10 Best Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

If you made a list of items people use daily, cell phones would be as high as food and water.

You know it. I know it.

Which isn’t a bad thing as an affiliate. Especially since promoting cell phone services and accessories fits with several niches.

It works for the personal finance, tech, travel, and parenting spaces. (And probably more I’m not thinking of.)

If you want a piece of the cell phone game, here are the best cell phone affiliate programs to promote this year.

Best Cell Phone Affiliate Programs (Service Providers)

1. Tracfone Wireless and Affiliated Brands
2. Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program
3. Best Cellular Affiliate Program
4. AT&T Wireless Affiliate Program
5. Republic Wireless Affiliate Program
6. Sprint Affiliate Program

1. Tracfone Wireless and Affiliated Brands

Tracfone Wireless and Affiliated Brands

Depending on how old you are, your first phone may have been a prepaid Tracfone. (Maybe your grandma or grandpa still has one.)

This company debuted in 1996 and now owns three brands – Tracfone, Net10, and Simple Mobile. All three of these companies offer no-contract cell phones – perfect for parents who want to get their kid a first phone or budget-conscious shoppers.

And even though these companies offer prepaid, no-contract service plans, the plans work with all the latest, up-to-date phones.

You can find the affiliate programs for these brands on Commission Junction.

Here’s a look at commissions for each:

Tracfone – 5% or $30 on top-tier phones with a 45-day cookie. Commissionable sales are phone, phone + airtime service, or SIM cards.

Simple Mobile – 5% or $30 on top-tier phones with a 14-day cookie. Commissionable sales are phones, phone bundles, and SIM cards.

Net 10 – 5% of $30 on top-tier phones with a 45-day cookie. Commissionable sales are phones, phone bundles, and SIM cards.

2. Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program

  • Website: Become a Verizon Wireless Affiliate
  • Commission: $75 for new service plans, $30 for prepaid service plans, $30 for additional lines, $10% for accessories
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days

If you want to promote a super well-known company, try Verizon. 

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that’s never heard of them. And aside from being well-known, they also have a decent affiliate program.

Verizon gives tiered commissions based on the product or service sold. For example, as an affiliate, you can earn $75 on new service plans, $30 on prepaid service plans, $30 on additional phone lines, and 10% on accessories. (Those rates are for Commission Junction.)

That’s a pretty good deal.

Because whether you’re promoting to someone looking for a prepaid plan or a standard plan, there’s an option with a good commission rate.

Verizon gives its affiliates a long, 60-Day cookie. 

You can also find the Verizon affiliate program on FlexOffers, but the commission rates aren’t quite as good.

3. Best Cellular Affiliate Program

Best Cellular Affiliate Program

Best Cellular is a prepaid phone program claiming to have the best nationwide coverage. They allow customers to estimate savings over using a standard service plan. By doing this, customers can input the data they normally use to get a monthly price.

(If you’re looking for unlimited data, this probably isn’t for you or your audience.)

Best Cellular sells phones, accessories, signal boosters, and more. They pay commissions on the sales of tangible products.

Best Cellular hosts its own affiliate program, so you’ll need to sign up on their website. They give affiliates a 10% commission.

The biggest downside to promoting Best Cellular is their website. It’s super outdated, hard to navigate, and may be off-putting to your audience. 

4. AT&T Wireless Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for another large cell phone service provider, consider AT&T.

AT&T offers commissions for many types of sign-ups, and their affiliate program is on Flex Offers and Commission Junction. 

(Pro tip: check the commissions on both sites before deciding which one to partner with.)

Like Verizon, AT&T gives commissions based on the type of sale. Here’s a look at what they offer:

For postpaid service $75, mobility upgrades $10 per item, mobility add a line $75, prepaid order $10, and accessory commission 6%.

The commission rates between FlexOffers and Commission Junction are quite different. Right now, it looks like FlexOffers is a little better, but this could change at any time, so check both before signing up.

