6 Amazing Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers in 2021

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Are you looking for quality sites like Fiverr to start your freelancing journey? But maybe looking for more quality?

With the rise of freelancing and remote working, facilitating platforms, such as Fiverr, have become increasingly popular and that means more competition.

Fiverr has maintained an undisputed status as the leading freelancing platform that provides jobs related to writing, content creation, videography, digital marketing, and more.


It gained immense popularity as a platform that allowed (semi) skilled professionals to gain clients and build up their portfolios while working remotely. 

However, in recent years, freelancers have been complaining about Fiverr’s many flaws, many of which prove to be hard-to-ignore impediments to their work.

For example, Fiverr does not allow professionals to engage with their clients outside the platform, and it reserves the right to block your account if such activity is suspected. 

Freelancers have also highlighted that the platform is more facilitative of the client and less mindful of the professionals providing the work.

Luckily, there are many sites like Fiverr out there that allow freelancers to market their skills and enjoy more facilities and benefits.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the most reputable alternatives to Fiverr. 

Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers

1. Upwork
2. SEOClerks
3. Truelancer
4. People Per Hour
5. Twine
6. Freelancer

1) Upwork


One of the oldest and fastest-growing job-hunting portals, Upwork enjoys a stellar reputation in the freelance industry. It is one of the Fiverr alternatives, and it provides a wide selection of jobs, ranging from data entry, virtual assistants, web designing, data science, content writing, and more. 

Upwork allows professionals to send unlimited proposals to potential clients, and once the relationship begins, professionals are charged a 20% commission. This user-friendly platform is ideal for beginners, and it is being used by millions of professionals across the world to market a diverse array of skills. 

If you seek more gigs, Upwork is one of the best sites like Fiverr that offers a wide variety of tasks. Freelancers can find hundreds of jobs to start making money, and the reach is also strikingly extensive.

Unlike Fiverr, you don’t have to fret about building an impressive portfolio, adding more clients, and perfecting your ranking. You can access a vast pool of clients, make an attractive offer, and win over clients more easily. 

If your profile is successful, Upwork offers the opportunity to sign full-time contracts with our clients to secure your income and attain financial security. As compared to other portals, Upwork has a strict scrutinizing process, and professionals do not have to worry about fraudulent clients. 

However, freelancers who are not getting much work are likely to be disappointed by the processing fee charged by Upwork. The site charges a 2.75% processing fee on all payments, but the commission percentage decreases with the volume of bills. 

2) SEOClerks 


Are you an SEO professional, content creator, or SEO marketing expert? SEOClerks is a specialized and exclusive platform designed to serve and facilitate SEO experts. SEO freelancers often find sites like Fiverr rather disappointing because of the lack of relevance to their skillset and field. 

With SEOClerks, you can hunt down hundreds of potential jobs and clients that are all related to SEO. You can find countless clients who need professionals to enhance their search engine visibility, boost website traffic, and promote sales.

Most of the jobs are related to off-page and on-site services, SEO marketing, search engine traffic, SEO-friendly content creation, and link building services. 

This exclusive platform for SEO freelancers provides scores of lucrative opportunities for financial stability, career advancement, and portfolio generation. SEOClerk enjoys immense respect in the SEO industry, and it is rapidly growing as businesses and freelancers from across the world have turned towards this platform. 

Freelancers are charged a 20% commission on the completion of every successful project. For instance, if you make $100 with a project, SEOClerks will take $20, and you will be left with $80.

Some freelancers find that unfair, but as an SEO professional, the earning potential is far greater than most other platforms. 

3) Truelancer

Truelancer - Fiverr Alternative

One of the fastest-growing sites like Fiverr, Truelancer enjoys immense popularity amongst SEO experts, writers, web designers, and data experts. It is an expertly curated marketplace to promote your skills and explore thousands of high-paying freelance jobs

Freelancers and experts recommend Truelancer for its extensive categories that provide thousands of job opportunities.

Some of the categories include data entry and virtual assistants, content creation and translation, graphic designing, IT and programming, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, social media, SEO and SEM, and much more. 

Truelancer caters to a broader audience of freelancers and businesses because of its extensive category. If you’re finding it difficult to find suitable work on Fiverr and any of the other platforms in this list, Truelancer will certainly not disappoint.

What’s more, it even allows you to find freelance opportunities based on your location or city. You can narrow down opportunities within your city or find lucrative opportunities across the leading economic hubs of the word. 

It provides various other filters that make it easier for freelancers to specify their requirements and find work that is most relevant to their niche and skillset.

As one of the biggest freelancing platforms, Truelancer offers various features to support and facilitate its users, both freelancers, and clients. However, as compared to most other sites like Fiverr, it has a higher processing fee. 

Truelancer charges a processing service free raging from 8% to 10% on all successfully completed and billed projects. For instance, if you manage to earn $100 for a project, Truelancer will deduct $8-10 from your account. The exact amount depends on the membership plan you have chosen. 

More importantly, if the project has been refunded after 30 days of initiation, Truelancer will charge 5% of the total project value from the client. As a freelancer, you might get your account permanently suspended over repetitive refunds and issues. 

