Top Fashion Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Blog

Looking To Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started out as a fashion blogger or you’ve been at it for years – affiliate programs are going to benefit you all the same.

All you need to do is join a top fashion affiliate program (it’s usually free) to start making some passive income. 

Most of the brands and websites I’ve featured in the reviews below are quite popular, so you won’t need much effort in promoting them.

Just get people to click the link.

The commissions many of them offer are sure to be worth the time it’ll take you to sign up and start promoting their products. 

What to Look for When Choosing A Fashion Affiliate Program?

In order to choose the program best suited to your expectations, you’ll first have to know what to look for while choosing one. 

Commission rate

If you can’t find any affiliate program that offers you at least 5% or 10% commission on their sales, look for one that has a fixed commission rate. Mostly, websites selling luxury apparel will have a low commission rate, and the ones selling affordable products have higher commission rates.

So, when you’re choosing a commission rate, make sure you consider whether you’d rather depend on sales volume or sales price. 

Also, go for programs/websites that have high conversion rates.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the rate at which visitors to a website actually purchase products. Converting clicks into sales, in other words. In order to have a high conversion rate, you’ll have to promote products that visitors to your website/blog might actually purchase. 

Another way to increase the conversion rate would be to add accurate descriptions of the products you’re trying to sell (include pictures and videos if you can).

Promote the products and include your personal experiences with them wherever you’re able to. You don’t have to sound sales-y, just enthusiastic.

Now that you know how to choose, let’s dive in.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

1. RewardStyle
2. Zappos
3. Nordstrom
4. Goat Fashion
5. Daem Watches
6. Zaful
7. Harrods
8. Pretty Little Thing
9. Modcloth
10. Jonas Studio
11. Newchic
12. Browns Fashion
13. Eddie Bauer
14. Worth Collection
15. Reebok
16. Urban Outfitters
17. Old Navy

1. RewardStyle 

RewardStyle Affiliate Program

One of the top fashion affiliate programs out there, RewardStyle was founded by an influencer, for influencers. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of categories I found here. The content creators too are some of the finest in the world. 

RewardStyle works as a link between affiliate marketers and programs. Since they ensure that content meets quality standards and is produced consistently, you won’t have to worry about the volume of work.

You’ll have to fulfill certain criteria if you want to join them as an influencer though so that limits their reach a little.

URLRewardStyle Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate- 5%-15% per sale


  • It has good training and guidance materials and digital tools 
  • It helps facilitate long-term relationships 


  • It’s quite tough to get into 

2. Zappos 

Zappos Affiliate Program

Though Zappos had started out as a brand selling shoes online, it’s now one of the best fashion shopping websites in the world. Their affiliate program has attracted scores of users for years and is easily one of the best ones in the market. 

They have over 1,500 brands on their website that sell everything from clothing to accessories. Be sure to highlight it as an affordable shopping option when promoting their products. 

URLZappos Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 14 days 
Commission Rate- 7% per sale  


  • It’s a very popular and trusted program 
  • Their prices are affordable and cater to a wide consumer base 


  • The cookie duration is disappointingly short

3. Nordstrom 

Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Nordstrom has one of the most popular collections of apparel, makeup, and jewelry that cater to diverse tastes around the world. Their affiliate program is sound and allows you to earn variable commissions

I was very impressed with how easy it was to sign up and start earning with Nordstrom, despite having tried several affiliate programs in my career. I’ve no doubt why their program is so well-loved around the world, the commissions speak for themselves. 

They also have exclusive offers for those who partner up with them.

URL – Nordstrom Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration-14 days 
Commission Rate- 2%-20% per sale 


  • It helps increase conversions by providing banners, links, etc.
  • It has features to help track your sale
  • It has one of the smoothest signup processes 


  • The website could be better designed; it has many glitches

4. Goat Fashion Affiliate Program

Goat Fashion Affiliate Program

Goat Fashion has been designed exclusively for working women. Their collections feature formal wear for office and day-to-night wear.

You’re sure to spot pieces from their collections on celebrities every now and then too.

Useful information for international affiliates: Goat Fashion is based in UK but ships to the USA as well. Since their clothes are suited to everyday office use, they get a fairly constant stream of customers. 

