Walmart Affiliate Program Review

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Ecommerce is huge, and it continues to grow. By the end of 2021, the eCommerce industry is estimated to reach a $4.9 trillion global worth. In the United States, more than $600 billion were spent on buying products online in 2019. This is an increase of 14.9% when statistics of 2018 are taken into account, showing strong growth.

It is also estimated that within the next two decades, there will be a major swift – and only about 5% of shopping will be done at a physical location.

With this in mind, many affiliates are turning to eCommerce stores that help their clients get products delivered to the doorstep. When talking about digital retail affiliate programs, Amazon is generally the big player, but this is not the only option available to you.

Amazon might be considered a giant in the world of eCommerce, but there are extra opportunities that you should take advantage of.

Walmart offers quite an attractive affiliate program with a huge catalog of products.

With this program, you can promote anything from socks to large household appliances. It is generally easy to get started with the Walmart affiliate program, and you gain access to a wide range of resources to help with promotions.

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The Walmart Affiliate Program

walmart affiliate program

The development of the massive eCommerce store that represents Walmart is not only a beneficial move from the company for consumers. It also benefits those people who are setting up blogs and promoting affiliate programs on the internet.

Walmart has launched an official affiliate program that allows bloggers and website owners to promote any product that is available on the company’s official eCommerce platform.

There are pros and cons to choosing the Walmart affiliate program. It is important that you carefully consider what the benefits are of this program. At the same time, it is important that you also consider the drawbacks that might come with the program.

To provide an unbiased view, we look at both sides of the Walmart affiliate program below.

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  • Walmart is a recognized brand, which makes it easier to push for sales from your customers.
  • There are thousands of different products and categories that you are able to choose from.
  • The signup process for the Walmart affiliate program is straightforward, and approvals for your application will usually be done within just 24 hours.
  • A trusted affiliate network platform is used to manage the Walmart offer. This ensures you get accurate tracking for all clicks that come from your website. questions you may have.

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  • The referral or cookie period provided by tracking links for the Walmart affiliate program is very short. When someone clicks on your link, a cookie is placed in their browser for three days only.
  • When you refer an online sale to the Walmart affiliate program, you get paid a 1% commission against the value of the cart. This is a very low amount of commission when compared to some of the other eCommerce affiliate programs that are available.

With the pros and cons in mind, it is easier to see why the Walmart program is popular – but also understand why some affiliates prefer competitor programs.

Who Can Run The Walmart Affiliate Program?

While it is generally considered easy to sign up for the program, you should take note of the requirements. There are a few criteria that Walmart and the affiliate managers look at when you apply to run the program. If you do not meet these requirements, you will likely be declined for the offer.

This is why it is important to learn about the criteria beforehand – and ensure you comply with them prior to submitting your application.

First, you need a website that is currently active.

This is the website where you will be promoting affiliate links through the Walmart program. If you do not have a website that can be viewed at the time of your application, your account will not be approved. Walmart wants to see exactly where you will be placing the affiliate links and what type of website will be referring visitors to their online eCommerce platform.

Your website should also have existing content. Do not apply with a website that is empty and still in development. There should be content on your website that shows the affiliate managers the type of posts you publish.

This ensures they can get an idea of whether the content on your website aligns with the products that are available to promote through the Walmart affiliate program.

Make sure your website’s primary traffic source is from North America. This is the major target market for all Walmart digital stores. Thus, if most of your traffic comes from other countries, there would not be much use in promoting products that your audience cannot gain access to. Walmart’s affiliate managers may ask for information related to your traffic and sources.

Another requirement is that your website is family-friendly. Walmart is essentially a family-friendly store that has a customer service oriented take on all of its offerings and services. To promote products that link to Walmart’s website on your blog, you should ensure there is nothing on your own website that might not make it family-friendly.

What Can You Promote?

One of the major attractions of the Walmart affiliate program is the huge selection of products that you can promote. You can select between different categories of products – and then with each category, you get thousands of different products to promote on your website.

