5 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs That Pay Good Money

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It’s no secret that weight loss is a big deal.

It’s pretty much on every woman’s radar and many men’s as well.

So clearly, it’s a good niche to get into. Competitive… but good.

There are many weight loss affiliate programs on the market, and if you promote the right products and develop a good rapport with your audience, you can see some quick success.

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I’ve done the research and found some of the best affiliate programs for weight loss so that you can sign up and make it happen. Almost all of these affiliate programs pay their affiliate marketers a good sum.

Here they are…

5 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

1. Diet Direct
2. Weight Loss Evolved
3. Weight Watchers
4. Bistro MD
5. ACE Fitness

1. Diet Direct

Diet Direct Affiliate Program

This is another weight loss affiliate program that is unique and quite attractive for anyone trying to lose weight without putting in too much effort. 

Diet Direct is a brand that offers low-calorie snacks, chocolates, and drinks to help people keep their calorie intake balanced.

Here’s what I like about it:

  1. Recurring Commissions – Not many weight loss affiliate programs have recurring commissions, but this one does!
  2. Convenient – This is another one that is easy to promote because it makes it easier for people to lose weight.

Once you get a commission of 10% on a sale, every other sale made to the same link will earn you 5% additional commissions. The best part is that you’ll get around $100 for each sale made through your links!

The program is unique enough to attract many people to it, which makes your job easy. Becoming a Diet Direct affiliate has the potential to help you make quite a lot of money each month.

Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 10% initial purchase, 5% on purchases after initial purchase

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2. Weight Loss Evolved

Weight Loss Evolved Affiliate Program

Weight Loss Evolved is one of the most credible weight loss programs of the decade. It was developed by expert physicians who kept the science of the body and weight in mind while designing it.

The makers of this program believe that losing weight is a complex process and it needs extreme attention. 

There’s so much to love about this weight loss affiliate program:

  1. Backed by Science – It has a medical basis and has been used at a Colorado clinic for the past 10 years. Anyone signing up for this weight loss program gets all the advice and tools needed to shed those extra pounds.
  2. Includes Fitness & Meal Prep – Additionally, it helps people prepare healthy and low-calorie meals at home and gets them to burn their fat through vigorous workouts.
  3. Incredible Money-Making Opportunity – The conversion Rate, commission, and cookie on this one are top notch, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Obviously, there are tons of yo-yo diets and weight loss scams being promoted by people who want to make a quick buck and don’t care about creating lasting results for their customers.

This isn’t one of those programs.

By referring people to this weight loss affiliate program, you’re giving them a way to bring long term changes into their lives so that they can truly maintain their ideal weight.

Weight Loss Evolved is one of the most rewarding affiliate weight loss programs too. It has great client feedback, and its medical affiliation makes it more credible, so it’s a relatively easy sell.

As an affiliate marketer of Weight Loss Evolved, you can enjoy a 30% commission on each sale you make. The program’s price is around $397, which means you’ll get around $119 for each purchase made through your link. Plus, you get a lifetime cookie!

With a 16% conversion rate, even if the ad on your site is clicked just once a day, you can easily make around 5 sales a month. That would equate to a monthly revenue of approximately $450.

This one’s a home run in my eyes.

Cookie Duration: Lifetime
Commission Rate: 30%

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3. Weight Watchers 

Weight Watchers

We all know about Weight Watchers, but you might not have known that they have a weight loss affiliate program.

Their philosophy is quite simple yet very effective. They focus on food intake and trace its patterns to see where people are gaining their excess weight from.

Here’s what I like about this one:

  1. Trustworthy, Well-Known Brand – Being one of the most well-reputed weight loss brands, people trust Weight Watchers, so it’s a good one to promote. It has been recommended by various diet experts and doctors since its release in 2003, and there are a lot of positive client reviews on this program too. 
  2. Different Price Points – This weight loss program comes with different subscriptions, so it’ll be easy for your audience to find one that suits their budget.
  3. Easy Sell, Especially for newbies – It is currently one of the highest-earning affiliate programs running on Commission Junction.

Now, here’s the part that isn’t so good…

When you promote this weight loss affiliate program, there’s a flat $10 commission, and the cookies only work for 14 days.

Although that sucks, this program’s high conversion rate and brand credibility makes it an excellent program for beginner affiliate marketers.

Plus, as Weight Watcher’s affiliate marketer, you’ll get all the support and tools you need to successfully endorse the program. 

Cookie Duration: 14 days
Commission Rate: $10

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4. Bistro MD

Bistro MD Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Bistro MD is a home diet meal delivery service that delivers great-tasting food without additives or preservatives. They provide free dietitian support, an active social media community, and a customer service team that is ready to answer any questions.

Here are some reasons I like this weight loss affiliate program:

  1. Extremely Credible – Bistro MD has gained credibility, making it easy and even fun to endorse.
  2. Convenient – People love meal delivery services, and it’s nice to provide your audience with a convenient way to lose weight.
  3. Designed by ExpertsExpert dietitians and well-known chefs prepare the meals. 

Bistro MD has gained a lot of trust with its clients over the years, and every review speaks of its credibility. These factors make it an excellent program for affiliate marketing and can help you earn easily from it.

The program offers a flat $45 for each sale made through your site and has a great average EPC. As their dedicated promoter, you will get a program manager, and irresistible offers, banners, and newsletters to promote.  

Cookie Duration: 45 days
Commission Rate: $45

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5. ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness is a nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization that helps people move into a weight loss profession.

Helping people achieve their desired weight goals for the last 30 years, ACE Fitness is a great weight loss program for affiliate marketers. 

It has created over 90,000 ACE Certified Professionals who have helped over 35 million people lose weight.

I like this weight loss affiliate program because:

  1. Targets a Different Audience – Instead of targeting people who want to lose weight, this one targets people who want to help other people lose weight, so if that is your niche, this is a great one for you.
  2. Credible & NonProfit – This is a nonprofit company that has earned 30 years of credibility

The 8% commission rate is a little low, but 30 years of credibility and fame can easily help you convince people to buy this plan. Hence, you can make up for the low commission with an increased volume of sales.

Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 8%

[maxbutton id=”71″ url=”https://www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/affiliate-marketing/” ]


If you’re new to affiliate marketing or even an affiliate marketing dummy, endorsing weight loss programs can be easy and fun. Not only do you get to earn money, but you’ll also be helping people change their lives for the better.

Endorsing these great weight loss plans is also a good way to establish your own credibility as an affiliate marketer.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.