Top Preparedness and Survival Affiliate Programs To Increase Your Income

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I’ll give full disclosure and admit I’m not in the survival and preparedness niche.

But I wish I was.

The only other niche I’ve seen where people dish out huge amounts of money for products they often don’t use is the baby niche.

It’s also important to note the cylindrical nature of these affiliate programs. They explode during tough times (think Covid 19) and then they die during times of plenty.

In this review, I’ll list 15 of the best survival affiliate programs you can join today to make good commissions but also do justice to your audience.

What to Look for When Choosing Preparedness & Survival Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, we want our links to get clicked on. And we want them to convert.

That’s how you make good revenue, and to do that, you need to keep certain factors in mind. 

Commissions & Conversions

The first thing you should be looking for before joining any survival affiliate program is higher commissions.

The second thing you should look for are programs that are easier to convert.

The commission you can earn per sale determines how much money you’ll be able to make as an affiliate.

But, that doesn’t mean you should automatically opt for programs that offer high commission rates per sale.

When looking for the best commissions, also check the site’s conversion rate.

If you choose to promote a company that offers a high commission percentage but barely ever sells anything, it’s pretty much a waste of your time.

Alternatively, if you go for a merchant offering a low commission rate but with a high conversion rate on their site, you’ll actually be able to make money faster.

If you can find an affiliate program with both a high commission and a high conversion rate, that’s the shiny, golden prize. 

Most sites provide their site-wide conversion rate to give you an idea of how easy it is for visitors to buy goods from them. If there’s a high conversion rate, there’s more possibility that people who get to the site through your referral link will make a purchase.

Opting for survival gear affiliate programs from vendors who make efforts to enrich their customers’ purchase experience is what you want to do.

Top Preparedness and Survival Affiliate Program

Now, let’s look at 15 top preparedness and survival affiliate programs that you should consider promoting. I’ve provided details of their commission rates, cookie duration, and where to sign up for each of them.

1. Survival Frog
2. Titan Survival
3. Wise Food Storage
4. Valley Food Storage
5. Sportsman’s Gear
6. Amateur Radio Supplies
7. Emergency Essentials
8. Gander Outdoor
9. SecureIt Gun Safe
10. 3V Gear
11. Crate Club
12. Optics Planet
13. Vivos Shelters
14. Forge Survival Supply
15. Legacy Food Storage

1. Survival Frog

Survival Frog

Survival Frog deals in gear and products that can keep families safe in the event of an emergency. 

Here’s what’s great about this one:

They have a high customer satisfaction rate with refunds below 2% and an average order value of $100.

They also offer free shipping for orders above $75 and a 6-month refund period, which encourages site visitors to purchase their items (even though they obviously aren’t really returning them).

Survival Frog utilizes two affiliate networks: ShareASale and AvantLink. You can join their affiliate program through either of these.

URL: Survival Frog Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 12% (base commission)


  • Has a high commission rate with the base being 12%. This means that you can earn a higher rate if you reach certain sale limits.
  • Provides affiliates with recommendations on their top converting pages.
  • Has an average conversion rate of 1-3%.


  • The 30-day cookie duration is fairly short.

2. Titan Survival

Survival Affiliate Programs - Titan Survival

Titan Survival offers innovative outdoor and survival goods. They provide free shipping on domestic orders over $30, a move that helps increase conversions.

They are most-known for their patented SurvivorCord parachute cord and their patent-pending SHROWD camouflage design, which is used on their Survival Blankets and Emergency Bivvies.


  • Website prices are typically very close to, if not exactly, the same as Amazon
  • 7% commission on all products sales vs. Amazon’s 4% – 5.5%
  • Free shipping on all Domestic orders over $30
  • Trackable Coupons can be created for Top Influencers
  • Payments are made weekly (which is very rare)
  • They will be re-launching their Rewards Program with higher conversions

URL: Titan Survival Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 7% base commission


  • Provides weekly payments for commissions earned.
  • Gives trackable coupons for top influencers.


  • Has a short cookie duration compared to other survival affiliate programs

3. Wise Food Storage

Wise Company

Wise Food Storage makes and sells freeze-dried gourmet foods with a shelf-life of 25 years. They also deal with food storage.

