14 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

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If you want to make a decent living with affiliate marketing, product choice is crucial.

And the top two niches where people will constantly be shelling out money?

Health and wealth.

This means promoting vitamins and supplements is a smart strategy.

Because not only is the supplement industry a multi-billion dollar sector, but it’s a space where you can earn a decent commission.

While some stores will offer you low ball commission rates of 2-4%, we’ve rounded up the best supplement affiliate programs that provide 6-75% commissions.

Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

1. eVitamins Affiliate Program
2. My Supplement Store
3. A1 Supplements Affiliate Program
4. BulkSupplements.com Affiliate Program
5. BrickHouse Nutrition Affiliate Program
6. Vital Proteins Affiliate Program
7. Super Smart Affiliate Program
8. Health Evolution Affiliate Program
9. Care/Of Affiliate Program
10. Virtue Affiliate Program
11. Onnit Affiliate Program
12. Ritual Affiliate Program
13. Primal Pharm
14. GNC Affiliate Program

1. eVitamins Affiliate Program

eVitamins Affiliate Program

If you’re in any type of health, wellness, or weight loss niche, the eVitamins program has many products you can promote.

eVitamins sells a wide range of vitamins and supplements. They also have sections like bath & beauty, groceries, kids, pets, and fitness.

eVitamins has two affiliate programs – one hosted through them and the other on Commission Junction. However, since their in-house program is MUCH more lucrative, I highly recommend avoiding a CJ sign-up.

Through the eVitamins program, you’ll receive a 12-20% commission on all the products you sell. Plus, they offer a 60-day cookie.

On the other hand, if you sign up through Commission Junction, you’ll only receive 4-8% commissions depending on whether the sale is for a new or repeat customer.

2. My Supplement Store

Since 2002, My Supplement Store has carried over 5,000 vitamins and supplements. But instead of being a general supplement store, this business caters to bodybuilders and those looking to lose weight.

A few of the categories you’ll find at My Supplement Store include muscle building, protein, fat burners, pre-workout, and stacks.

They also have a “top 10” list for popular categories, which can be super helpful for customers.

My Supplement Store offers affiliates a 12% commission but will increase that percentage for high-performers. In addition, they give affiliates a 30-day cookie and pay monthly via Paypal.

3. A1 Supplements Affiliate Program

A1 Supplements Affiliate Program

A1 Supplements claims to be American’s #1 supplement store – or, at least, that’s their tagline.

They have thousands of vitamins and supplements. When you visit their homepage, it appears their target audience is gym-goers. They feature BCAAs, pre-workout, and supplements like TestoShred.

While A1 Supplements does have a wide product range, unfortunately, their commission is half or less than the previous two companies we covered.

A1 Supplements gives affiliates a 6% commission on sales with a 30-day cookie.

Their affiliate programs are available on Commission Junction and Share a Sale. The commission rates and cookie duration is the same on both platforms, so feel free to sign up with your favorite.

4. BulkSupplements.com Affiliate Program

BulkSupplements.com is a supplement brand just as much as it is a vitamin and supplement store. This company sells many different health products, including vitamins, herbs, and fitness supplements.

They offer great prices on their products – which is perfect for budget-conscious consumers.

Their manufacturing facility, located in Nevada, is NSF certified and FDA registered.

The Bulk Supplements affiliate program is on ShareASale. They offer affiliates a generous 15% commission and a cookie duration of up to 90 days. The average order value is over $120.

Bulk Supplements also has a wholesale affiliate program in which they’ll give you 2% commissions on wholesale orders.

5. BrickHouse Nutrition Affiliate Program

BrickHouse Nutrition Affiliate Program

While BrickHouse Nutrition doesn’t have quite the selection of the stores we’ve covered so far, they’re a great fit if you’re looking for a high-quality supplement line to promote.

BrickHouse Nutrition is headquartered in Texas and only uses real ingredients (no extracts) to formulate their products. They offer a sixty-day guarantee to their customers, and all of their products are physician formulated.

The most popular product they have is their “Field of Greens” superfood powder. They also offer collagen supplements, essential amino acids, and more. 

You can find the BrickHouse Nutrition Affiliate Program on Commission Junction. They give affiliates a 15% commission and a 30-day cookie.

Since the products are high-quality and higher-priced, you could make a decent income with these supplements.

6. Vital Proteins Affiliate Program

Vital Proteins has been giant in the Paleo and women’s beauty world for several years. So, if either of those is your target audience, this is a program you should be a part of.