5. Republic Wireless Affiliate Program

Republic Wireless Affiliate Program

Republic Wireless is a prepaid cell phone service provider. This company is well-known in the personal finance space for its budget-friendly plans that combine cell phone towers and wifi calling services.

Their plans start as low as $20 per month for one line.

The Republic Wireless top-tier service that hosts two people (two lines, two phone numbers) is only $90 per month and includes unlimited text, talk, and data, 20 GB mobile hotspot, wifi calling, and free international texting.

And they claim to have coverage across 99% of America.

The great prices and pay-as-you-go feature make this a perfect company to promote to frugal shoppers or parents wanting a phone for their child. 

You can find the Republic Wireless affiliate program on Flex Offers and Commission Junction. Right now, the CJ rates are a little higher – you can earn $20 on SIM card sales and 10% on everything else.

6. Sprint Affiliate Program

When it comes to brand recognition, Sprint is another cell phone company that can join the leagues of AT&T and Verizon. So, why not add this to the mix?

The Sprint affiliate program is pretty good. They give affiliates $80 for a new line of service with a phone purchase or lease. In addition, affiliates get $25 on new lines of service when customers use their own phones.

They host their affiliate program on Partnerize and give affiliates a standard 30-day cookie.

Best Cell Phone Affiliate Programs (Accessories)

1. OtterBox Affiliate Program
2. PopSockets Affiliate Program
3. Zagg/Mophie Affiliate Program
4. Amazon Associates

1. OtterBox Affiliate Program

OtterBox Affiliate Program

When it comes to protective phone cases, OtterBox is hard to beat. This company offers cases for nearly every popular phone model, some even customizable.

Since these cases are so high-quality, the prices reflect that. OtterBox phone cases start at around $55. And since most cell phone users have heard of this company before, they are not a hard sell.

OtterBox hosts its affiliate program on Commission Junction. The commission is 7% with a standard 30-day cookie. 

2. PopSockets Affiliate Program

PopSockets are a round, peg-like accessory you can put on the back of any phone or tablet to make it easier to hold and prop up.

And if you have kids over the age of 10, chances are you’re already quite familiar with the brand.

PopSockets has many branded phone grips, making them an excellent company to promote around Christmas and during other gift-giving seasons.

What you may not know is that this company carries more than just their signature PopSocket. Instead, they have phone cases, mounts, grips, and even wallets.

PopSocket’s affiliate program is on FlexOffers. They give affiliates a 12% commission and a 30-day cookie. 

3. Zagg/Mophie Affiliate Program

Zagg/Mophie Affiliate Program

I’m sure it’s happened to you –  you forgot to charge your phone before leaving the house, and before you can make it home again, your phone is completely dead.

Mophie aims to solve this problem with their juice pack battery cases. But that’s not all they have to offer.

Aside from the super popular juice pack battery cases, Mophie also has wireless charging stations and power banks.

The Mophie affiliate program is on Commission Junction. (You’ll need to search for “InvisibleShield” to find it.) 

They offer affiliates a 6% commission and a 30-day cookie. Plus, you’ll become an affiliate for Zagg, Mophie, and Halo when you sign up with this program.

4. Amazon Associates

I don’t often include Amazon Associates on affiliate roundups because, well, their commissions suck. But when it comes to cell phone accessories, I think Amazon is worth including.

This is because many people won’t go to websites they’ve never heard of to buy cheap items like ring lights, inexpensive headphones, or shutter remote controls.

But people will gladly click over to Amazon for these smaller purchases. So, that’s definitely something to think about for the lower ticket items.

Amazon is also a great backup when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on other sites.

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Final Thoughts

Cell Phone affiliate programs fit in a lot of niches. You could take the stance of finding your audience the best budget deal or service. Either way, these programs can easily work in the parenting, personal finance, and tech spaces.

To get the most out of your affiliate marketing plan, look for quality programs with high commission rates and long cookie durations. Remember, the longer the cookie, the more time your referrals can take making their decision.

And if you need help with your affiliate marketing strategy, check out our guide to staying organized with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.