URL – Goat Fashion Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days  
Commission Rate- 8% per sale 


  • Their designs are suited to everyday use – ensuring steady demand 
  • The commission rate is quite reasonable 


  • The cookie duration is relatively less

5. Daem Watches Fashion Affiliate Program

Daem Watches Affiliate Program

Daem Watches are one of the leading brands that bring accessories to the forefront of affiliate marketing. After all, it’s not just clothes that contribute to your fashion sense, is it?

Their watches are crafted by an expert watchmaker located in Basel, Switzerland. I have to say, most of these watches are both elegant and eye-catching.

Their products are expensive, though with prices starting at $300.

URL – Daem Watches Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 45 days 
Commission Rate- 20% per sale 


  • It has the best quality products 
  • The commission rate is quite high 
  • It’s a great tangential program


  • The watches are quite expensive thereby limiting their appeal

6. Zaful

Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful has one of the most lucrative fashion affiliate programs available. It’s ideal for those (influencers and agencies) that are beginners in the world of affiliate marketing

They provide data feed and accurate descriptions of their products, coupons, etc. I found that ZAFUL is popular among young influencers because they provide free clothes and accessories to those who send back reviews. 

Also, ZAFUL’s API and post back services are suitable for digital marketing, media buying, etc. 

URL – Zaful Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate- 10% per sale 


  • It’s one of the best programs for budding influencers 
  • It includes free apparel and exclusive coupons
  • It has great descriptions of products, making them easy to repost


  • The cookie duration is quite low 
  • It doesn’t offer resources to help widen your reach 

7. Harrods 

Harrods Affiliate Program

Harrods is easily one of the most recognizable brand names in luxury fashion. I’d go so far as to call it iconic. This lifestyle giant has a fantastic affiliate program with free registration. 

They have regular competitions for affiliates to help you grow your skills with adequate practice. You’ll find yourself benefiting from their collaborations as well.

Eventually, these collaborations and competitions will help you earn enough cash to put aside every approved sale.

URL – Harrods Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days
Commission Rate- 5.99% per sale


  • It’s a reputed brand and program 
  • You can register through email as well 
  • It offers access to exclusive content


  • The commission rate is quite low 

8. Pretty Little Thing 

Pretty Little Thing Affiliate Program

This UK-based fashion retailer has been making waves since the year 2012. They started out by selling just a few accessories in collaboration with other websites.

However, they now have their own clothing line.

They have an impressive stock of over 5,000 products – meaning you’ll find something for everyone here. This brand currently operates in UK, USA, France and Australia. 

Don’t be surprised if you find their clothes on social media influencers and celebrities, they’re very much in-demand. 

URL – Pretty Little Thing Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate – 10% per sale / 5% per sale to existing customers


  • It has great quality, popular products 
  • The volume of sales is quite high 
  • It has good potential for recurring income 


  • It’s not as well-established as other fashion affiliate programs 

9. Modcloth 

Modcloth Affiliate Program

Modcloth doesn’t only deal with clothes; they have beautiful home décor pieces as well. Their program is one of the greatest fashion affiliate programs available today simply because it’s so easy to use.

If I waded into affiliate marketing knowing virtually nothing, Modcloth would be an ideal place to begin. You’ll receive access to their resources immediately after they approve your application.

This usually takes about 48 hours. 

URL – Modcloth affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate- 5% per sale 


  • It’s ideal for beginners with its adequate resources and simple interface 
  • It gives you a great discount on personal purchases too


  • It doesn’t have a very competitive commission rate 

10. Jonas Studio 

Jonas Studio Affiliate Program

Jonas Studio is an online store catering to men’s fashion. Their aim is to help men create a unique sense of style and express themselves through accessories. I have to say they’re quite good at it to – they’ve been at it for over three decades now. 

The jewelry pieces featured on this website are all handcrafted and quite pricey. Don’t be alarmed with the low commission rate, this only to complement the very high conversion rate they have.

They sell handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, wallets, and other accessories as well.

URL – Jonas Studio Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days  
Commission Rate- 2% per sale 


  • It contains a host of quality men’s accessories
  • The conversion rate is a whopping 22%


  • The products are quite expensive, which limits the consumer base 

11. Newchic 

Newchic Affiliate Program

Newchic is one fine fashion affiliate program that can offer you up to 50% commission per sale. Hard to beat, wouldn’t you say?

