17 Best Gardening Affiliate Programs in 2023

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It seems as each year passes, more and more people are craving a “back to the roots” lifestyle.

Which has made the gardening niche explode.

According to the National Gardening Survey, American consumers spent more than 47 billion dollars on gardening supplies and equipment in 2018.

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If you’re in the gardening niche, this is excellent news.

And what’s even better is that there are many affiliate programs you can join, and the commissions are pretty good.

Here are the 17 best gardening affiliate programs in 2021.

Best Gardening Affiliate Programs in 2021

1. Click & Grow Affiliate Program
2. Earth Easy Affiliate Program
3. Garden Tower Affiliate Program
4. Succulents Box Affiliate Program
5. AeroGarden Affiliate Program
6. Botanical Interests Affiliate Program
7. 46 & Spruce Affiliate Program
8. Gardener’s Supply Company Affiliate Program
9. SeedsNow Affiliate Program
10. Hoss Tools Affiliate Program
11. Urban Leaf Affiliate Program
12. Nature Hills Nursery Affiliate Program
13. Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program
14. Kind LED Grow Lights Affiliate Program
15. Plants.com Affiliate Program
16. Bloomscape Affiliate Program
17. Tractor Supply Company Affiliate Program

1. Click & Grow Affiliate Program

Gardening Affiliate Programs - Click & Grow Affiliate Program

Click & Grow is a company specializing in smart gardens. These are gardening systems that enable plants to be grown indoors all year long. Click & Grow’s smart gardens are self-watering and have automated lights and nutrients.

The prices for these products range from $100-$2,500.

Other products at Click & Grow include plant pods and gardening accessories. 

The Click & Grow affiliate program is hosted on Flex Offers. They offer a generous 10.4% commission percentage and a 50-day cookie.

2. Earth Easy Affiliate Program

EarthEasy is a family-owned and operated business since 2000. They sell non-toxic and natural products in the gardening, cleaning, home, and camping niches.

Some of their gardening products include raised beds, composters, bug deterrents, hoses, and gardening tools. They also sell small greenhouses and chicken coops.

Commissions range from 5-10%, and the average order value is $200. With a 90 day cookie, EarthEasy is an excellent program if you have an audience looking for the best eco-friendly products.

3. Garden Tower Affiliate Program

Gardening Affiliate Programs - Garden Tower Affiliate Program

The Garden Tower is a large planter that has a built-in composter. It allows its users to turn kitchen scraps into food for their plants. 

This is an ingenious product, ideally suited for those who want to use compost as fertilizer or hate throwing away kitchen scraps.

Pricing for the Garden Tower starts at $359. Aside from their Garden Towers, this company also sells gardening accessories and bundles on their website.

The affiliate program for Garden Towner is pretty good. They give affiliates a 16% commission, and the average order value is $331.99. That means you’ll net, on average, $53 per sale.

Plus, Garden Tower will pay you for recruiting other affiliates. For this, you’ll receive 15% of the earned commissions of every affiliate you refer.

  • Commission: 16% of Sales (plus 15% of earned commissions from affiliates you refer to.)
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Sign Up Link: Garden Tower Affiliate Program

4. Succulents Box Affiliate Program

Succulents Box is a company that – surprise – specializes in succulents.

They have dozens of succulents to choose from. They also have several subscription boxes. Some of the subscription boxes on their menu include 1-4 succulents, one air plant, or a box with an air plant and a succulent.

They even have gift boxes that customers can send out. 

Here are the details for their affiliate program:

5. AeroGarden Affiliate Program

Gardening Affiliate Programs - AeroGarden Affiliate Program

AeroGarden sells indoor gardens that work similarly to the smart gardens from Click & Grow. 

These indoor gardens range in price from $360 – $670. They are equipped with grow lights, are wifi compatible, have a vacation mode, and are stackable so that users can expand the number of vegetables they’re growing.

AeroGarden also sells seed kits and gardening tools.

The commission for AeroGarden is only 2.4% which is well below comparable sites. On the bright side, the costs of the most popular products at AeroGarden are at least a few hundred dollars, so you could still come out with an okay commission.

6. Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

Botanical Interests is mainly known for their seed packets. 

They have a wide selection of seed products, including seed packets for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They also sell gardening tools and gift sets.

Botanical Interests offers a reasonably high commission to affiliates at 15% per sale. The average sale is $20.04, and the average commission amount is $3.04.

7. 46 & Spruce Affiliate Program

Gardening Affiliate Programs - 46 & Spruce Affiliate Program

46 & Spruce sells vases, terrariums, event decor, and planters. They also have a variety of wedding centerpieces.

While this program doesn’t specialize in selling plants or gardening supplies, flower gardeners may be interested in the vases, centerpieces, and planters 46 & Spruce offers.

Here are the details on their affiliate program:

8. Gardener’s Supply Company Affiliate Program

Gardener’s Supply Company has everything a gardener could want or need. This company specializes in garden equipment and carries products ranging from raised beds to weeders and cultivators.

Some of the main categories of this shop are grow lights, irrigation, planters, disease control, and hemp growing. If there’s a gardening item you need an affiliate link for, you can probably find it on this site.

The affiliate program is through Rakuten, and commissions are up to 8%.

