ClickFunnels Dream Car

Clickfunnels Affiliate Success: How to Win the ClickFunnels Dream Car

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If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know that I’m a huge advocate of the Click Funnels affiliate program. It’s probably my favorite affiliate program of all time.

Clickfunnels has blessed me with cars, guitars, and all kinds of other cool tech. And that’s just in addition to the income, which is the real reason I promote them.

Clickfunnels dream car

People are always asking me how I did it, so I’m going to spill the beans in this article. Everything I did to win it.

More importantly… Everything you can do to win it as well.

But before I tell you the two main ways people are winning the CickFunnels dream car, there are a few things you need about how the affiliate program works first.

Four Things to Know Before Starting

There are four things you need to know that will give you a baseline to understand not only how to be successful with Click Funnels affiliate marketing, but also how people are winning the ClickFunnels dream car. Let’s dive in…

1) Commission Rates


ClickFunnels gives their affiliates a very generous 30-40% commission on all of their products (depending on what affiliate level you are at).

Click here to see the full ClickFunnels affiliate agreement or here’s a screenshot of the different commission levels:

cickfunnels affiliate commissions

This is especially awesome because they have a lot of high ticket products that can earn you some serious dough.

But not only that, the main ClickFunnels product earns recurring commissions since it is a product that is billed every month.

Whether you are just getting started with affiliate marketing or if you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ll probably agree that the ClickFunnels affiliate program is pretty much as good as it gets.

2) Sticky Cookie


The ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie has a lot of caveats and weird little rules that go along with it, but essentially this is how it works…

If you refer someone to any of the ClickFunnels products (and they have like 15-20 products at this point) and then they buy other products down the road, you get commissions off of all of it.

The cool thing about that is that ClickFunnels has products that cost $1 and products that cost $3000, as well as products that are $100-$300 a month.

As you can see, there is a wide range of products that receive either single or monthly commissions, and you get it all after you refer one product. They reward affiliates for bringing people in the door.

What that means is that you can send people to a free or inexpensive little product, like one of Russell Brunson’s books (Expert Secrets, Dot Com Secrets, or Networking Secrets, etc.) or like the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Dot Com Secrets Clickfunnels

Then, when they sign up for ClickFunnels or any of the other more expensive products, you get the commissions on that too, and your ClickFunnels dream car is one step closer.

All you have to do is focus on bringing more and more people in the ClickFunnels door and let ClickFunnels sell them on the higher packages.

It works really well! There’s a lot of power in that sticky cookie.

3. Dream Car Program


If you’re reading this article, you either already know about the ClickFunnels dream car or you’re intrigued and want to know what I’m talking about. In either case, you’re missing out if you don’t learn about it.

It’s pretty simple – if you get 100 ClickFunnels users, you get $500 a month put toward your dream car.

Almost 60-70 people have won that dream car. It’s honestly not that hard to do, even if you don’t have a big list to market to.

clickfunnels affiliate dream car

4. Share Funnels


This is a pretty cool feature that is available to ClickFunnels users, and it’s a great way to get 100 users relatively easily. It allows you to create a funnel and share it with others.

If you go into your ClickFunnels account and then into the settings of the funnel you want to share, you can get a link where it says Share Funnel.

clickfunnels affiliate share funnel 5

That link is an affiliate link. So it works like this:

  1. You send a link to a funnel that you have built.
  2. They click the link.
  3. They sign up for Clickfunnels.
  4. The funnel shows up inside their new account.
  5. You get commissions as long as they stay.

Of course, if they aren’t already a ClickFunnels user, they will need to sign up for an account, and you’ll get the commission on that sign up and anything they purchase from ClickFunnels after that point.

A lot of people are getting the ClickFunnels dream car using this simple concept.

Two Ways to Win the ClickFunnels Dream Car


  1. Focusing on search engines. Essentially they are finding people already looking for Clickfunnels products and putting posts or videos in front of them.
  2. Done for you systems. These people are finding a niche (like accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, etc. And they are creating a funnel that converts for that niche and simply telling people about it

I have personally spoken to more than half the people on the list of ClickFunnels dream car winners, and 80-90% of them are winning using one of two methods.

The other 10-20% already have an audience. They either have a huge email list or a large facebook following or something like that and they’re able to push ClickFunnels through their audience much easier than those who don’t have an audience.

I am assuming that the vast majority of the people reading this article don’t have a large audience, so I’m going to go over the two methods that don’t require a list.

Let’s dive in.

Using Search to Win the ClickFunnels Affiliate Dream Car


This is the method I used to win the ClickFunnels affiliate dream car. Probably 90-95% of my ClickFunnels affiliates came through search.

This method can be used through any search engine, including:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world)
  • Pinterest (most people don’t realize that’s a search engine)
  • Cora

We can break this method down further into two different strategies: hot leads and warm leads.

Using Search to Get Hot Leads


When someone types in a search related to ClickFunnels on a search engine, they already know about ClickFunnels. That means they are really hot leads.

There’s a good chance they already think they need ClickFunnels for their business and they’re just looking for more information (pricing, to better understand what it is and how it applies to them and their business).

When someone is actively searching for ClickFunnels, they are as prepared as one can be to sign up for ClickFunnels already. They’re just looking for more information.