If you’re not familiar, Vital Proteins is most well-known for having the #1 collagen powder in the United States. Their collagen is supposed to help with joint health and nail, hair, and skin quality.

Vital Proteins now offers several different products, including beauty collagen, marine collagen, hair boost, and more.

Their affiliate program is self-hosted, so you’ll need to sign up on their website. They give affiliates a 15% commission on all sales.

7. Super Smart Affiliate Program

Super Smart Affiliate Program

Super Smart is a supplement brand founded in 1992. This company carries a wide range of products, including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, medicinal plants, and more.

Customers can shop by health concern or browse the most popular products on their website.

The affiliate program for Super Smart is on Commission Junction. They offered tiered rates starting at 10%. Affiliates who make more than $5k in sales per month receive rates as high as 13%.

8. Health Evolution Affiliate Program

Health Evolution manufactures supplements containing YTE. YTE stands for Young Tissue Extraction, and Health Evolution claims that YTE helps balance cortisol and regenerates stem cells.

This program will be very niche, only appealing to those familiar with YTE. 

This company has four main products, which include AminoB12, Telomind, AminoBoosters, and AminoSerene.

The Health Evolution affiliate program is on ShareASale. They offer affiliates a 12% commission and a 90-day cookie.

9. Care/Of Affiliate Program

Want in on a trendy vitamin and supplement program that’s becoming well-known? Try Care/Of.

This company starts by having customers take a quiz about their general health and eating habits. Then, based on the quiz, it suggests a custom vitamin pack. 

If customers want the recommended vitamins, they can purchase and Care/Of will send them personalized daily vitamin packs with their name on them.

Because this company is so good to its customers and offers a truly unique product, this is one affiliate program you should join – especially if you’re in the general wellness space.

Care/Of hosts its affiliate program on ShareASale. They offer affiliates a 10% commission and a 15-day cookie.

10. Virtue Affiliate Program

Looking for a supplement to tackle anxiety and stress? Look no further than Virtue.

This company specializes in an anti-stress, anti-anxiety formula for a calm body and mind. Popular media outlets like Parade and VeryWell have featured them.

You can find the affiliate program for this company on ShareASale. They give affiliates an 8% commission and a 30-day cookie.

11. Onnit Affiliate Program

Onnit is a company I first heard about as an advertisement on a popular podcast. And since, this brand has only become more well-known.

Onnit sells brain, workout, and health supplements. They also sell fitness gear like kettlebells, battle ropes, and a host of home workouts. Their most popular product is their AlphaBrain supplement that helps with memory and focus.

The Onnit affiliate program is great if your audience is composed of elite athletes or those super-focused on improving fitness.

Onnit hosts its affiliate program through Impact Radius. They give affiliates a generous 15% commission plus a $10 bounty for trial signups.

12. Ritual Affiliate Program

If you’re an avid podcast listener, here’s another supplement company you’ve probably heard of: Ritual.

Ritual creates its vitamins with simple, clean ingredients backed by science. They offer multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, postnatal vitamins, and more. 

Since this company specializes in pre and post-natal supplements, this is a good program to promote to women wanting to conceive or who are already expecting.

And surprisingly, Ritual will give you 75% per sale. That makes it one of the best multivitamin sites to promote. They also give affiliates a decent 60-day cookie.

13. Primal Pharm

Is your audience big into nootropics? If yes, you might want to check our Primal Pharm.

Primal Pharm is a supplement brand focusing on nootropics, essential vitamins, and fitness performance. 

Their website has a “stacks” category where customers can shop for weight loss, jacked stack, mental stack, and more. Or, customers can choose a goal like mind, body, or health to view applicable products.

The Primal Pharm affiliate program is on ShareASale. The average order value is $75, and they give affiliates a 25% commission and 30-day cookie.

14. GNC Affiliate Program

For the final program of the list, we’re going to include GNC. While this program is by far the lowest-paying we’ve included, it’s well-known and therefore a great backup.

Plus, if your audience already goes into a GNC to purchase their vitamins and supplements, they’re more likely to shop GNC online than companies they’ve never heard of.

The GNC affiliate program is on Commission Junction. They offer affiliates a 4% commission and a 7-day cookie.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re in the health and wellness space and there are supplements that line up with your message, then by all means – promote them.

Most supplement affiliate programs offer decent commissions of at least 10%. Plus, since there are so many niche programs, you should easily find something that lines up with your brand. 

If you want to promote a general multivitamin try Care/Of or Ritual. Both are pretty popular and offer great commission rates. And don’t forget to incorporate other types of health affiliate programs into your strategy for a higher income.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.