4) People Per Hour

People Per Hour - Fiverr Alternative

Do you want to work 1-2 hours and still bank a sizable monthly income? People Per Hour can help you achieve this goal. This diverse and power-packed platform has been around for the longest time, and it is a Fiverr alternative.

People Per Hour offers an extensive pool of freelance opportunities, and professionals don’t have to slave away all day to increase their earnings. It’s all choosing the right offers and finding high-paying clients. 

With over 1 million freelancers and clients using this platform from across the world, People Per Hour offers a broad market and a big network to market your skills or reduce talent acquisition costs.

From business automation and data sciences to writing, graphic designing, web development, and more, it has an endless selection of categories. 

What’s more, if you bring new clients to People Per Work, the platform will reward you with amazing perks. For instance, you can enjoy future projects without paying any commissions, and the platform will also offer you 30 Euros as referral commissions whenever someone uses your referral link to signup. 

As compared to other sites like Fiverr, the project durations and schedules are quite flexible and more suited to the lifestyles of traveling professionals and nomad freelancers. Your average score and earnings will increase your visibility as they grow, allowing you easier access to high-paying clients and lucrative gigs.

However, the competition on People Per Hour is intense, and you will have to work that out. The processing fee is different for each invoice, depending on the project and hourly cost decided between the client and the freelancer. 

5) Twine

Twine - Fiverr Alternative

Another Fiverr alternative, Twine has risen to immense popularity in the freelance industry, and it attracts freelancers with thousands of opportunities to win over high-paying clients and jobs.

It has an extensive selection of freelance opportunities, including marketing and sales, app and web development, SEO, and content. It even includes distinctive skill sets that are not related to the digital realm. 

For instance, musicians, music producers, and singers can find well-paying music-related gigs, and artists can undertake commissions from well-paying clients. Twine provides freelancers the opportunity to charge rates starting from $100, $150, and $200 but never less.

Graphic designers typically earn $500 per project. At the same time, web developers can charge $800, and animators and videographers can even win over gigs for $1000 or more. 

The earning potential is immense, and Twine is an excellent freelance marketplace for creative and talented professionals from all walks of life. It is particularly lucrative for artists, such as musicians, designers, painters, photographers, and illustrators, who find other sites like Fiverr disappointing and unrelated to their skills. 

The best part is, Twine charges an upfront fee from the client, so freelancers don’t have to worry about processing fees and hefty deductions. Most of the tasks begin from $100, so the earning potential at this platform truly stands unrivaled compared to other Fiverr alternatives.

However, beginners who have a limited skill set and lack of experience might find it increasingly challenging to land clients and well-paying projects. 

6) Freelancer


One of the oldest, biggest, and most competitive freelance marketplaces, Freelancer has been around for the longest time. Over the years, it has built a solid reputation in the global market.

One of the pioneers of the remote working trend, Freelancer, has improved significantly, and it offers an amazingly simple and user-friendly experience. Once you’ve completed your profile and defined your skills, you can start hunting jobs relevant to your niche immediately. 

Freelancer hosts over 28 million freelancers from all over the world, providing professionals with one of the biggest marketplaces to hunt down lucrative and high-paying earning opportunities.

It is easy to find lucrative jobs and well-paying opportunities in a wide range of categories. The platform also allows you to interact with other freelancers so you can learn from their advice, build up your skills, and increase your earnings. 

Freelancer facilitates its users with a wide range of features and benefits and a supportive community that can be relied on in times of need.

It has a popular feature, known as the Preferred Freelancer, which allows access to the highest-paying tasks and biggest budgeted projects available on the platform. More importantly, professionals can get access to exclusive projects that pay more than $2000. 

However, the commission processing fee is higher as the platform charges 10% from freelancers and a 3% fee from clients. Freelancer charges two kinds of processing fees for its hourly projects and fixed-priced projects.

For fixed-price projects, you will be charged a fee of 10% upon accepting the project. For hourly projects, freelancers have to pay a 10% commission upon completion. 

Despite the high processing fee, Freelancer continues to enjoy immense popularity, for it offers unmatched opportunities to gain high-paying gigs. Beginners might find the platform complicated, and it’s hard to win over clients if you don’t have a refined skillset or relevant experience. 


When choosing an alternative to Fiverr, it is crucial to understand the aspects of Fiverr that are impediments to your financial success and career advancements. It could be the lack of variety, difficulty engaging clients, lack of facilitation for freelancers, or perhaps high commissions.

Whatever your reason may be, it should serve as a guiding principle to help you find the right fit for your talent and skills. 

The platforms listed above have various similarities and differences, and they all are immensely popular when it comes to exploring a wide selection of categories and high-paying jobs.

Transitioning to a new platform is also tough. As eager as you are to find alternatives to Fiverr, it is important to avoid rushing. 

You will have to learn how to navigate the new portal that you choose, and it will take time. Just stay focused on finding the right fit for your talent and explore various platforms until you find the best marketplace to promote your skillset. 

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