Their products are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and backpacking and are ideal for long-term food storage.

They also offer emergency pet kits, which makes them favorable for customers who are looking for pet supplies. Their average order value is $650.

The Wise Food Storage affiliate program is offered through AvantLink and Commission Junction.

URL: Wise Food Storage Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 120 days
Commission Rate: 12%


  • Has one of the longest cookie durations in the industry.
  • Accepts affiliates from all over the world.
  • Has a low minimum payout threshold of $25.


  • I couldn’t find anything negative to point out about this affiliate program. It’s one of the best in the industry.

4. Valley Food Storage

Survival Affiliate Programs - Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage sells freeze-dried food with no unhealthy preservatives, which makes them all the more appealing to potential customers. They offer free domestic shipping on all orders within the U.S.

They also have a 30-day no question asked return and refund policy, which makes purchases risk-free for customers.

URL: Food Storage Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 10%


  • Provides one-on-one support to their affiliates.
  • Has attractive incentives, such as free shipping that boosts conversions.


  • Has a somewhat short 30-day cookie duration.

5. Sportsman’s Gear

Sportsman Gear

Sportsman Gear offers sporting and outdoor gear from hundreds of top brands in the industry. Anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts can all find suitable gear on their site.

Having been in the market since 1977, this is a well-known merchant that has an established customer base. They offer free standard shipping for orders above $49, boosting conversions.

URL: Sportsman’s Gear Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: Not provided
Commission Rate: 2% on guns and ammo, 5% on other sales


  • Has a wide range of products from various brands, which is good for conversion.


  • Has a low commission rate.

6. Amateur Radio Supplies

Survival Affiliate Programs - Amateur Radio Supplies

Amateur Radio Supplies began operation in 2012 and has customers from over 65 countries. They stock high quality equipment, accessories, and station resources for the amateur radio community.

URL: Amateur Radio Supplies Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: Not provided 
Commission Rate: Not provided


  • Provides banner ads and text links to affiliates to boost conversion.
  • Has a wide reach with customers in over 65 countries.


  • The site doesn’t provide information on cookie duration or commission rates.

7. Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials is a supplier of food and survival kits. Products that they sell include food, water filters, medical supplies, and protection gear.

URL: Emergency Essentials Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 14 days
Commission Rate: 10% base commission


  • Has a decent commission rate with monthly payouts.


  • Only available to affiliates residing in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Has a very short cookie duration.

8. Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors is a one-stop-shop for boating, fishing, camping, and hunting equipment. Their selection of gear is diverse, from casual clothing to firearms.

They also stock hunting knives, crossbows, and outdoor sleeping and pet supplies. Customers get free shipping for orders above $49.

URL: Gander Outdoor Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Commission Rate: 5%


  • Has a wide selection of products that you can promote.
  • Offers free shipping to some customers for orders above $49 and others for purchases above $99.


  • Has a very short cookie duration, which limits your earning potential from referrals.
  • A low commission rate compared to other similar survival affiliate programs in the industry.

9. SecureIt Gun Safe

Survival Affiliate Programs - SecureIt Gun Safe

SecureIt Gun Safe offers storage solutions that are safe to keep firearms out of unauthorized reach and also keeps them from damage by toxic materials. They also deal in firearms and other gear for outdoor adventures and hunting.

The site has an average conversion rate of 1.23% with an average order value of $597. You can access their affiliate program through AvantLink, a network that offers free affiliate tools and great support.

URL: SecureIt Gun Safe
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 10%


  • The site has a decent conversion rate and average order value that can turn in good commissions.
  • Provides high-quality firearm storage units that perform better than those offered by competitors, and which can be great to recommend to your site visitors.


  • Has a somewhat short cookie duration.

10. 3V Gear

3V Gear

3V Gear deals in outdoor supplies for hunting, camping, and shooting sports. This makes their products viable for most outdoor enthusiasts, giving them a wide market reach.

They have one of the best survival affiliate programs in the industry, allowing you to earn higher rates when more sales are made through your links.

3V Gear engages third-party affiliate platforms AvantLink and PepperJam, which track sales, commissions, and earnings.

