10 Best Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts in 2021


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In the last five years, industry observers have witnessed the rise of affiliate marketing and podcasts, and even though these are two entirely separate domains, the trajectory of their popularity remains the same.

Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the most lucrative digital professions to earn money online, as it supports e-commerce businesses by generating leads and selling products. 

Affiliate marketers must enhance their skillset by subscribing to technical resources and digital marketing blogs; however, most find it difficult to incorporate reading materials into an already jam-packed routine. 

This is where podcasts come in! Listening to podcasts can make your day more productive and filled with opportunities to gain actionable knowledge and skills.

While podcasts are popular in every niche, affiliate marketers can certainly gain new knowledge and industry insights through podcasts.

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In this article, we will walk you through some of the best affiliate marketing podcasts to kickstart your journey as an affiliate marketer

Let’s go!

Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

1. PNR: This Old Marketing
2. Affiliate Buzz
3. Marketing Secrets
4. The Art of Paid Traffic
5. Rise of the Entrepreneur
6. Mixergy
7. The Smart Passive Income
8. Online Marketing Made Easy
9. The Side Hustle Show
10. The Solopreneur Hour

1. PNR: This Old Marketing

PNR: This Old Marketing

Hosted by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi, renowned gurus of content marketing, PNR: This Old Marketing is brimming with valuable and actionable insights for online professionals.

As an affiliate marketer, you have much to gain from this podcast because generating creative and immersive content is crucial for success in this field.

Affiliate marketing thrives on creative and original content, and this podcast will drive your creativity by teaching you some incredible tricks of the trade. 

It will help you understand how to drive traffic to your website and capture your audience while building trust. The funny thing is that the podcast hosts don’t even discuss content marketing, let alone offer advice.

Instead, they offer something far more valuable for affiliate marketers: industry trends and how to benefit from these trends and explore lucrative opportunities. 

As an affiliate marketer, it is crucial to build a tech-savvy skillset and remain on the industry’s trend radar.

This podcast will help you identify new affiliate and content marketing trends to maintain your website’s ranking and popularity and improve your marketability in the industry. 

2. Affiliate Buzz

Affiliate Buzz

The leading podcast among seasoned affiliate marketers, Affiliate Buzz, enjoys unrivaled popularity as the longest-running affiliate marketing podcast.

The podcast was originally aired in 2003, and over the years, it has built a wide and loyal audience and helped countless marketers enhance their skillset and tap into new industry trends.

Affiliate Buzz helps content and affiliate marketers learn smart techniques to enhance their marketing efforts and incorporate new strategies with each new episode.

Hosted by Arlene and James Martell, notable experts who enjoy immense respect in the industry, this podcast allows you to learn directly from seasoned experts who have learned on-the-job and have a wealth of information to share. 

Aside from their podcast, the Martells also run Coffee Talk and an affiliate marketing boot camp to train young professionals and share their knowledge.

Affiliate Buzz is one of the best podcasts on affiliate marketing and the art of generating a passive stream of reliable income. Most importantly, the advice and information comes from experts who enjoy success and financial stability in the same field. 

3. Marketing Secrets

Marketing Secrets

Much as the name implies, Marketing Secrets is all about learning the secrets of success as a digital marketer and adopting industry-savvy practices to enhance one’s portfolio.

Hosted by Richard Brunson, a seasoned marketer, Marketing Secrets opens up each new episode with a new secret that will teach you a powerful strategy to introduce you to a new trend. 

This affiliate marketing podcast talks about achieving financial stability as an entrepreneur who isn’t cheating or reliant on venture capital. Rather, it has to spend from his/her own pocket.

It discusses the art of marketing and introduces its listeners to profit-focused strategies to sell products and services that are actionable and can be incorporated with immediate effect.  

Listening to Brunson’s talk about his own experiences and struggles as a marketer is comforting and immensely insightful. In each episode, he answers questions that regularly bother affiliate marketers and impede their success. 

4. The Art of Paid Traffic

The Art of Paid Traffic

One of the best affiliate marketing podcasts to pick up useful tips and tricks to boost income, The Art of Paid Traffic will help you learn the art of achieving financial stability while working on “auto-pilot.” 

Hosted by Rick Mulready, a renowned industry expert, this podcast teaches its listeners all about automation to streamline marketing activities and generate leads and sales without being glued to the screen all day.

In each new episode, Mulready introduces his audience to seasoned experts and top marketers to offer them a dynamic exposure to marketing pioneers’ strategies. It’s an easy way to learn from the best marketers in the world. 

Mulready is also an expert in profiting from Facebook Ads. He provides valuable insight into generating paid traffic and carving out a lucrative career. He talks about everything and more from social media ads, native advertising, and banners to ad copies and analytics. 

5. Rise of the Entrepreneur

Rise of the Entrepreneur

Refreshingly, quirky, and highly informative, The Rise of the Entrepreneur is one of the best podcasts to listen to when you’re down and filled with pessimism.

Zac Johnson, a notable expert who has dedicated ten years to this industry and made millions in the process, shows his listeners the ropes by teaching them his practices. 

Besides sharing his own knowledge and experiences, Johnson conducts amazing interviews with entrepreneurs worldwide. This affiliate marketing podcast airs every Tuesday and Thursday, and it is intensely inspiring. 

