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To track, or not to track: that is the question.

In the MMO business, it’s all about making money while helping others on their same journey. It’s a had line to hit. Because of that, many business owners look at the money making cogs in the wheel of their business and overlook the importance of link tracking. One reason they may do this is because they don’t realize link tracking can actually make them more money.

How does it make you as a business owner more money?

Tracking your links and funnels is a vital piece of the puzzle for any business owner. By tracking your links and funnels, you are able to see where your sales are coming from and what’s happening in your marketing world. With that information, you can use it to retarget, optimize your funnel, advertise better and to the right people, cut out click-fraud, and so much more.

I’m sure you’re wondering how you do all that easily and efficiently for a reasonable price.

ClickMagick holds the key to link tracking for any business owner.

What is the ClickMagick Software?


ClickMagick is a web based link tracking software that allows you as the online business owner to know exactly what’s going on in your business to fully scale and optimize for the best results.

The ClickMagick software is the leading software to set up custom tracking links and rotators. It not only tracks links and funnels, it also blocks bad clicks such as bots, and as a result, ClickMagick’s software keeps your traffic high quality.

I can definitively say ClickMagick is the leading software on the market today to track links and funnels. By using it, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

What features does ClickMagick have?

There is a ton of link tracking software on the market, but ClickMagick stands out for its additional features you can’t find anywhere else.

Though there are many more ClickMagick features, over one hundred in fact, here are a few highlighted features to show you just how powerful ClickMagick is for its users:

Creating Your Links

You may have wondered if you can use ClickMagick links in all your different types of advertising. The answer is yes. ClickMagick tracks the visitors that click on your links and collects other useful data to help you understand what is going on in your business. And you can do all this for any type of advertising you do and any offer you are selling.

So how is it done?

Here are the simple steps to creating a tracking link in ClickMagick:

  • Click on ‘Links’ in the menu.
  • Click on ‘Create New Link’ in the upper righthand corner.
  • Give the link a name.
  • Enter the destination URL
  • Click the green ‘Create Link’ button

After creating and using the new link, ClickMagick will track it and give you the data of who clicked on it, etc. You even have the option of cloaking the link to hide the destination URL so places like Facebook can’t disprove you for not liking the destination.

This process is pretty straight forward and most link tracking software can do this. However, at this point is where it gets even better when using ClickMagick.

By clicking on ‘show advanced settings’ for the new link, you can do so much more to optimize your link tracking. In the advanced settings, you can keep track of the costs, keep track of the conversions, choose the geotargeting (the countries you want to target with your link, including or excluding specific countries, if desired), add a pixel or code for you link to be able to retarget people, A/B split-testing, add a password for your link to protect certain pages or links, and so much more. You can also always go back to older links and change the advanced settings if you choose. The image below shows you what the advanced settings for a link looks like.


There are additional settings under the cog located to the right of each existing link. There are tutorial videos to help you learn how to use all of these features.

Using Rotators

A link rotator sends traffic to different pages and offers. It allows you to choose how your links are shared with traffic, whether it be randomly, in order, etc.

Rotators are usually thought of as a feature only used with solo ad vendors, PPC ads, etc. or anyone who sells traffic.

But, they can also be used by marketers who simply want to mix up the offers and links their traffic sees. Any traffic can get weary of seeing the same offers. Using rotators in email marketing, for example, mixes it up, increasing conversions if done correctly.

There is so much more you can do with rotator links. Rotator links are very useful for any business and a definite advantage when using ClickMagick.


There are a few different tools under ‘content’ that help give your sites a boost to help get you more leads and conversions. Here are the different tools and what they do:

MagickPops – this is an option to create a pop-up box. This allows you to get more opt ins. For example, when a site visitor tries to leave your site, you can have a pop up box with an alluring offer pop up to try and convince them to stay. You can also give a bonus to visitors, or direct traffic to a specific offer. Pop ups are useful, and if used correctly, can get you many more leads. Be aware that using them too much can annoy your visitors.

MagickBars – add a top or bottom bar to your page where you can advertise a special bonus or offer, if desired.

Timers – you can create timers to embed anywhere you would like on your site. Countdown timers are a great tool to use to help create a sense of urgency to get people to bite the bullet and buy.


Another dropdown menu is ‘tools’, which houses all other tools you would need when using ClickMagick. For example, there is the domain manager, batch editor, Funnel setup, group manager, tracking pixels, etc.


There is also the help in the menu bar where you can get 1 hour support among other helps.

