6 Best Affiliate Programs For Small Youtubers (By Category)

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One of the best ways to monetize your presence on YouTube is through Affiliate programs. Of course, the larger your following, the more money you can make. 

However, there are affiliate programs for small Youtubers as well that have huge payoffs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular programs. Although there are hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from, I’ve selected only the top few that will help you generate the most revenue specifically if your channel is small. 

The Best Affiliate Programs For Small YouTubers 

1. BH Cosmetic
2. Sigma Beauty
3. Amazon Associates
4. Shopify
5. TripAdvisor
6. Agoda

Beauty and Makeup

There are numerous young and old beauty influencer on YouTube. In fact, beauty is one of the most extensive niches on the social media platform. 

So, if you’re a beauty blogger that is just starting out, make sure to look into the following affiliate programs. 

1) BH Cosmetics

Affiliate Programs for YoutubersOne of the largest cosmetic brands on the market, BH cosmetics, offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality products. They also host a bunch of attractive affiliate programs for small YouTubers. 

If a customer buys from the brand using the affiliate link, Youtubers receive an 8% commission on each sale. They also have an extended cookie time, which means that you will get a commission if the customer buys within 60 days. 

BH Cosmetics also has a great conversion rate, which stands at 6.46%. The company has numerous offers, such as free shipping on shopping above $40, to help make the sale of their products easier. 

Besides this, BH cosmetics regularly sends newsletters to its affiliates regarding tips on maximizing revenue through their program and information about their products and offers. 

Their 24/7 customer service is helpful and highly professional, so you can contact them at any time if you’re having difficulties with their program or link. 

Website URL: BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program
Tracking Cookie: 60 days
Commission Rate: 8%

2) Sigma Beauty

Affiliate Programs for Youtubers

You might remember Sigma as one of the leading brands in the beauty industry for high quality, yet affordable makeup brushes. However, since then, Sigma has significantly diversified its portfolio. 

The company is now also involved in the production of makeup products, cleansing tools, and other beauty-related instruments.

The brand has numerous exciting bonuses and commissions in their affiliate programs that small beauty YouTubers can take advantage of. For each sale done through their provided link, Sigma provides affiliated YouTubers with a 10% commission. 

Their marketing campaigns and content are always distinctive, and they have impeccable 24/7 customer service as well. 

Additionally, if you are affiliated with Sigma, the brand will enable you to become a part of larger influencer networks. This will help you get valuable input and advice on how to increase your sales. 

Website URL: Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program 
Tracking Cookie: Monthly
Commission Rate: 10%

Online Shopping

The coronavirus pandemic has almost entirely changed marketing, buying, and selling trends in just a few months. Customers now prefer shopping online rather than going to the store themselves and are always in search of good deals online. 

The chances are that this trend will continue even after the virus subsides. This could prove to be an excellent opportunity for small YouTubers to capitalize on. 

Using affiliate programs with top online retail stores, you can quickly generate a handsome amount of money

3) Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs for YoutubersAmazon Associates offer THE most popular and competitive affiliate program for Youtubers. It is also one of the most profitable programs, especially for small YouTubers. 

To begin with, Amazon has a wide customer base. The website is visited by over 200 million people from all over the world every month. 

Thanks to the massive selection of products the site boasts, Amazon has now become a household name. This large selection of products also makes affiliation with the retail giant effortless as there’s something there for everyone! 

So, no matter what niche your channel may belong to, marketing with amazon is always a piece of cake. The drawback, though, is that there is no fixed rate of commission as it differs from product to product. 

However, you can select the product that fits your channel’s niche and be well on your way to generating steady revenue. 

Website URL: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
Tracking Cookie: 1 day
Commission Rate: no fixed rate of commission

4) Shopify

Affiliate Programs for YoutubersShopify offers a great affiliate program for YouTubers who are just starting out. The best part about the program is that it offers a recurring commission to affiliates. 

You can easily set up an online shop using their affiliated link and sell various products in a short amount of time. 

This will ensure that you end up with a hefty profit. Their basic subscription offers about $2,000 a month, but of course, this increases depending on how much you sell. Their payments are timely, and their customer support is great too. 