You can join and subscribe to their program for free. 

In the beginning, you’ll be making about 18% commission per sale, though – still a very lucrative amount. 

URL – Newchic Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate- 50% per sale 


  • It has clear and concise instructions for new members
  • It is very well designed and easy to follow 
  • It has some great support resources and tools 


  • The volume of sales is quite low 
  • The conversion rate is quite low 

12. Browns Fashion 

Browns Fashion Affiliate Program

The Browns Fashion affiliate program allows you to become a Browns Fashion ambassador. You’ll receive all that you’d need from a good affiliate program on this website.

They’ll provide you with affiliate banners and insider access to useful resources. 

These resources are sure to help you grow your affiliate marketing income. This program also provides you with timely and regular updates to let you know what’s trending and how you can make the most of it. 

URL – Browns Fashion Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days  
Commission Rate- 7% per sale 


  • It provides you with access to quality resources 
  • The customer support is great 
  • It allows you to register in a few simple steps 


  • The clothes are a little too edgy to appeal to a wide consumer base 

13. Eddie Bauer 

Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program

This website has a very wide appeal and a host of loyal customers as they produce apparel and accessories for men, women and children. The clothes are specially designed for casual outdoor use for activities such as camping. 

After browsing their website for a few minutes, I observed that they had one of the most enviable denim collections for kids I’d seen online.

Their fashion affiliate program is linked through the network Impact Radius and you can register for the same there. You can sign up with this program for free. 

URL – Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- Not mentioned
Commission Rate- 5% per sale


  • It caters to a wide audience of all ages 
  • It includes referral codes and links 
  • The website garners a good amount of traffic


  • The cookie duration is not specified prior to registration

14. Worth Collection

Worth Collection Affiliate Program

The Worth Collection consists of two brands: ‘Worth New York’ and ‘W by Worth’. This brand has sold luxury women’s clothing for over two decades now.

They sell their clothes mainly through partner stores and about 1,000+ stylists. 

Their products are made of the finest quality fabrics and are quite costly. I found their affiliate program to be one of the best ones featured here on this list.

URL – Worth Collection Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- Never expires 
Commission Rate- 25% per sale 


  • The commission rate is quite high 
  • The cookie duration is unlimited 
  • It has a fine collection of products


  • The volume of sales is quite low since the products are pricey

15. Reebok Fashion Affiliate Program

Reebok Affiliate Program

Reebok is a brand that doesn’t need much of an introduction. They’re one of the most reputed sporting wear manufacturers in the world and they have an affiliate program to match.

Their program allows approved websites to share their product links and earn commissions on click-through sales

All you need to do is redirect traffic towards them from your blog or website to start earning. Their average order size is about $100 – a pretty decent amount.

You can even refer this program to your friends and earn $5 per referral. 

URL – Reebok Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 30 days 
Commission Rate- 7% on sales 


  • It has a high volume of sales 
  • It’s an established brand so doesn’t need much promotion 
  • It has a sound referral program


  • It has quite a low commission rate 

16. Urban Outfitters Fashion Affiliate Program

Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

Urban Outfitters is one of the largest apparel retailers in the world with over 200 stores across Europe, Canada and USA. I found their fashion affiliate program one of the most user-friendly and easy to join. 

All you need to do in order to start earning is put up their links on your website, blog or social media platforms. You’ll receive a commission for every successful purchase your visitors make. 

URL – Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration- 1 day
Commission Rate- 5% per sale 


  • Its registration process is quite simple and straightforward 
  • It’s a popular brand that doesn’t require much promotion 
  • It’s the perfect program for beginners 


  • It has a low commission rate 
  • Its cookie duration is abysmally low 

17. Old Navy 

Old Navy Affiliate Program

Old Navy has some of the most quirky, comfortable clothing collections I’ve come across on the internet. Their prices too are affordable which makes them a good shopping destination for the entire family. 

What I liked the most about their website is that they have a range of sizes. You can see how useful this is from a marketing point of view – products are sure to sell if they appeal to all body types. 

URL – Old Navy Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration-1 day 
Commission Rate- 4% per sale 


  • It has a straightforward registration process 
  • It has a good collection of affordable products


  • The commission rate is not much 
  • The cookie duration is very low

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.