7 Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs For Financial Bloggers

Anyone who’s in debt (and who isn’t?) can tell you how stressful it is. It definitely has a diminishing effect on our quality of life and our ability to gain financial independence. 

Fortunately, there are many products and services available to help pay off debt.

If you run a blog focused on debt relief, debt management, and financial savviness, debt settlement affiliate programs are an excellent avenue to explore. 

Not all of these programs are considered equal though, and it can take some time to go through them all to find the best ones.

That’s why I did the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best debt settlement affiliate programs.

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These programs come with higher earnings per click and a lucrative commission. They help influencers cement their authority by recommending debt consolidation or debt counseling services that are truly helpful for their readers.

Here, take a look:

Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs

1. American Debt Enders
2. Upstart
3. Guardian Debt Relief
4. National Debt Relief
5. CuraDebt
6. Lending Tree
7. Experian

1. American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders 2

A renowned name in the debt settlement industry, American Debt Enders has a flourishing clientele and 12 years of credit counseling services.

American Debt Enders is a one-stop destination for debt settlement and relief, and it is an influential member of NETCHECK. The best part is that this company operates across 46 states in the US.

It has a flourishing reputation with no complaints of corporate misconduct. Such a company would make an excellent addition to an affiliate marketer’s portfolio.

The company offers free credit counseling sessions and a debt dispute program, which is more affordable than debt settlement. All qualifiable leads must have a minimum debt of $7500.

What do I like about this one?

  • Lucrative – They offer a highly lucrative debt settlement affiliate program, with a $20 commission for every lead, and $125 for every sale.
  • Cookie – More amazingly, the cookie period never expires, presenting active affiliates with the ideal opportunity for passive wealth generation
  • Reputation – They have built up a great reputation, making it easy to promote.

Affiliates will be provided with marketing material, such as text links and banner ads, alongside tools for reporting and tracking marketing success. 

In order to sign up for this debt settlement affiliate program, you will have to apply through ShareASale. 

Cookie Duration: Never expires
Commission Rate: $25 per lead/$125 per sale

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2. Upstart

Upstart debt settlement affiliate programs

Founded by former Google employees, Upstart came into existence with the agenda to devise more effective ways than FICO scores to determine the merit of loan applications.

Upstart combined artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to evaluate loan applications and risk gearing abilities. It can also be used to consolidate debt with loans less than $50,000.

This AI-powered solution allows the loan to be approved within minutes of applying, and the funds are transferred the very next day. 

This is a good one because…

  • Commissions – Affiliates can earn an $80 commission for each effectively funded loan. Affiliates who manage to refer 25 or more applicants for successfully funded loans can increase their commission to $120 per referral.
  • CookieThe cookie tracking period is 45 days.
  • High-Tech CompanyUpstart has emerged as a tech-savvy service to pay off student loans and credit cards in recent years.

The commission rate may seem lesser than most other debt settlement affiliate programs mentioned in this article, but affiliates with robust traffic and popularity can always negotiate to increase their rates. 

Affiliates can apply for this program through Commission Junction or FlexOffers. 

Cookie Duration: 45 days
Commission Rate: $80-$120 per sale

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3. Guardian Debt Relief

Guardian Debt Relief 2

One of the leading debt settlement and negotiation service providers, Guardian Debt Relief offers a dynamic service for individuals and investors who are in debt.

Their services include negotiating with creditors on behalf of borrowers and crunching the entire debt into a fraction of the original amount.

Guardian Debt Relief enjoys immense popularity as it does not charge any upfront payments, and clients simply have to pay off a fixed monthly payment to settle their debt.

They mostly deal with credit card debt, but their services also include private student loan debt, utility debt, and medical debt of at least US$ 7,500. 

Here’s what I like about this one:

  • Lucrative – This is another lucrative debt settlement affiliate program that offers $32 from each qualified lead received on their online form for active and savvy affiliates. Moreover, affiliates can earn a $45 commission for every lead that converts into a phone consultation. But that’s not all. Affiliates can earn a whopping $325 when their referrals sign up with Guardian Debt Relief.
  • EPC – The earning per click (EPC) is $270.55, which is nice.
  • Cookie – The cookie tracking period is 45 days, providing ample time to generate quality and qualified leads. 

Cookie Duration: 45 days
Commission Rate: $32 per lead/$45 per consultation/$325 per sale

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4. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief

If you’re looking to monetize your website and blog, this debt settlement affiliate program is another good choice as it is run by one of the most trusted and largest debt settlement firms in the United States. 

