10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums (Plus Pros & Cons of Each)

Forums have not gone out of style! In fact, affiliate marketing forums are one of the most important tools you can have to gain insights, inspiration, and the newest marketing trends. It’s one of the best places to go for tips and answers to your questions.

Plus, it’s a great place to make friends and find business partners. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer starts in forums. 

But finding the right online community for you and your niche is the hard part.

Don’t worry, this guide will provide you with the best affiliate marketing forums to save you a ton of time and frustration. 

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Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 

1. Affilorama
2. WickedFire
3. The V7 Network
4. Warrior Forum
5. SitePoint
6. AffiliateFix
7. DNForum
8. 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum
9. Black Hat World
10. StackThatMoney

1. Affilorama 

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Forum

Begiinners who want to expand their knowledge about how affiliate marketing works without emptying their pockets may consider joining Affilorama. It provides free access to its training portals. 

There, you can get written lessons, videos, tools, and vital tips to be successful.

Topics include:

  • Keyword research
  • Market research
  • Keyword product tools
  • Facebook PPC ads
  • Video marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media networks
  • And more

Search engine optimization is ever-changing, so it’s important to equip yourself with the latest techniques to make your website SEO-friendly. 

Forum Link: Affilorama
Cost: Free 
Language: English
Estimated Traffic: 100K per month 


  • A very professional online marketing forum 
  • Offers written and video lessons along with tips and tools specifically for beginners 
  • Covers a wide array of topics to help you understand affiliate marketing  
  • Easy to use and download 


  • While the training section is free of access, some of them are outdated 

Want to learn directly from someone who’s built a six figure income through affiliate marketing? Take advantage of my free affiliate training!

2. WickedFire 


WickedFire is a great go-to source of information. There, you’ll get to know well-versed marketers and share business ideas with them. 

Learn about:

  • Web design and development
  • Internet marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Comparison fees of SEO experts, freelancers, etc.

Here, you can interact, establish a strong business rapport, or promote your products/services. There are many opportunities top explore.

What makes WickedFire such a useful affiliate marketing forum is that members need to follow the rules and respect the culture. That’s a good fringe benefit, although some may find the platform a bit intimidating. 

Other excellent features include a friendly approach, tips, products and consumer connections, regular polls, and guest posts. It can be a dedicated community you want to share your affiliate triumphs with.

Forum Link: WickedFire
Cost: Free 
Language: English 
Estimated Traffic: 1200 per month 


  • Members can buy and sell product and/or services 
  • Includes all the information you need to get started in affiliate marketing 


  • The information laid out here is known to be quite polarizing 

3. The V7 Network 

The V7 Network Affiliate Marketing Forum

The V7 Network is a webmaster online marketing forum that discusses an array of topics about web development, webmaster tools, and online marketing. It is one of the first online community forums established, yet its popularity seems to never become obsolete.

Around 500+ members take part in various discussions every day. Hence, there’s a solid community here.

Not only can members learn something useful but they’ll also broaden their expertise in sales strategies. Once you visit the website, you’ll find 4 separate forums:

  1. Marketing
  2. Webmaster
  3. Business
  4. Support

You are not restricted from participating in all of these forums. Choose one that suits your interest or explore and register in each of them. 

Here, you’ll also have access to some additional directories, including sports, news & media, health & fitness, politics, and shopping.

Forum Link: The V7 Network 
Cost: Free 
Language: English


  • A great place for experts and beginners alike 
  • Can help further improve your affiliate marketing skills 


  • You may find the website design somewhat out-of-date and old (talk about boring!), but we should give credit for the exciting topics being covered daily 

4. Warrior Forum 

Warrior Forum 

Warrior Forum can be your best companion for all of your affiliate marketing needs, including popular categories, such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Internet marketing
  • E-commerce sites
  • Email marketing
  • Growth hacking

The discussion goes in-depth with trending ads, special offers, and ad placements, among others. It’s one of the long-lived top affiliate marketing forums you’ll come across. 

You can have access to the platform for free. However, you will need to pay a small amount if you want to go beyond intricate discussions and outstanding features.

Your $8.08/month or $97/year will enable you to unlock its Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events. 

Here, you have a chance to discover the best internet marketing strategies with Hiten Shah (co-founder of KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg), Rand Fishkin (co-founder of Moz), and many other high-fliers.

