well in your affiliate marketing strategy. But that’s only if you know how to build them and set up your SEO properly. And yes, it takes real, honest work.

  • No program updates guaranteed. SAM is a one-time purchase that costs you either $147 or $167, depending on how many sites you want to build. But it says nothing at all about providing updates in future. So what happens when WordPress releases an update? How will SAM handle that kind of thing?
  • No customer support or members forum. Sure, SAM claims to be easy to use. But there will always be questions and issues, especially with people new to affiliate marketing. The authors of SAM do not provide any support whatsoever, which is bad.

Is Super Affiliate Machine a Scam?

No, it most definitely isn’t. When you purchase the software, you get what you paid for. And SAM delivers exactly what it promises: easy, quick-to-create automated websites that make you an affiliate marketer in minutes.

Whether the strategy can really earn you money or not is a different issue, but SAM doesn’t make any guarantees in that department. 

They only promise to deliver the tools to help you find a niche and create your content fast every time so that you can churn out multiple sites real quick.

Would I Recommend It?

Super Affiliate Machine Review

Honestly speaking, you can’t just push a few buttons to churn out garbage and then sit around waiting, expecting the money to flow in. 

So no, SAM is not what I’d go for if I wanted to make decent money as an affiliate marketer.

Would you buy anything from a site that doesn’t make any sense? Neither will anyone else, it’s as simple as that. Not to mention that if you rely on SAM, your site won’t have good enough Google rankings to be found anyway.

Instead of going for software like SAM, put in some real effort and work into learning how to do things yourself

Yes, there is a learning curve and you won’t become a millionaire overnight. But if you want a successful, long-term affiliate marketing business, it’s the only way. There are no shortcuts. Hope this super affiliate machine review is helpful!

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