Website URL: Shopify Affiliate Program
Tracking Cookie: 30 days
Commission Rate: up to $2,000


Travel is another popular niche among the YouTube community. It is also quite large as you can find numerous niches under the larger umbrella of Travelling. Likewise, numerous companies related to the traveling industry pay a hefty amount to get the word out there. 

Large traveling platforms pay YouTubers great commissions for sales generated through them. Here are some of the top affiliate programs for travel-related YouTube channels. 

5) TripAdvisor

Affiliate Programs for YoutubersThere’s nothing you won’t find on TripAdvisor if you’re planning a vacation. From accommodation to food-related content, you can be sure to find all sorts of travel-related information on the website. 

However, the company is always on the lookout for Youtubers to spread the word about them. This is why you can find some great affiliate programs for small YouTubers with them. 

TripAdvisor pays YouTubers a commission of 50% on the gross revenue made through users clicking on affiliated commerce links for their partner websites. Their commission structure is well tiered, and there is a great monthly payout as well. 

TripAdvisor also has international affiliate programs, so Youtubers from all over the world can apply. 

Website URL: TripAdvisor Affiliate Program
Tracking Cookie: n/a
Commission Rate: 50%

6) Agoda

Agoda is a well-established and famous travel website with more than a quarter-million properties. It also has a vast affiliate program. Their affiliate program can be joined by anyone after they are manually approved. The process takes around 48 to 72 hours. 

However, once approved, you can enjoy high rates of commission of up to 60%! They offer a wide variety of affiliate links that you can place in your videos or add to the description box. 

They have an easy payment mode through direct bank transfer, and you can be sure to have a minimum payout of $200. 

Website URL: Agoda Affiliate Program
Tracking Cookie: n/a
Commission Rate: 60%

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a brilliant new way of marketing that has taken the blogging industry by storm. Companies provide affiliated bloggers with a specific affiliate link or code that they can place anywhere on their video or its description. 

Bloggers often briefly mention the product and the link in their video as well. This way, viewers are encouraged to buy or at least look at the company’s product. With every sale that is made through this link, the bloggers get a commission. 

The actual amount received as commission varies from company to company. But as a blogger with a following, it is your job to generate traffic and help with the sales of your affiliated company. In turn, you are paid a commission.

The entire rundown of becoming a successful affiliated YouTuber is as follows:   

And that’s it! 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It isn’t! All you have to do is select affiliate programs that work best for you so you can generate a steady stream of income 

Even though , most bloggers will know that it is not the only method to do so. Most YouTubers who haven’t discovered affiliate programs yet, use adverts that pop up on their videos as a marketing strategy. 

This may or may not be successful for a multitude of reasons. For starters, viewers don’t like unexpected pop-up ads that disrupt their videos. 

Such advertisements are often seen as a nuisance and are therefore very likely to simply be ignored. In fact, they may even adversely affect your channel. 

If you use too many adverts in your videos, viewers will switch to other, ad-free channels to enjoy uninterrupted content. So not only will your marketing strategy be unsuccessful, but you would lose followers as well. 

Affiliate programs are different. It’s an entirely different category of subtle, yet conscious marketing that drives results. Bloggers often actively talk about the product to gain their viewer’s trust and attract attention to the product. 

Some bloggers go as far as stating how purchasing products from their link will directly help them generate revenue. This engages viewers who are then more likely to become potential customers as well. 

Other than this, careful placement of the link generated from the affiliate program will ensure that the flow of the video is not disturbed. So, viewers can easily purchase the product if they want to, without being bombarded with a stream of bothersome adverts.

Since this will have no effect on the content of your video directly, it will most likely not cause any effect on the volume of your followers. In fact, if you’ve chosen a good affiliate program that coincides with your channel’s overall theme, chances are your followers will grow. 


Affiliate programs are an excellent way for small YouTubers to generate extra revenue through their videos. The whole process is smooth and takes little to no effort. 

The end result is a steady stream of income and a positive impact on the YouTube channel.  

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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