It currently has over one million members with thousands of active users and threads created as well as millions of posts created so far.

Forum Link: Warrior Forum 
Cost: Free and Paid options ($8.08/month or $97/year)
Language: English
Estimated Traffic: 99,800 per month 


  • Provides tons of tips and tricks from industry connoisseurs 
  • Allows marketers to sell their products and/or services 
  • Available both in free and paid sections 


  • Warrior Forum may not suit the interest of experienced affiliates 

5. SitePoint 

SitePoint Affiliate Marketing Forum

Have an interest in technology and coding? If so, SitePoint can help you with how to effectively generate real income in this arena.

It also covers a broad topic on other forms of marketing, including CPA and web marketing. Here, you can associate with like-minded affiliate marketers or entrepreneurs and share insights. 

This will help you become more informed and aware of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

And if you think you need more tools to sharpen your knowledge, SitePoint features manifold e-books and courses in different languages, frameworks, and tools. That way, you can figure out how to boost your profits and sales.

Calling writers and bloggers! You can submit your content on this forum as well and earn up to $160 per piece, particularly if you present a tutorial.

Forum Link: SitePoint 
Cost: Free 
Estimated Traffic: 5M per month 


  • The website is very easy to navigate
  • Connect with numerous marketers and entrepreneurs
  • SitePoint offers hundreds of e-books and online courses  


  • Get access to this online marketing forum for free, but expect to spend cash to get acquainted with its additional features 

6. AffiliateFix


Another free affiliate marketing forum I suggest trying is AffiliateFix. The community is so engaged and active, you’ll feel like you’re chatting with friends. 

Specialists and moderators work like a Swiss watch. You can even find new clients and business partners. From aspirants to seasoned marketers to advertisers and networks, there’s always room for improvement. 

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • FAQ section
  • Time tested blogs
  • Discounts
  • Free resources on tons of products
  • Comprehensive content management techniques

Plus, get a rare chance to have interviews with market experts and get tips for marketing strategies.

It also has a step by step guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing. Plus, a section on Success Stories and Case Studies for added inspiration.

Forum Link: AffiliateFix
Cost: Free 
Language: English 


  • AffiliateFix can be the best forum, especially for affiliate marketers who are serious about reaching a high level of achievement in the industry 
  • Provides ample tools and resources to learn, grow, and succeed 


  • It is free to join but encourages subscription fees to unlock more features 

7. DNForum


Similar to the top affiliate marketing forums we have here, DNForum is a well-conversed and resourceful platform that you may find worthy of your time. 

It contains a handful of information about content marketing, web development, domains, and more. Beginners and veterans can access a lot of stuff for free to begin creating their own success stories in affiliate marketing. 

Besides the free feature, you can opt to be a premium member of Gold or Platinum forums. Then you can get all the advanced learning levels specifically catered for beginners.

It’s one of the most professional and most active forums available.  

There’s a “What’s New” section that very clearly provides all new discussions and content. It also includes a review and feedback section where you can get advice and suggestion on each activity you tackle.

Sign Up Link: DNForum
Cost: Free 
Language: English 


  • Provides proven tips and tricks to have a smooth affiliate marketing journey 
  • Mostly ideal for beginners 
  • Covers a thorough array of information


  • Experienced marketers may probably won’t benefit from this one 

8. 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum 

5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum 

The 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum is a nice beginner-friendly, professional, and all-around online marketing forum. It actively comprises pools of affiliate threads ranging from internet marketing to blogging and SEO.

The platform specializes in offering free resources for those interested in building a name for themselves in their chosen niche. 

Not only are the users very active in assisting other marketers with their concerns or issues, but the moderators and experts also ensure they have a special part in transforming members into an efficient marketer. 

You can connect with various types of affiliates and discover enriching ways to market your strategies. There are diverse forms of tools as well. Therefore, making the forum more exciting and fun to use for anyone.

Forum Link: 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum 
Cost: Free 
Language: English 


  • Perfectly designed with beginners in mind 
  • A friendly, strong community for all types of marketers 
  • Features broad topic discussions 


  • This 5Star Affiliate Marketing Forum may not be the ideal choice for marketers who are already experts in the niche 

9. Black Hat World 

Black Hat World

Black Hat World is definitely the smallest online marketing forum on our list. But it will help you stay in the loop in affiliate marketing and relevant subjects nevertheless (and sometimes small is nice). 