By targeting those people, we are able to sign up a significant number of ClickFunnels affiliates very easily. We don’t have to sell them hard because they’re already half way down the journey. We don’t have to take them from cold and warm them up because they’re already hot.



Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. I almost won the ClickFunnels dream car simply with this video.

When someone goes to YouTube and they type in “what is ClickFunnels” (which gets a lot of searches), my video that explains ClickFunnels comes up first.

You can see that my video has 95,000 views. That’s 95,000 people that are hot leads, that are thinking they might need ClickFunnels for their business.

And mine is the video that comes up when they do a search. And as you can see that I’m linking to my ClickFunnels affiliate link in the description.

That’s a fairly easy sell right? I can explain what it is and how it will benefit their business. And then I’ll link down below. I don’t have to spend hours or days or hundreds of email sequences warming them up. They’re there and they just click and they go.

If we go to Google and type in the same thing, you can see that there are hundreds of thousands of people searching for that. And, hey, there’s my video!

And there’s my ad showing up in Google as well.

click funnels affiliate marketing tip

About half the people that won the ClickFunnels dream car are using search marketing and the other half are using the method we are going to talk about next.

So don’t think that I own the whole search engine. There are millions of people searching for ClickFunnels topics.

Using Search to Get Warm Leads


Warm leads are people who are searching for ClickFunnels without knowing they are searching for ClickFunnels. They don’t know what it is yet but they are looking for that solution.

Here are some good examples of searches that would fall into this category:

  • how to increase the profits in my small business
  • more leads to my small business
  • how do I build a sales funnel
  • how to run ads as a realtor

Even that last one is a good warm search for ClickFunnels because you need a sales funnel to capture ads and run with them.

There are all of these different questions that people are searching for and while they don’t know they are looking for ClickFunnels, they’re still pretty warm because they have a problem. They are looking for a solution, and ClickFunnels is the solution. You just need to put it in front of them.

Warm Leads Example


For example, there are a lot of people searching for things like “how to get real estate leads.”

click funnels affiliate marketing tip

There are tons of articles that talk about that and I would bet that some of these articles say you need ClickFunnels to help you capture leads, warm them up, and create a funnel.

So, affiliate marketers are taking these warm leads and they’re creating content that helps them.

Organic vs Paid Search


Whether we’re aiming for hot or warm leads, we’re creating content that helps answer their questions and then we’re referring them on to ClickFunnels by saying if I answered your question appropriately and you want this software, go ahead and sign up now.

And that’s the whole gist of search engine marketing.

You can do all of that with paid or organic traffic. For example, here I’m paying for my ad to show up:

click funnels affiliate marketing tip

Down here, I’m organically ranking:

This is free. It took a lot of time and effort to rank there but it didn’t take any money.

So it doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation is – you can pay if you’ve got money and just start showing up or you can organically rank, which means you need to learn SEO so that your stuff actually shows up in the search results.

There are a large variety of products you can do this with. It doesn’t have to be ClickFunnels. You can do this with the One Funnel Away Challenge. Here are people that are doing it with that:

how to win the ClickFunnels Dream Car

And it’s the same thing with YouTube. There’s my video in the middle:

how to win the clickfunnels affiliate dream car

Promoting ClickFunnels is like a tree:

  • You can choose one of those search engines I talked about.
  • You can choose to go organic or paid in each of those.
  • And you can choose one of the 15-20 products that ClickFunnels offers.

Can you see how much opportunity there still is that is untouched even though ClickFunnels is pretty competitive?

Create a Done-For-You System


The second method that people are using to win the ClickFunnels affiliate dream car without a list is with done-for-you systems.

When you take this route to attain the ClickFunnels dream car, you’re going to create a system for a niche that ClickFunnels benefits. ClickFunnels is a great solution for consultants, agencies, e-commerce, course sellers, and bloggers.

You’re going to take a niche and create content around that niche that teaches people and sends them to ClickFunnels by giving them a done-for-you funnel.

For example, let’s say accounting is your niche. Accountants need more clients so that they can make more money. So, you would create a sales funnel that brings in more clients for accountants.

Clickfunnels dream car

Once you know it works, you create a training that revolves around it and then the entire training revolves around the ClickFunnels funnel you created.

You’ll introduce it in the beginning and explain that you’re going to do all of this in ClickFunnels and that you’ll be providing them with a link where they can get access to the exact funnel for free.

They will love this because by giving them a share funnel, they can have the entire system up and running in 10 minutes.

Of course, they are free to create a funnel on their own and without ClickFunnels, but you’ll demonstrate how much easier it is and how much quicker it will be to use your share funnel.

Make ClickFunnels the no-brainer choice for people that want to implement this training for quick success.

The really cool part about this approach is that this is how ClickFunnels actually sells ClickFunnels. They sell all kinds of books and packages and training, but it’s all built around the fact that in order for it to work, you need to subscribe to ClickFunnels.

For example, they offer the One Funnel Away Challenge for free but you’re going to need ClickFunnels to crush the challenge. It works like a charm for them and it can work for you too!

Beyond the ClickFunnels Dream Car


Now that you know how to win the ClickFunnels dream car, you probably want some insider tips on how to succeed not only with the Click Funnels affiliate program, but also as an affiliate marketer in general.

That’s what my free affiliate marketing training will provide you with. I’ll take you inside my business and show you exactly what works. Sign up here!