When you join the 3V Gear affiliate program, you’ll get access to text links, data feeds, and banners that can help you generate leads easily on your site.

URL: 3V Gear Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 8%, 10%, 14%


  • The more you sell, the higher the commission rate. If you make 1-19 monthly sales, you’ll get an 8% Commission for each sale. 20-29 sales monthly gets a rate of 10% per sale, while 30+ monthly sales fetch a commission rate of 14%.


  • Has a short cookie duration.

11. Crate Club

Survival Affiliate Programs - Crate Club

Crate Club is a dealer in survival and tactical gear and gadgets. They have a site-wide conversion rate of 2.1% and an average order value of $189, both of which are decent.

They have some of the top support for survival affiliate programs, including an affiliate management team with 15+ years of experience.

URL: Crate Club
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 7%


  • The Crate Club site has a high conversion rate and a decent average order value, which increases your chances of making money as an affiliate.
  • Has an experienced affiliate management team.
  • Gives a minimum payout of $20.


  • Has a cookie duration of 30 days, which is not the best in the industry

12. Optics Planet

Optics Planet

Gear provided by Optics Planet can be used by hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement to fulfill outdoor demands.

This outlet has been active for more than 20 years and is an established supplier of gun parts, optics, shooting accessories, ammunition, and footwear.

If you’re a beginner looking for a top survival affiliate program to join, the one offered by Optics Planet can be a good fit for you. You’ll get images, text links, banners, tools, and support to help you create a successful affiliate site.

URL: Optics Planet
Cookie Duration: 14 days
Commission Rate: 7%


  • Provides support for beginner affiliates.
  • Has a wide range of products that you can promote.


  • The cookie duration of 14 days is very short.

13. Vivos Shelters

Survival Affiliate Programs - Vivos Shelters

While other outfits offer gear, food, and survival kits for emergencies, Vivos Shelters offers underground shelters that can withstand all sorts of catastrophes. 

Whether it’s tsunamis, earthquakes, or pandemics, their shelters are built to withstand extinction-level threats to the planet.

Their customer base is made up of individuals, government embassies, community groups, and private corporate groups.

URL: Vivos Shelters
Cookie Duration: Not provided 
Commission Rate: 10%


  • Vivos Shelters provides high quality shelters that are favored by individuals wishing to protect themselves and their families from extinction-level disasters.


  • Cookie duration for referrals is not provided.

14. Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival

If you want to promote survival food and drinks, Nutrient Survival is a great option since they offer great-tasting foods that pack a nutrient punch so that you’re not just surviving, but also thriving.

They have a money-back guarantee for all of their products, which include meals, snacks, and even cookies and milk with up to 25 year shelf life.

They claim to have the most competitive commissions, although they don’t disclose them on their site, which is always annoying. Their affiliate program is through AvantLink.

URL: Nutrient Supply
Cookie Duration: not indicated
Commission Rate: not indicated


  • They claim their commissions are the highest in the industry.
  • You’ll be given a discount for your own purchases.

  • You’ll be the first to know about new products.


  • They don’t disclose much information.

15. Legacy Food Storage

Survival Affiliate Programs - Legacy Food Storage

This is another dealer in freeze-dried meals that you can promote. They offer meals in small portions in pouches, perfect for outdoor usage.

They also have tub meals suitable for long-term storage, which can remain consumable for up to 25 years.

URL: Legacy Food Storage
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 8-15%


  • Has a high commission rate, a high conversion rate, and an average order value of $500, which makes it one of the most profitable survival affiliate programs around.
  • Offers a package for enough food for a year which can allow you to earn around $879 per sale.


  • Has a somewhat short cookie duration.

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There are many survival gear affiliate programs in the industry that you can join today and make good money through commissions.

I urge you to take into account the commission rates, conversion rates, and average order values in order to choose a program that benefits you.

The cookie duration is also an important aspect, as it determines how long you qualify for a commission after a potential customer clicks your link if they place an order. The longer, the better.

Also go for preparedness and survival programs that provide support and tools to their affiliates for free, as this will make your job easier. I have plenty of free affiliate tools to help you promote their gear better as well.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.