Among the interesting topics of discussion include:

  • IT
  • Taxation
  • Digital training
  • Business
  • Affiliate laws
  • Legal issues
  • Search engine optimization
  • Traffic
  • Promotion

There’s actually a lot more to discover than that from this small yet powerful platform.

Use this affiliate marketing forum for maximizing the opportunity to establish a solid partnership and ask queries with industry specialists. 

Its name actually says it all. It is dedicated to providing Black Hat methods and tricks. This makes it extra special since most of the information included here are rare to find in other online community.

Just be careful because black hat is risky. I personally prefer to stick with white hat methods.

Forum Link: Black Hat World 
Cost: Free
Language: English 


  • Supplies different articles on sundry topics 
  • The tools available are highly versatile along with web hosting strategies 
  • New members are not required to signup or spend money to register 


  • Many methods taught here can be risky

10. StackThatMoney 


Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without this authoritative affiliate marketing forum, StackThatMoney (STM). 

It hosts several topics including:

  • SEO
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Social media ads
  • Lead conversion 

When you become a member, you will get training materials, special discounts on various third-party affiliate tools, and links to help you find a quick job in the industry. There is more to discover from this paid digital community. 

Yes, that’s perhaps the most upsetting side of StackThatMoney. You have to lay out a whopping $99 per month just to get access to all of its amazing features.

That could be small money for some. But when you’re just starting out, that can be discouraging. 

Forum Link: StackThatMoney 
Cost: $99/ month 
Language: English 
Estimated Traffic: 150K per month 


  • With STM, you can obtain many unique features such as local networking events and host conferences for CPA affiliates 
  • Features cutting-edge affiliate marketing guides that both seasoned and beginners can benefit from


  • You need to pay monthly for the membership fee 
  • Some suggestions and guidelines offered may be unscrupulous  

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Forums? 

Ever wondered what makes top affiliate marketers, businessmen, and other career-driven people highly successful in their fields?

Their unparalleled talent and expertise may be the core foundations. But it’s the ability to learn something new and consistently polish those skills that allows them to dominate the industry further. 

Affiliate marketing forums are one of the best ways to do that.

And here are some other reasons…

You Don’t Have to Feel Alone

Remember that in any business, success is not something you achieve by yourself. No one gets there without a single help!

Forums can be your biggest source of knowledge to make it big in affiliate marketing. They offer the latest methods, sweet techniques, and motivational support and assistance you’ll need to deal with heartbreaks and victories. 

There, you’re likely to find several people you relate to and who you can partner with to help you grow.

Access Vast Amounts of Knowledge

On affiliate marketing forums like the ones I outlined above, you’ll find affiliate tutorials, examples of how banner ad works, info on landing pages, and so much more. You can apply the secrets of fellow affiliates to create endearing campaigns. 

Plus, they’re not restricted to affiliate marketing. Many of them also include other topics and interests, such as music bands to pretty intricate topics like marketing and other work industries. 

Gain Organic Exposure

Bloggers can also gain perks from using top affiliate marketing forums. Just be an active member and continue sharing tips and tricks regularly. Doing so may help you get organic exposure.

You’ll have a link to your website on your profile and it’s likely that other members will check out your site if they like the things you have to say. Who knows, you might even turn them into loyal followers. 

Flexibility & Opportunity

Affiliate marketing forums are comprised of hundreds to millions of members from different parts of the world. They offer an entryway for every affiliate marketer to truly shine and find opportunities. 

You can find several types of affiliate forums. Some stick to conventional free setup. Other forums, however, provide premium membership access to extra tools. 

You can already spot the difference through the keywords “free” and “premium.” Paying for certain stuff usually gives us more privileges and opportunities – an idea that has been formed in our minds. 

Looking For More Affiliate Programs To Promote?

Here are a few more affiliate programs you can check out:


I hope you found this guide to the best affiliate marketing forums helpful in finding the right one for your affiliate needs and niche.  

These forums are guaranteed to inflate your world. You will surely notice a significant increase in your network and knowledge. Use their resources to attract targeted traffic to your website, and eventually, generate a passive profit

If you have a hard time attracting potential buyers for your product or looking for the right product to offer, these affiliate marketing forums can be the best place to start.

Want to start affiliate marketing with no money? Check out the video below to get started.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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