This firm is dedicated to helping its clients achieve financial security and independence with their effective debt settlement approaches.

As one of the largest and most influential debt settlement companies, accredited by the IAPDA and AFCC, National Debt Relief would be a prestigious addition to a financial expert or marketer’s portfolio. 

I like this debt settlement affiliate program because…

  • Commissions – Its commissions are highly attractive. Affiliates can make $27.50 for every qualified lead, $41 for every phone consultation, and $300 for each sale.
  • CookieNational Debt Relief offers a flexible 60-day cookie tracking period.
  • Lots of SupportThey provide affiliates with highly immersive marketing materials, such as banners, text links, and analysis tools. This debt relief affiliate program is managed through ShareASale, and the firm also offers ongoing training sessions and a wealth of resources to boost lead conversions. 
  • Two-tier earningsAffiliates can further boost their income by referring this program to other affiliate marketers. Each month, they can bank 12% from the commissions given to their referrals. 

It wouldn’t take more than 8-10 referrals that sign up with National Debt Relief to bank a sizable income and leave your day job for a more rewarding career. 

Cookie Duration: 60 days
Commission Rate: $27.50 per lead/$41 per consultation/$300 per sale

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5. CuraDebt


A trusted name in the debt settlement and negotiation market, CuraDebt has been offering debt assistance since 2000. Its services include multiple debts, such as personal loans, credit cards, and IRS back taxes. It does not assist clients with auto loans, mortgage, or student loan debts. 

CuraDebt enjoys an illustrious standing in the industry. Its website, although unappealing, is brimming with scores of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Marketing such a reliable brand to those in financial difficulty may not prove as difficult as most other debt settlement services. 

I like this one for the following reasons…

  • Commissions – Affiliates can make $25 for every qualified lead and bank an impressive $500 commission for customers who sign up with CuraDebt. However, in order to reach the $500 rate, affiliates need to provide the company with a high volume of referrals.
  • Cookie – The earning potential is significantly higher because this debt settlement affiliate program comes with a “never expires” cookie. This makes it easier to convert maximum leads and boost your income.
  • EPCWith an earning per click (EPC) of $198.67, this is one of the most lucrative debt relief affiliate programs to help you carve out the life of your dreams! 

If your website attracts heavy traffic from financially distressed readers, CuraDebt can help you maximize your earning potential and attain financial security. 

Cookie Duration: Never expires
Commission Rate: $25 per lead/Up to $500 per sale

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6. Lending Tree

Lending Tree

Lending Tree offers a wide range of financial products, including auto loans, student loans, personal loans, and even dental loans. They also aid debt-stricken families and investors with their widely trusted debt consolidation service. 

Their debt management assistance reduces financial stress with a flexible payment plan that allows borrowers to improve their FICO scores and save money for rainy days.

This is another good one because…

  • Well-Known – For an affiliate, this debt consolidation affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to work with a well-reputed and influential brand. Marketing such a brand would be easier and more immersive as affiliates won’t have to dedicate much time and effort towards pre-selling.
  • Commissions – Affiliates can make around $1 to $70 for each lead, depending on the quality and qualifications of the traffic sent to their website.
  • EPC – Lending Tree also offers a higher-earning per click of $336.67.

The 14-day cookie sucks, but I guess you can’t have it all.

Applicants can sign up for this affiliate program through Commission Junction. 

Cookie Duration: 14 days
Commission Rate: Up to $70 per lead

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7. Experian


If you run a blog about financial management or debt relief, Experian can help you offer greater value to your readers, alongside increasing your earning potential.

It is a program that aids people with financial troubles by assisting them in tracking their debts and improving their credit scores. 

I like this one because…

  • Commissions – Affiliates can earn up to $100 for each sale
  • EPC – Experian offers a 3-month earning per click of $221.97, which is quite attractive for most beginners. 
  • Well-Known – Again, this is another well-known company that would be easy to promote.

Another sucky cookie on this one though.

Cookie Duration: 10 days
Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale

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I hope this article helps you navigate the marketplace of debt settlement affiliate programs so you can find the right program for your blog. 

Remember, your website traffic and the number of qualified leads and referrals you can generate will determine your worth for any brand with each opportunity.

So, it is crucial to focus your energies on boosting web traffic with immersive marketing strategies and effective SEO. 

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.