9. SeedsNow Affiliate Program

Gardening Affiliate Programs - SeedsNow Affiliate Program

As you would imagine, SeedsNow specializes in selling garden seeds – and they have a HUGE selection. They have vegetable seeds, herb seeds, plant seeds, and specialty packs like the “Bunny Garden” variety pack and the “Mosquito Repellent” variety pack.

They also have a seed club run through CrateJoy with a $5/month and $15/month subscription option.

The commissions at SeedsNow are very high at 25% per sale. Pair that with a 90-day cookie life, and this becomes an affiliate program that’s worth signing up for.

10. Hoss Tools Affiliate Program

The Hoss Tools motto is “we help you grow your own food,” and their online store has all the products gardeners need to do so.

Some of their product categories include garden seeders, wheel hoes, garden tools, irrigation, pest control, and food preservation. They also sell garden seeds.

This company is based out of Georgia but ships internationally.

The Hoss Tools affiliate program is run through Shareasale. They offer a generous 10% commission and a 90-day cookie. The average order value at Hoss Tools is $83.96.

11. Urban Leaf Affiliate Program

Urban Leaf Affiliate Program

Urban Leaf specializes in selling gardening kits to beginner gardeners as well as those who don’t have outside gardening space. Some of their popular products include the culinary garden and microgreens growing kit.

Their affiliate program is run through FlexOffers. They offer an 8% commission on all sales and a 30-day cookie.

12. Nature Hills Nursery Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for an affiliate program for a company that sells live plants and not just seeds, this one’s for you.

Nature Hills Nursery sells fruit trees, shrubs, bushes, trees, perennials, and more. They offer flat rate shipping of $9.95 or free shipping on new orders over $129.

The Nature Hills Nursery affiliate program is run through Share a Sale. The average order value is $150. They offer a 10% commission and a 30-day cookie.

13. Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program

Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program

Ferry-Morse sells a wide selection of gardening seeds along with “plantlings.” Their plantlings are live baby plants with varieties including catnip, cauliflower, cosmos, hollyhocks, and more.

In addition to their seeds and live plants, Ferry-Morse sells gardening supplies and home decor. There are hundreds of gardening products on this site you could promote.

The commission at Ferry-Morse is 6%. This is less than similar sites but still not a horrible rate.

14. Kind LED Grow Lights Affiliate Program

If you have an audience looking for high-tech grow lights, Kind LED Grow Lights has you covered. This company has bar grow lights, wifi-compatible grow lights, commercial grow lights and more.

The commission is only 5%, but the products at Kind LED Grow Lights are expensive. The average order value is $1,130.65. They also offer a long cookie duration giving you a higher chance of making a sale.

15. Plants.com Affiliate Program

Plants.com Affiliate Program

Plants.com specializes in house plants. They have a wide variety of plants and trees. They also sell herbs that can be grown indoors and even sell an aero garden for sprouts.

If you have an audience that love indoor plants, they’ll enjoy the selection Plants.com has to offer.

The affiliate program is run through FlexOffers and offers a 6% commission for affiliates. The downside to this program is that the cookie only lasts for ten days.

16. Bloomscape Affiliate Program

Bloomscape specializes in selling and shipping live plants. They have easy to care for indoor plants and a selection of outdoor plants.

The Bloomscape affiliate program is run through FlexOffers and offers affiliates a 10% commission and 10-day cookie.

17. Tractor Supply Company Affiliate Program

Tractor Supply Company Affiliate Program

Sometimes it’s good to have an affiliate that everyone is familiar with. That’s why even though Tractor Supply Company (TSC) doesn’t have the highest commissions, they’ve still made it on the list.

TSC has hundreds of products, so if there’s a tool you need to promote, you can probably find it here.

The TSC program is run through FlexOffers or PepperJam. The commissions range from 1.6-5.6%, depending on the product. The cookie duration is seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gardening Affiliate Programs

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Tutoring Business

Is gardening a profitable niche?

Yes, gardening is a profitable niche. There are hundreds of thousands of gardeners to market to, and gardening is a hobby that requires many tools. Plus, many affiliate marketing programs in the gardening niche have generous commission rates and cookie duration periods.

While gardening is seasonal for most people living in the U.S., this niche could be very profitable for digital products, affiliate marketing, and physical products.

Which gardening affiliate program has the highest commission rate?

Out of the gardening affiliate programs we’ve reviewed, SeedsNow has the highest commission rate at 25%. However, the products are very inexpensive at SeedsNow, so commissions won’t be huge even with the high commission rate.

When choosing affiliate programs to work with, it’s essential to look at the commission percentage, the cookie duration (how long someone has to make a sale and you still receive credit,) and the average order value.

For example: A 10% commission on a $200 product is $20. A 25% commission on a $10 product is $2.50.

So even though a high commission rate is awesome, it doesn’t always tell the full story.

What are some products related to the gardening niche I can become an affiliate for?

If you’re trying to think of related programs you can promote to your audience, consider the following:


Gardening is a multibillion-dollar industry, and most gardening affiliate programs offer reasonable commission rates and cookie durations. 

Whether your audience is full of apartment gardeners or full-on farmers, you can find a suitable gardening company with an affiliate program for you to join.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.