Here are a few of the categories that you can choose from:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Party supplies
  • Personalized gifts
  • Health and personal care products
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Books
  • Baby products
  • Toys and games
  • Video games
  • Beauty products
  • Sports and fitness products
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Patio and garden products

These are, of course, only a few examples of the categories. It is important to ensure the products you decide to promote fall in line with the actual content of your blog. Do not promote baby products on a website that focuses on outdoor equipment, unless it is appropriate for a specific blog post.

By being relevant to the products promoted on a blog post, you have an opportunity to increase the chances of conversion.

How To Sign Up?

The registration process for the Walmart affiliate program is made to be easy and not time-consuming. Walmart does not handle its own affiliate program, however.

The company uses Impact in order to create a better performing affiliate program, as well as to ensure tracking is accurate. This also creates a singular platform to manage all of your links, creatives, and more.

To sign up, visit the official Walmart Affiliate Program page – click on the “Sign Up” button. You will be taken to an external page on Impact’s network that allows you to fill out an online form. Enter all of the details provided requested on the website to increase the chances of being approved for the program.

walmart affiliate program

Once you have completed the form, the affiliate managers involved with the program will review your application. The process can take up to 24 hours and will only be done on business days. Following reviewing your application, your account will either be approved or declined. You receive communication regarding the approval status of your account through email.

When you are approved, you receive an email with your login details. Use this to sign in to the affiliate dashboard and grab your links. Make sure to place the links in areas where it is easy for customers to click on – and only place relevant links on your blog posts.

For declined applications, you will receive details on why your account was not approved. In such a case, it is important to revert back to your website. Take note of the problems noted in the email and then make appropriate changes to your blog. You will usually be given an opportunity to ask for the affiliate manager to review your website again. If you do this, make sure you have followed appropriate procedures to comply with the terms of the program.

Resources To Help You Promote Walmart Products

Walmart’s affiliate program focuses on helping you succeed through your efforts to promote products found on its website. This is why there is a complete resource center that you can use when adding promotional links on your website or blog.

Once you have signed into the Impact platform that hosts the Walmart affiliate program, you can choose between a variety of creatives to use.

This includes links that can be used to link out through text on your website. It is a good way to monetize the name of a product on your website.

There is also a range of banners that can be used. These banners are good for promoting various categories of products found on the official Walmart website. It also adds a way of drawing eyes to the advertisements on your website.

A Quick History Lesson On Walmart

Walmart is actually one of the oldest and longest-running chains within the United Stains. The very first branch of Walmart was opened back in 1962. At the time, Walmart was small and only operated in Rogers, Arkansa.

walmart affiliate program

Since the time of its first launch, Walmart has continued to expand over the years. Today, it is one of the biggest retail chains within the country.

The company was founded by Sam Walton. The goal of establishing Walmart was to provide a retail store that would provide excellent customer service while also focusing on value for the customer.

Over the years, Walmart has grown into a household name for people in the United States. In North America, it is the go-to location for everything, from clothing to household appliances, printing equipment, toys, and even groceries.

Walmart As An Ecommerce Solution

Walmart initially only focused on providing products at physical stores. Customers had to visit the physical location of Walmart if they wanted to make a purchase from the store.

walmart affiliate program

This was still considered a convenience at the time, since Walmart stocks such a large variety of items. In reduced the need to visit multiple locations – due to the “all in one” approach.

In 2007, Walmart decided to launch its official Site to Store service on its website. This was a major step toward a digital trend for the company. At the time, customers were allowed to purchase products on the company’s website, then pick it up from the store that was closest to their physical location.

This was still not a complete move toward eCommerce, as the person would still need to visit the store to pick up their order.

As the internet continued to advance, and eCommerce systems started to become the norm, Walmart decided to launch a full online store. This created a convenient way for the average customer to shop at Walmart without leaving their home.

Today, Walmart’s eCommerce store stocks thousands of products. Customers are allowed to choose how they want their order to be delivered – through a store pickup, or rather through the use of shipping services. This allows a person to place an order and receive the products at their doorstep – without the need to leave their home.


Walmart is a massive retail chain with hundreds of stores throughout the United States. The Walmart affiliate program offers an attractive opportunity for promoting almost any kind of physical product.

Affiliates should note that the commission rate is not as high as some alternative programs, but the diverse selection of creatives, resources, and products to promote makes up for this issue in many cases. It is relatively easy to join up with the program, as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.