As you hear about the information shared by the interviewees and Johnson’s own experiences, you feel empowered with the strength to combat your own internal and external struggles and climb up the ladder of success with a renewed determination. 

6. Mixergy

affiliate marketing podcasts - Mixergy

Running a successful online business is no easy feat, and one constantly requires guidance, mentorship, and direction driven by analytics.

Unfortunately, in the crowd of hundreds of podcasts on affiliate marketing, very few offer actionable advice. The host of Mixergy, Andrew Warner, doesn’t beat around the bush and offers you exactly the advice that you need to hear!

Mixergy is a fun, quirky, and refreshing podcast where you get to listen to the host conducting deeply personal interviews with professionals from a wide array of industries and professionals. Warner has a dynamic skill for digging deep and asking his guests some tough questions about their success, hardships, and financial independence. 

As you hear about the successes and failures of Warner’s guests, you find yourself enriched with valuable knowledge that can be applied to your business and financial goals.

This podcast may not be directly focused on affiliate marketing, but it offers priceless inspiration and strategies about the art of running a successful business. 

7. Smart Passive Income

affiliate marketing podcasts - The Smart Passive Income

Focused on affiliate marketing, Smart Passive Income covers a wide array of subjects related to the profession. It will help you learn more about the best industry practices to build brand authority and create a relationship of trust with your targeted consumer audience. 

This podcast offers treasured insights on utilizing marketing automation and outsourcing to boost the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns and generate a passive income.

It will help you cultivate the art of using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) in affiliate marketing and targeting wider audiences without increasing your efforts and workload. 

The extraordinary host, Pat Flynn, will guide you from his own experiences and his vast authority on affiliate marketing. As an expert who banks a 6-figure annual salary and hardly dedicates a few hours to work each week, Flynn has helped countless professionals actualize their passive income dream. 

If you’ve always dreamt of working while traveling the world or making it big as an affiliate marketer, follow Flynn’s blog and podcast on affiliate marketing. 

8. Online Marketing Made Easy

affiliate marketing podcasts - Online Marketing Made Easy

One of the top-rated podcasts on iTunes, Online Marketing Made Easy is immensely popular amongst young marketers and newbies. Hosted by Amy Porterfield, this podcast will walk you through actionable and profitable industry secrets that can be incorporated into your work to see effective results. 

Porterfield is driven by anticipating her listeners’ needs, and she motivates them to seek out growth and success.

As a professional who broke free of the corporate wheel to gain financial freedom and independence and now earns a 7-figure annual income while living her best life, Porterfield has much guidance to offer her listeners. 

What’s more, she conducts amazing interviews with industry experts, who share their own secrets for profitability and success. 

9. The Side Hustle Show

affiliate marketing podcasts - The Side Hustle Show

Are you looking to make affiliate marketing a side hustle alongside your full-time corporate job? This is the best podcast you can listen to as it is directly relevant to your professional goals.

The Side Hustle Show is designed for listeners who are not ready to make a transition from a full-time job in the corporate sector to starting their own affiliate marketing business. 

Hosted by Nick Loper, this podcast offers you an opportunity to learn from a seasoned marketer and discover success-focused secrets from renowned entrepreneurs and industry insiders. 

This insightful podcast on affiliate marketing will help you generate a passive income stream while managing your full-time job.

It is an excellent choice for professionals who are deliberating the pros and cons of taking the plunge and leaving their jobs to embark on a full-time career as an affiliate marketer. 

As a regular listener of this show, you will learn how to increase your financial independence and stability, pay off your debt effectively, acquire new skills, and utilize your free time to become more productive. 

10. The Solopreneur Hour

affiliate marketing podcasts - The Solopreneur Hour

I saved the best one for the last!

The Solopreneur Hour ranks amongst the most popular podcasts in the marketing realm, and for a good reason.

An engrossing interview-format podcast that will keep you entertained on long commutes, this podcast is a major resource of inspiration and knowledge for those who consider themselves “unemployable.”  

Michael O’Neal, the host, is a professional who has worked in the affiliate marketing industry for four years and has achieved striking success and profitability. In such a brief period, O’Neal has left a dynamic mark on the industry with his success-oriented skills and demeanor, and with his podcasts, he shares his knowledge and much more. 

The inspiration and positivity he shares with each new episode are truly contagious.

While the show isn’t specific to any industry, it is focused on navigating challenges and staying at the forefront of innovation.

He interviews experts and gurus from various industries and questions them about how they managed to turn their unemployable skills into their strengths. 

Affiliate marketing is largely a one-person operation. O’Neal will help you navigate the industry and overcome challenges while operating alone and deriving strength from your own skillset and expertise. 

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The best thing about these affiliate marketing podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere and while doing anything. You don’t have to pause or glue your eyes to the screen.

More importantly, they help you become more productive and enhance your skillset without requiring much effort on your part. You can listen to a podcast before going to sleep or while commuting to work. 

The podcasts introduced to you in this article are highly informative. They offer you dynamic opportunities to learn the affiliate marketing trade from the best industry experts.

Start by downloading a few so you can find the voice that best relates to your experiences and struggles as an affiliate marketer.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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