Here are some additional features ClickMagick has to offer:

  • Works everywhere you advertise
  • Easily track entire sales funnels
  • Automatic traffic quality analysis
  • Intelligent split testing and rotators and alerts
  • Facebook and Google Analytics compatible
  • Geotargeting/mobile optimization
  • Add retargeting to any link
  • 24/7 click-fraud and link monitoring
  • Superior speed and accuracy
  • Fanatical one-on-one support

Also, ClickMagick has 19 unique features not found anywhere else. Here’s a comparison to show just how much ClickMagick does:


You can see there are a myriad of features in ClickMagick that make it all-inclusive for any user needing tracking for any of their business needs. Looking at what the competition has to offer compared to ClickMagick, it’s clear why ClickMagick is the preferred choice.

Speaking of the competition, let’s take a look at the difference between ClickMagick and other link tracking software on the market…

ClickMagick Competitors


ClickMagick vs Link Wizard

Probably one of the most common competitors of ClickMagick, Link Wizard is a popular link tracking software. Though the cost is less, it doesn’t have everything ClickMagick has to offer.

ClickMagick vs Voluum

There are a lot of similarities between Voluum and ClickMagick, though ClickMagick has much more to offer at a fraction of the cost. That’s one of the biggest differences between the two. Voluum prices are very steep in comparison.

ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

ClickMeter is another popular link tracking software. Yet just like other link tracking software, it is also more expensive. They also don’t offer all of the same features as ClickMagick.

ClickMagick vs Qliker

Qliker is much cheaper than ClickMagick, but remember that you get what you pay for. The Qliker software will get you your basic link tracking, but not much else. It is a popular choice because of its price, but if you want to really understand all of the ins and outs of your business and take it to the next level, you need more than what Qliker has to offer.

Why can’t I just use Google analytics?

Though Google Analytics is a free tracking tools you could use, it is very basic. By using a Javascript tracking code, it may give you some idea of what is going on in your business. However, in order to dig much deeper, know how to scale and what to scale, and really help get your business to another level, you need so much more than Google Analytics has to offer. Remember, it’s very basic.

Google Analytics can’t track individual visitors or track historical information on your site use, among other things. ClickMagick can do all that Google Analytics does and so much more. If you take your business seriously, Google Analytics just isn’t enough.

If you are someone who just can’t let go of using Google Analytics, no need to worry; it integrates nicely with ClickMagick.

How Much Does ClickMagick Cost?

There are monthly or yearly billing plans to choose from with ClickMagick. Choosing the yearly plan saves you 30% of the cost.

There is also a 14 day free trial on any plan you choose. That way you can test out the software to see how it can help your business, and if you’re not happy with it, you can cancel anytime. No harm done.

The starter plan is usually enough for anyone starting out. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan has to offer:

  • Starter Plan – This will track up to 10,000 clicks per month, give you all the core features, funnel tracking for one funnel, two custom tracking domains, 6 month data retention, and 1 hour support
  • Standard Plan – This will track up to 100,000 clicks per month, give you all the core features, funnel tracking for five funnels, ten custom tracking domains, 1 year data retention, and 1 hour support
  • Pro Plan – This will track up to 1,000,000 clicks per month, give you all the core features, unlimited funnel tracking, unlimited custom tracking domains, 2 year data retention, and 1 hour support

Here are the yearly plans for you to see what’s available:


And here are the monthly plans available:


So, how do you decide whether or not to get ClickMagick? You weigh the pros and cons. It’s always a good idea. Here’s a list of some of the pros and cons for ClickMagick.


  • There is great training to help you learn all the ins and outs of ClickMagick. Numerous videos cover many different topics to answer all your questions and teach you everything there is to know about the software.
  • The ClickMagick Software can track entire funnels, not just links.
  • There is the option of using rotator links to help with ads and marketing. For those who both sell and buy traffic, this helps in making sure the traffic doesn’t see the same offers more than once.
  • You can create split tests to weigh what works better between two options. By doing this, you can scale what’s working and discard or tweak what’s not.
  • It helps you track what’s going on in your business. By knowing where your traffic is coming from you’re able to scale and retarget to really help your business take off.
  • The software eliminates fake link clicks and bots so you cut out click fraud and don’t unnecessarily pay more for your advertising.
  • ClickMagick has an affiliate program that pays you 35% recurring commissions for life. Promote it and earn.


  • There is a big learning curve, but once you learn how ClickMagick works, it will actually simplify your business.
  • There is no live support, but they do have 1 hour support, a quick turn around for simply sending a message.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons for ClickMagick. ClickMagick is clearly the better option for link tracking and creating a clear picture of what’s happening in your business.

To track, or not to track? We now know that to create more revenue coming in, tracking is the answer. Tracking is one of the most important keys to success. And to do that efficiently and easily? ClickMagick, as stated before, definitely holds the key to link tracking for any business owner.

Click here to read my ClickMagick Tutorial and Demo.

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